Allardyce: ‘Bilic could suffer same problems as me’

Creepy AllardyceSam Allardyce reckons a successful West Ham European campaign could see them struggle in the Premier League.

Interviews on talkSport the former Irons manager claims Slaven Bilic “could run into the same problems I did over the last four years”

Ahead of the game against Birkirkara the sixty-year-old told the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast show“If West Ham have a very good run in Europe it could have a detrimental effect on their Premier League results.

“If you play more games in Europe, along with the FA Cup and League Cup, you’re going to test the squad.

“I’m not sure the squad is strong and deep enough if they have a long run in Europe. Staying clear of injuries is the most important thing in any manager’s season.

“If not, Slaven Bilic could run into the same problems I did over the last four years.”



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68 comments on “Allardyce: ‘Bilic could suffer same problems as me’

  1. The hippo finally surfaces out of his mud wallow.Aint interested in what you have to say ex-manager 😉

    • Lol,you have done it now,all the super fans will be clamouring on here with their super serious comments.No humour allowed,lol.Think i need a rest from this place,its becoming more like wetpants everyday 😉

      • Lol,i dont give a damn what some doughnut thinks.I dont know the guy from adam,why should i give a sh*t what he thinks 😉

  2. You do realise that Billic wouldn’t even give us a second glance if we wasn’t in the position we are now?
    A little bit of respect to Allardyce for the job he did wouldn’t go amiss in my opinion.

    • No one has to respect anyone if they dont want to.You respect him all you want.But i like Rads wont,he was a nightmare.Are people allowed there opinions without you trying to be Mr.Politically Correct,it wins you no blue peter badge you know!!!

      • As I said…..” In my opinion”

        • I suspected it might be; everyone one else on here seems to think soooooo highly of BFS that it couldn’t be anything other 🙂

          Really looking forward to seeing how Slav puts his first ever competitive WHU team out tomorrow. I never realised there were players on our books who are under 25! Give young Samuelson a chance and he’ll bring in 5,000 extra bums on seats and lots of unwanted ‘big club’ attention after a few weeks of the season.

  3. Hugh did you have to ?
    No one who posts on this site is interested in Hippo unless it’s bad news,
    He knows nothing about what’s going on at this club unless his boys are telling him,you only have to look at our squad now and when he left,the change in the atmosphere in the club,squad and fans,
    This club was on its knees when he left,he needs to stop making the same excuse,s and look at himself,
    Until he seeks help and excepts his way is dead and buried he needs blanking by the press
    He is unstable,delusional and unhappy within himself
    Back to bunker

  4. Reading the headline ‘Bilic could suffer same problems as me’, I thought ‘What, like being a fat c**?’

    But then reading the content, he seems to believe that we went on major successful cup runs that had an adverse impact on our league performances.

    Is it me, or is this bloke still completely ****ing delusional?

  5. He had his respect,now he is speaking out of turn,
    fobyac this is just what you idiots have been waiting for to cause upset in the fan base again
    Get over it,he has gone and good riddance
    Come on the rest of you idiots from Wetpants get off your chest
    You wanted this Hugh,

    • Why is it whenever someone disagrees with you, you resort to calling them idiots?

      I just happen to think that Sam was asked to do a job and he did it, it wasn’t pretty but he got us to the position we are in now.
      We was in a mighty mess when he took over.

      • Go and lay down in a darkened room ol’ chap, you have a migraine or a hole in your head if you think Allardyce helped this club, He nearly tore it apart.

  6. he’s entitled to his opinion, and we’ll here it enough times, but we will have a much stronger sqaud than we had last season, and with proper rotation using all of the squad we should be ok.
    If we do well in Europe, our leaguse form will be affected, but to what degree depends on our squad strength. He can’t compare to his time here because we have more games to play and a bigger squad.

  7. If we do win anything this season he will be there taking the credit “it was won with my squad, I am the best manager the club has ever had” & it we do struggle “I told you so, the board, fans, players, tea lady, grounds man…. are the reason, all my hard work has been wasted & it has nothing to do with me”.

