Andre Ayew Update

andreayew726Head of Medical and Sports Science Stijn Vandenbroucke has issued an update on about Andre Ayew’s injury.
“Andre Ayew injured his right thigh at Chelsea on Monday and underwent a scan on Wednesday afternoon,” Vandenbroucke told medical team will now assess the results with a leading consultant before drawing any conclusions.“My first thought and priority is with the player and his physical and mental wellbeing. He has suffered a significant injury and it is imperative that we do not rush to conclusions and we receive the correct diagnosis by consulting top specialists.

“At this time, it is too early to put a timeframe on his potential return date but Andre is facing a significant rehabilitation period.

“The best thing we can do as a Club is to support Andre through this difficult period. We will keep you updated throughout this process and I am sure he will be come back stronger than ever.”

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  • Radai Lama says:

    So we will be rehabilitating him ready to send him away with Ghana in January for a month.Priceless 🙂

  • Stinger says:

    If reports of Ayew being out for 4-5 months are true then I am sorry to say it could be a blessing in disguise.

    Was shocked we brought him in, even more shocked at how much we paid for him. He is a very average player at best, The kind of player a newly promoted team would sign, not a team who is supposed to be pushing for a top 6 finish. Our team wont miss him one bit.

    But this now will hopefully force the clubs hand and actually see them try and provide Bilic with a proper top class striker.

  • Radai Lama says:

    I just wish you had told Henry & Bilic before they signed him.Oh & Payet who gave a glowing reference to Bilic.Sh* t Stinger if only you were head of recruitment we could have saved £20 million 🙂

    • Stinger says:

      It is called an opinion Mr Lama. We are allowed them on here are we not?

      You rate him, I don’t. Personally him being injured does not bother me one bit as I rate him as a very poor and lazy player.

      Read the Swansea forums, most was glad to see him leave and were stunned at how much we gave them for him.

      For the record I know from a very good source that this was not a Bilic signing, but a Sullivan signing to keep Payet sweet.

      Payet gave him a glowing report because they are close friends, does not actually make him very good though.

      Razran Rat got some glowing reports from a couple of our players. Turned out he was pretty awful. Likewise Pogatetz.

      We need a quality RB and two new strikers.

      • Radai Lama says:

        Oh lighten up I wasn’t being serious.I know that contact as well,we all know contacts,mine gets me cheap booze & baccy 🙂
        Read the Swans forums,are you having a laugh.You think I haven’t got better things to do than read their bullsh*t.Who he f*ck reads other teams forums.Virgins living with their parents probably.

    • Boleyn Boy says:

      LOL well said 😀

  • Bob says:

    Ayew & Payet were very influential together for Marseille.It is a pity we will not see it for months.After one truly competitive game I have read that every signing we made is rubbish from the heads of recruitment amongst our fans.Yes we all have opinions but I’m tired of the constant bemoaning of our new signings after one match.

    • Stinger says:

      For the record Bob, My opinion on Awey is not based on his (woefully poor) first start for us, but on the times I have seen him play for his previous clubs. Never ever thought he was any more than an average lower prem/top half championship player.

      Regarding the other signings…..

      Feghouli = Will be a quality player for us.
      Fletcher = has the potential to be a top striker, one for the future
      Masuaku = Good player and good cover while Cresswell is out
      Nordtviet = Know nothing about him, so to early to judge
      Quina = Good young signing, one for the future
      Calleri = Cracking player who will be a star in the game
      Tore = Decent player when fully fit.

  • NESTACRES says:

    Bolaise – £30m, Winjaldum – £25m, Mane – £37m are all players who are on par or far worse than Ayew and more expensive.

    • Eddie says:

      It been mentioned many times but when Ibe moves for £15million to Bournemouth on the back of doing very little it is a gauge to how crazy the market is.£20 million for Ayew really isn’t outrageous when viewed against other signings or market prices.
      Stinger don’t give us all this I know a very good source malarkey.Whenever someone doesn’t rate a player it’s a Sullivan signing..yawn.

      • Stinger says:

        Believe what you want to believe. Makes no odds to me.

        I rate Calleri very very highly, I believe him to be a Sullivan signing as well, so your argument gets thrown right out of the window right there I’m afraid.

        • Eddie says:

          I will thank you but anyone with a heartbeat knows that Calleri is a Sullivan South American signing.I dont need a source to know that.I still think this Sullivan signed Ayew to keep Payet sweet is a big pile of manure though.

  • RickHammer says:

    I thought everyone was in a bad mood here today but having read Wetpants this is like a tea party.They must have the water pumps on full clearing the floods lol.Its good to know even when a few on here are peed off after one match it could be worse.We could be a Wetpant lol

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