A transfer which suited nobody


A transfer which suited nobody: Why did West Ham sign Danny Ings?

During West Ham’s Europa League defeat to Olympiacos, Danny Ings appeared visibly frustrated. While he didn’t suffer from a complete lack of service, it was apparent from the outset that the striker would have limited genuine goal-scoring opportunities. I counted only three minor chances to score, one of which he created himself.

Danny Ings has been handed starts in arguably West Ham’s three easiest games this season, yet he has failed to find the back of the net or come close. In addition to the Olympiacos match, he was in the starting line-up against Lincoln City and Bačka Topola. It’s crucial to note that this isn’t a criticism of the player himself; he just seems to be ill-suited to David Moyes‘ playing style . . . a point which I’m aware has been well laboured.

Regardless of who authorised the signing, it appears to have been an avoidable mistake. Ings needed to leave Aston Villa because manager Unai Emery played with a single striker, a role that doesn’t suit Danny’s strengths. The acquisition simply didn’t match West Ham’s style of play, which, as Michail Antonio puts it, “leaves the striker feeding off scraps”.

Looks likely striker for Euro Leage clash

Transfer which suited nobody: Ings transfer has worked out badly.

The continued inclusion of Ings in the line up likely has little to do with his performance, because he hasn’t looked like scoring. It might be more related to justifying his substantial £100,000-per-week wages. Perhaps Ings was a January panic signing as West Ham sought to avoid relegation.

But as the old saying goes . . . act in haste, repent at leisure. In the case of Danny Ings, if The Hammers don’t flog him in January we may be repenting for a while yet.

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  • hammerpete6 says:

    It’s the ridiculous side of Moyes that frustrated so many. Some players he picks regardless of their success – Ings – and others he visibly shuns, never gives them a game – Vlasic, Cornet. It seems logic is in the wind. We have young Divin Mubama desperate to perform, getting rave reviews everywhere, but Moyes won’t play him for 2 minutes, while others are being rated 3 or 4 out of 10. Hard to watch.

  • MarcJ says:

    If anyone knows Waldo Jeffers from the Gift by Lou Reed,
    we could happily box both Moyes and Ings and send them off
    to any recipient and the job is done, no one needs know.
    Get the water boy to manage the teamit couldn’t be worse and when we ask for future SignINGs,
    make the request clearer please

  • Buster says:

    Your Scottish buddy was banging on for years about how good Danny Ings would be for West Ham……..Hopefully now he realises how wrong he was!!

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