  8. fobyac we were in a mighty mess when he left,so we can call it a score draw,
    It was the careful management by the board and the money spent by the 2 Daves that got the club to this point not Hippo,
    He could still be here but how many of these players that have joined us this year would have come ?
    Yes he has his opinion,
    But you charge in like his own personal army every time with your blinkers on just to cause arguments,
    Let’s get on with life without him

    • I just gave my opinion mate, I’m as entitled to it as you or anyone else.
      It’s you that chose to make an argument out of it with your childish insults.

    • I agree. stop with the continuous personnal insults to Alderdice and critisiing opinions of west ham supporters on this site, and get back to supporting west ham

      • Well the way i see it rads just did something lighthearted which was jumped on by someone having a go at his opinion on the matter who then starts whining about people attacking his opinion.So he can moan about other peoples opinions but they shouldnt moan about his opinion.Strange deal in my eyes.

  9. People want to worship the god that is Allardyce they can listen to his interview on loop on Talksport.He aint at The Irons,i really dont care what he has to say or see the fool on Irons forums..Mr 3 wins in 22 can jog on.Guess it gives the Sammerettes a chance for an outing though,lol 😉

  10. Bloody hell, how many times do we have to have to discuss the same old story?
    Not every one is going to have the same opinion, yes he got us promoted, yes we have stayed in PL, yes the football mainly last 2yrs has been ******* ****e, yes he lost alot of fans respect with cupping his ear, yes he will never accept any responsibility for anything & blames everyone else.
    Now shut up & go away with thanks & a great big F**K OFF…!!!!!!

  11. Bored of this place.You all want another wetpants you are heading the right way.Too serious,cant be arsed with it.Got better things to do with my day than argue about this idiot!

    • Don’t let the few get to you Ty. Healthy debate is good for us all, just need the personal insults to stop.

  12. That was aimed at the one I can no longer say his name….. no one on here 😀

    • Lol,youre ok essex,think everyone knew who it was aimed at.Careful though,you will probably have someone say you shouldnt have said it.This place had a really good vibe about it since Slav took over,but the last few days since the snipers appeared out of the bushes has made it far to heavy.Bloody hell even dafishes has been sociable,it just proves there was a good vibe going on in the last month or two.Only joking Dafishy,lol 😀

  13. On a more possitive note, looking forward to the game 2moz & to carry on with our european tour. Would be nice to play teams that surround the Med sea all summer…

  14. Crikey lads,i thought you said the banter & fun was still good on here.Looks more like armageddon,lmao.Get back to having fun boys.Is how i remember this site when i left it a couple of months ago.Plenty of more sites for the arguementative souls around.If they want to debate or argue all day they can go to WHTID or KUMB 😉

  15. Bring back Conkerpot!! Where are you,lol 😉

  16. Sorry, Sam who? Nuff said!
    let’s move on and concentrate on our new manager new squad and new Era! COYI

  17. Essex the personal insult was to Slav when said that he would never have looked at us,
    Slav has wanted the job for many years but never made his move until BFS LEFT,
    That is showing respect,
    Calling him an idiot in my books is not an insult,
    It’s as Rad says we are all happy debating and having banter until Hippo,Curtis or Nolan comes up,
    Each day now a sniper arrives through boredom on their own site to take pop shots at the club,players or fan base
    It just gets your heckles up
    Sorry to all intelligent posters on this site

  18. Alas guys until Hippo(sorry sensitive souls) gets a new managerial job he is going to be in the media alot being asked about or spouting his opinion about Slav & us as a club.Once he gets a new job he can then start banging on about them.Just need some fools to give him a job now,lol

  19. Have we got one of those count down clocks like Arsenil did??
    What would you give to be the last West Ham player to score at the BG, he will go down in the history books of the club as will the 1st goal at OS.
    That last game will 100% guaranteed to be on Sky.
    Why don’t Galliard offer spuds a deal to rent the stadium when their new stadium is being built. Would love to see them having to sit in our claret & blue with WEST HAM everywhere, the big castle main entrance.. lol

  20. Im sorry but what respect does a guy who intentionally played an overweight captain week in week out to the detriment of the team deserve.Yes he did what he had to do but lost any respect i had in the last few months when he made us a joke,which was highlighted during the City & Villa games when commentators & the media alike were making fun of us & Nolan.Alan Smith,Kevin Kilbane,Steve Frogatt,all on commentaries basically saying we were laughable.That was thanks to Allardyce.People want to hold him in reverance good luck to them but i aint going to!!

