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After the horror show Slav responds

slaven13Slaven Bilic is vowing to resurrect the Hammers fortunes declaring: “I’ve done it before, of course, and I have to do it again.”

The pressure from inside and outside the club is fiercer than it ever has been with fans right across social media calling for his head.

But he declared:  “Again, we conceded three goals so of course I feel pressure. Of course, we can say they were three away games but we have no points and we don’t look good.

“I hate it [when we make mistakes] but this is a job about good times and bad times, and you have to show your quality as a manager more in the bad times than in the good times. So, we have to work very hard to come out of this situation.

“I talked to the guys after the game and I said ‘Nobody can take us out of this situation but ourselves’. There is no other thing to do than to work hard, to dig in and for us to show the quality we have got on paper, on the pitch.”

However, he is not looking to any late moves in the transfer market to cure his problems saying: “It’s not about the transfer window,” he said. “OK, we were looking for one more player, but we had done a good job on paper in the transfer window.

“We made a good squad, a squad which looked good enough to have a good season. OK, it’s still early in the season, but it’s not about the transfer window. It wasn’t because of one player – we didn’t look good as a team.”

Now, there’s a long wait for the team to put things right with our next game against Huddersfield at 8 pm on Monday September 11.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

21 comments on “After the horror show Slav responds

  1. How do you coach pace Slav ??
    Captain slow to lead us out v Huddersfield ??

  2. He said I’ve done it before so I can turn it round again !!!! We’ll! There’s it is in black and white for a team who wants to move forward why for the second or third time does he need to turn things round again it just show a that we have been a !mess for a while and even if he wins a couple games it will happen again…. I think the squad is mostly good enough apart from 2\3 player’s and In my opinion its a better squad than Newcastle by far so it all comes down to slav …I’m sure another manager would get aloit more out off the platers… Benitez or …howe in my opinion

  3. Say’s it all really. ‘I’ve done it before, of course, and I have to do it again’ speaks volumes. The fact that he’s having to do this for a second/third time highlights the problem. If I made the same mistakes at work over and over again, I’d get sacked.

  4. It all boils down to funds !
    Does he really believe the defensive side of the squad are fit for purpose and is happy with them?? Then theres the depth of the squad quality ?? He’s joking right 😉
    The kids are looking more capable than a good few first teamers !
    Its a shambles top to bottom!

    • And yet those defenders managed to keep out a rampant Spurs at home this season and last, so part of the issue is why can’t that be replicated more often?

  5. When did Spurs or Everton or Liverpool even consider the possibility of failure or relegation? Arsenal are apaplectic with rage… look at their record over the past decades… then look at ours. We continue to make excuses for failure and accept it. Why? As previous posters have pointed out ‘I’ve done it before’…. so why on earth should you have to do it again? No. No more chances. Bilic should bd sacked immediately. A caretaker could not possibly bd worse.

  6. Why oh why does the Board have to wait for the sky to fall in on us, before they remove the cause? You can give Billic the rest of the season but it won’t stop him playing players out of position, trying to inflict a system on the Team that simply does not work. Every time we have someone who is destroying the Team, they have to try to be so nice. Hey, wake up your big club now, second, third and even forth best is not good enough.
    Kick out the problem now whilst we still have a chance of someone else putting things right.
    ” Don’t be negative” some folk are saying. Let’s be real, we have done this for years, instead let us vote with our feet and tell the Board straight. We want the best and we want it NOW. Not in four games, not in any more games. NOW. Fail us and we stay away. Act today and maybe they will learn. This let’s wait attitude is from the past and we want the future and we want a good one, not this crap.

  7. am I missing something here apart from Hart Zabaletta & Chicarito on Saturday the rest of the team were here last season surely he is joking when he says we don’t need new players I’d like to know why Payet went as ok he was a good player & defo not been replaced the defence are a shambles need younger & quality either brought in or bring back Oxford & Burke as I’d rather them than the donkeys of Ogbonna & Fonte also our midfield looks sluggish as for strikers wot are they get another in & pay up Cattoll’s contract no point him keep taking money when he dont play as for you Slav please go the football on Saturday if you can call it that was worse than bfs all you done was hoof it up the park well I’m sick to death of your excuses you are the weakest link goodbye

  8. Gutless from the board – at any other club he would have been gone last season – never mind now !
    This just kicks the can down the road .
    Please deck the stands with Bilic out banners for Huddersfield game – maybe then the board will act as required !

  9. It’s getting embarrassing now, take this clown out of the firing line for he’s own good.

  10. Strange no other manager in football anywhere says he is completely happy with squad,fact is owners are not spending any money,last season net spend 15 mil this season even less,the sooner our fans stop believing our owners are fans first and the nonsense of champions league the better.We are so far away from Europa league forget champion league,that team is a mid table team at best

  11. Sorry to say that if he is happy with this squad then he is a dead man walking.Lack of pace in the team is very worrying and commitment and fighting for every ball is missing.Something is blatantly wrong from the coaching staff through to the players and that is reflected in our position,it was there for everybody to see at Newcastle, after a fighting display at Southampton it was like watching a bunch of strangers chasing an imaginary ball.

