£50 million Payet valuation – the fans respond

ClaretandHugh has learned that the Hammers will want a minimum of £50 million should any club launch a bid this summer.

Since CandH published the story it has been repeated in the UK and national press but how have the fans responded to the club’s position.

Here’s what some of the CandH followers have had to say.

Payet4O We know he is not going anywhere. We couldn’t even replace him for 50 million so any club who wants to even to be taken seriously even though he ain’t for sale you need to be looking at a budget of 70-80 million.

O  We are building a great team…I personally would not want to see him sold…even for 50 million…. the fact he fits so neatly into our style of play and works off other players so well..especially Lanzini..I would say he is PRICELESS.

O My boy is NOT for sale!⚒⚒
O  Bet the ref sends him off Saturday for hurting the inside of the goal post with the ball
O Priceless sounds right and I would fear for the manager’s position if he was allowed to leave – he has built everything around him

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10 comments on “£50 million Payet valuation – the fans respond

  1. No way will he go, just signed a new contract & he is too important for us to move the club forward. More important we have agreat 1st season at OS than this year. We have to make the OS a place that is feared from the off. A fair amount of training on the new pitch before the season starts is needed. It will be like playing away each week to start with as both teams wont know what to expect. We must make us supporters the 12th man.

  2. The freeKING is priceless 😉

  3. Hello
    Lets take a reality check please….
    Amazing impact Dimi has had and truly valued by those that watch and employ him.
    We did so well in getting him and see him florish at Upton Park.
    BUT..Our fantastic supporters in the Boardroom D & D deserve masses of credit and thanks for investment and guidance.
    If Real, Barca, Man U or whoever want to offer 50 million or more on the table then nobody could complain if D&D cashed in. They are perfectly entitled to.
    And Dimi would have to say he “wanted” to leave………

    We just have to go out and find another…..we are better at that than most clubs these days.

    Sorry but you can’t help thinking this

  4. Hello alanrnicholls.
    Firstly, I think no one’s going to bid £50 mil. for him, he’s 29. Secondly, the same amount of money would be needed to replace someone like him. Thirdly, he loves West Ham and West Ham love him. Fourthly, we are now on the crest of a wave (new stadium, etc.) and I do not believe there is any better alternative right now.
    So, he’s not going anywhere 😉

  5. Can’t see Dimi going anywhere but 50mill for a player who is going to be 30 next March is massive money.Anyway he will be running out at the OS for us next season so no dramas 😉

  6. Unless he which is doubtful or his agent put pressure on the club to sale,
    No price Not For Sale should be the answer because what ever we were offered he would not be matched by a replacement at that price,
    He is the best the real Mc Coy now for the next 5 years we build a team OG Quality around him and Lanzini,
    All the time you quote a price the likes of City and Chelski can afford him and if Real,Barca,
    AC PSG came a calling that price would not put them off and he may think about moving,

  7. They won’t sell him and, to be honest, at his age who’d want to buy him? He’s one of us now, he’s happy and he now has enough money for life so I can’t see him wanting to leave and he’s said that this is the best season of his career. Lanzini is the one we need to protect from people sniffing around.

  8. Hello again
    Nobody wants to see Dimi’s head swayed away and yes If he can help us lay our foundation stone.. “the West Ham way “…at O. S. then fantastic…Its just what we need and perfect reward for the boardroom and fans that deserve it.

    But contracts these days are “for sale” signs with a price….if Planet Madrid or whoever want to spend 50m or more of borrowed money and Dimi prefers the climate and food better …he will ask to leave…so don’t be fooled. Agents only listen to the next highest bid….and players will only stay loyal to their current colours for so long…

    Hopefully Dimi will feel in his heart that he wants to be a Hammer and help us through our big project that we face over the next few years. I sincerely hope so but have been round long enough to prepare for the unthinkable.

    All the best

  9. It’s all a non argument as far as I see it.1) The 50m price tag is purely hypothetical & 2) As has been mentioned what club is going to pay £50million for a 30yr old next year.It ain’t going to happen.
    Sleep easy lads,he is going nowhere.Trust me 🙂

  10. Hope you are right Sams P45. (great name!)
    Correct 50m is hypothetical
    If you paid 10.7m for a 28 year old what would you accept for the same 30 year old that has suggested that he might want ot leave. (hopefully not)
    There seems to be a reluctance to face up to the sort of scenario that the transfer market serves up every year. Hope it doesn’t happen to us again……….blah blah blah see Bilic, McAvennie, Cottee, Allen
    See. Modric, Bale, Sterling, Ronaldo……..

    Sorry to be a tad wary. I love West Ham and watched just about every home game for 30 years…..I am in Australia now and still my week is dictated by West Hams form.
    Thoroughly enjoying this new Bilic trip….didn’t see it coming.
    Long may it continue

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