New Hammer may debut in Europa Cup clash


calleri.jpg_2127846270West Ham new boy Jonathon Calleri was on the ‘plane for Romania and could be involved in the clash with Astra Giurgi in tomorrow night’s (Thurs) Europa Cup clash .

ClaretandHugh has been told within the last few minutes that the striker who has just arrived on a season-long loan joined the squad as they flew out earlier.

And our source said:  “Nothing is definite but it would seem a little pointless taking the player if you have no intention of involving him.

“It’s probable that Andy Carroll will start but he is required for the match against Bournemouth so it could well be  we shall see Jonathon at some point.”

Dimitri Payet took a small knock against Chelsea and along with Arthur Masuaku remained in London but he will be available for the weekend game at The London Stadium.

The manager may solve his defensive dilemma by using Angelo Ogbonna on the left side of the back four and Sam Byram on the right with Michail Antonio pushed forward as Sofiane Feghouli is still recovering from a hamsting injury.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • johnboy says:

    Let’s hope they don’t cripple him , the ROMULANS ,,?
    Just set up like last year with Antonio on the front foot !!

  • mooro66uk says:

    Why was the previous thread closed? Do we not get the chance to respond to Johnboy s ravings?

    • Radai Lama says:

      I just wondered that Mooro.I thought it was just me banned from it 🙂

    • johnboy says:

      Blue B& B’s love em . Try some mooro stops the brown nosing of you’re great board ,
      I only wish I had the 3 monkey emotions ??this tablets useless , keep getting a square throat , lol.
      Come on then , explain the rave , I’ve done some tonight , which one got to you , not that it takes much ?
      Smilie emo!!!!!

  • Radai Lama says:

    Well thats some good news after the Ayew reports.I suppose we will help Ayew to recover just in time for him to f*ck off to the African Cup of Nations at the start of Jan.You couldn’t make it up I swear 🙂

    • johnboy says:

      Sully could rads ?? Haha .

      • johnboy says:

        Matte been quiet ? Must be a nice figa lol, either that or bacca got some more .Colombian marching powder !

        • Max Willow says:

          If you are over 50, please take care of the Colombian Marching Powder (whoever this is meant for). very dangerous stuff, especially if you have any unknown underlying coronary artery disease.

          The much safer option, is a small dose (`10mg or so) of dexamph. or methamph (‘crystal); however, no big toxic doses, which might induce a toxic psychosis).

          I’m just passing on my knowledge/experience as a doctor/pharmacologist.

          Ultimately, everyone should make the decision which suits themselves. But I’d hate to hear of any unexpected death/medical emergency affecting my West Ham friends.


  • johnham1 says:

    Carroll starting FFS is Bilic having another laugh after last weekend !!! Sick of this loyalty to Carroll, we do not play as a team when Carroll starts as a lone striker.

  • mooro66uk says:

    Perhaps we’re not rabid enough Rads.

  • Radai Lama says:

    I think you are right Mooro.Now we are just inarticulate chumps.I think this place is turning into the equivalent of a nursery club for Wetpants.Once you have learnt to moan well enough about everything here you are ready to step up into the first team lol 🙂

  • johnham1 says:

    Sorry guys I never rated Ayew at Swansea, a poor business move. To be honest he gives the impression he could be suspect to this type of injury. Saying all that I wish him a full and speedy recovery. I think our squad is strong but I do like the link to the RB/CB for 20million, we need another top defender. I would also consider selling Carroll and replacing him with Slimani. I like Carroll in a two up top but unfortunately with the players we have I think we generally will not start with two up – so just move him on.

  • Eddie says:

    Well he scored 12 didn’t he,which is more than we can ever get from our walking wounded strikers of the previous two seasons.Now he has caught the disease.Its a curse lol

    • johnboy says:

      Well he ain’t gonna score 12 in the next 4 months Eddie lol.

      • johnboy says:

        He’s took up carols mantle , wait till calleri wants a bit of the action ,
        I’m sure its in their contracts ?
        Sully must learn to read Ffs its getting embarrassing junior tweeting for him !?
        ( smiliey )

        • Max Willow says:

          Agree with you mate!
          The kid should be concentrating on what other ‘normal’ kids of his age do; get the good grades at school, look after your friends and family, chase attractive individual (of the opposite and/or same sex), watch the football, play some football, but for Christ’s sake leave the soccer journalism to your learned elders!
          CO Antonio

  • SpennyJ says:

    I have never rated Carroll. He seems lazy to me.

    • Max Willow says:

      All we are saying (aka Beatles), is give Sakhs a go!

      When he is fit and motivated, I think he is a more complete striking unit than AC, but don’t tell Slav that; he;d cut your nuts off! Ouch!! LOL

    • Max Willow says:

      Unfortunately, he knows how to grab the attention from all the men and women who count (owners & Slav). Very much Slav’s pretty boy!

      Just wish they’d give poor old Sakho and Antonio a fair go!

      When fit and ready, I’d like to see us play 3 up front


      (maybe Ayew in there somewhere when he returns; Carroll as our main super-sub!)

  • bubs says:

    Glad none of you want Valencia up top,
    Start Calleri or Sak up top if the need changing then do,
    Antonio and Tore on either wing with Samulsun as cover
    Obiang as a holding midfielder and Noble more forward working for the ball not ****ing about in front of the defence Kouyate on the righ behind Antonio where he plays best
    Byram RB his position Page or Reid LB
    Burke alongside Oggy with Ginge for cover,
    Keep AC for Sunday with Payet coming back and Feggolui
    Arthur also we will have a strong side,
    Tore needs to be given a run where he plays,
    This is still a great looking side compared with 2 years ago or last year when we played them

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