  12. There we have it in a nutshell. The consistency in Slaven’s psychological denial about the signings required to give us a realistic defensive base is now becoming as scary as the persistent narcissism of Trump.

    Slaven’s best offering is to assert that the players need to be as good on the pitch as they are alleged to be ‘on paper’. Let’s go with the flow of this argument….On paper our central defensive offering is Fonte, Collins, an injury-prone Reid and Ogbonna. How good is that? – not very.

    On paper we have one defensive midfielder this season in Rice (what a spectacular future) and one creative, elbowed midfielder in Lanzini. They not only look ‘good on paper’, they are both class at very different stages of their careers; and this highlights our weakness in the transfer market. Three games in and we’re playing an inexperienced 18 year old and Collins, whose heart is so huge, and competence so limited at this point in his career. The squad is thin on the ground, never mind on paper. We need both quality, and some quantity to provide ‘adequate’ cover for injured quality. Rice and Collins being played shows there’s no depth in our squad. And who is responsible for that? G&S control the money, and Slaven accepts the compromise. And this is the club whose rhetoric of ambition refers continually to a top six or eight finish; not very likely.

    Up front we have, on paper and on the ground, an ageing but talented Hernandez who offers movement, brains, finesse and guile if no pace. He is very good ‘on paper’ and he should be very good on the ground when he gets a playmaker on the same pitch with him. Meanwhile Sakho, Ayew and Carroll are neither good on paper nor on the pitch (when two of them are remotely fit). But their major value to WHUFC right now could be in sitting in what’s left of the transfer window now there’s a distinct whiff of desperation in the PL and Championship: some club might buy them.

    Slaven’s exhortation to players to ‘fix it’ seems pretty vacuous given last season’s performances. Let’s be realistic: four games means five weeks reprieve for Slaven, five weeks of unsettling ambiguity for the players and five weeks for the “dynamic duo” to secure a leadership face-saving replacement – Rafa would do nicely or Mancini; simply no way Howe, Pardew, Hodgson, Rogers or Lampard…might as well invite Gary Neville or Alan Shearer to interview.


  13. I know that I was a lone voice on here, saying that we had a really crap transfer window, but it is now clear that I was right.

    1.) Hart was a board appointment, a sentimental gesture to their Birmingham days, by the two Davids. Disastrous, for both team spirit and quality.

    2.) Arnautovic. As I said at the time, his temperament is not just a problem, it was an accident waiting to happen. Also did not significantly change the quality of the squad, and led to difficult positional decisions. Also, please note in passing, that if we were to absorb him, it should have been at least two years after Payet’s departure.

    3.) Zabaleta was/is a good signing, but only if Bartram is going to be on the bench behind him. The mentoring factor has not been attended to. He, Adrián and Noble should also have been publicly recognised as the dressing room leaders. The Hart appointment put paid to that.

    4.) Chicharito. A false dawn in the making, and a hamstring strain waiting to happen. Furthermore, he is no bloody good unless he has a partner, whereas we need to play 4-2-3-1. Meanwhile, Our one fit striker, Toni Martinez, was let go, so there are no partners until Sicknote Carroll or Bad Back Sakho are fit.

    5.) Snodgrass. Left over mistake from last year, and should have been dealt with, one way or another, within 24 hours of the transfer window opening. Long before any other signings took place. Never showed any quality whatsoever. We, are still not down to Hull’s level. Yet.

    I believe that the gentleman Bilic will be sacked, and I am sad about that, but I am afraid that quite a lot of this mess has to be laid at the boardroom door. That worries me even Moore.

    COYI … 😥

  14. Definetly not fat boy rafa the bill for his burger and chips and contract too much for a past his best coach that doesnt excite football wise. Perfect if slav goes imo is jokanovic young experienced good cv and plays attractive football the west ham way. Howe in a few years will be a good solid attractive propersition but probably england coach material after moving to another team than bournemouth.

  15. I’ve lost all faith in bilic.
    Whatever the results in the next four games it will be just papering over the cracks

  16. Sorry enough is enough, his selections are horrendous, his tactics are negative, his decisions are terrible. Saturday summed it up for me, we played a team in turmoil, how he only went so defensive was simply shocking. he had to start two up top, it was an absolute no brainer. His solution to all this is to throw AC up top and play long balls, he has not learned any lessons from last year. We need a CH (how we did not sign harry Maguire was quite unbelievable), we need a CM and we need a LW with pace. I also believe we do not look fit. Finally my last comment, everyone has been raving about young Rice. Sorry not for me, he has done ok but we now need more than ok. His last chance has gone – he should be gone as well as his management team because they obviously cannot see how negative the team selections have become.

  17. as we don’t have a fixture until the 11th September on a poxy Monday night cheers sky grr we have just under 4 days left in transfer window if we don’t sign any more players how about the season tkt holders on here boycotting the game & don’t sell the tkt back to the club just leave empty this might tell Mr Gold & Sullivan & Lady Brady we have had enough I know tkt already paid for but a Monday night playing to a near empty stadium just might give the owners a kick up the arse if there real West Ham fans surely they must be fed up like us with this dross a disgruntled hammer

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