  21. Ffs,you know something has gone arse about face when there are guys on wetpants calling him hippo & ripping into him but no one is telling them off or putting them in their places,lol,come on here & people are are being berated for having a pop about him.The world has gone made 😉

  22. Allardyce in his own world is in a win-win situation. Whatever happens, in his eyes it’ll all suit his agenda. If West Ham improve under Bilic it will be on the basis of the foundations laid at the club by Allardyce.
    If they stagnate then clearly Allardyce took them as far as the club could possibly go.

    And if they finish lower in the table, well, be careful what you wish for! Shouldn’t have let Allardyce go, because he was building a squad and heading towards regular top 6 finishes at West Ham.

    I think the man is plain jealous because Bilic has created such a buzz and positivity around the club. Also that the owners appear to be prepared to give Bilic decent funds to improve the squad. Jealous of course that Bilic can play European Football at West Ham which has been made possible by Allardyce (the way he will see it) winning the Fair Play trophy.

    How come he hasn’t yet been snapped up by another club ? There must be loads of takers looking for stability, league safety and a manager who knows how to respect the point…

  23. This is why we need him to find another club who wants him.Maybe then he can concentrate on them.As was mentioned earlier,all the time he is out of work he will be appearing left,right & centre on football shows as the season draws nearer.He might of left us as a prem team compared to the champ team we were when he took over but he also left us as a shambles of a team at the end of last season.People have blinkered vision.We must thank him for what he did apparently & at the same time forget about the mess we were when he left.Nothing like selective memory for the ‘you shouldnt disrespect Sammy Boy’ brigade.

  24. Of course he is jealous & peed off.When else in his career is he going to get the chance to manage a hopefully up & coming team moving into a brand new 54k stadium.His huge ego has been dented,but its all his own doing.He wasnt up to taking on the challenge because of his limited managerial style.Even Pulis has taken him over as the go to man to keep a club up.He has had his day,best thing he can do is have a happy retirement & keep his gob shut when it comes to Slav or The Irons.He wont be able to though im sure!

  25. Frankly I didn’t give a **** what he said when he was in charge and I don’t give a **** now. A fat useless tub of lard that simply spouts bile, won nothing in the game in any capacity but revered by countless people because he did his so called job.. Overrated, Overweight with an over inflated ego based against nothing achieved

  26. Good to see you back Hamburg hope everything is OK,
    Looks like we are going to have a good season,it’s all coming together with the transfers and the new management,

  27. Dont give fat face the time of day

  28. You are so right Dave,but he still winds up sometimes,lol,especially when his Sammerettes reappear as well 😉

  29. ahaha.. poor Sam, he suffers from a mental health problem… that’s the truth… 😉

    • Ahah you’re back thank Go…..oops I can’t say that word lol

      • ahah… Hi Quick, which word? Did I miss something? 😀

      • You missed the religious “debate” where Slav proclaimed his catholic belief was strong and that was deemed to be superstitious and made Slav a bad choice by someone…..all very tolerant,thought I’d gone back to Tudor times lol

        • ahahaha… I need to know if Slav is baptized… provoking the forces of evil can be dangerous… lool 😀

        • Haha he is but I’ve given his henchmen silver bullets for their guns,made him a garlic necklace and blessed Chadwell Heath with holy water lol

  30. No one should be told they should respect someone,as grown ups everyone should be able to express their views.Simple fact is that if the truth be known Mr.Allardyce probably detests West Ham fans.I for one shed no tears when he left.He is well past his sell by date,the premiership has moved on,he hasnt,he is tactically deficient for the league these days.

    • Well said Slim the trouble on here is certain people appear on here when there’s a story they think they can put a divisive comment about. Anyone defending BFS obviously didn’t see anything since December. We’re in a happier place one and I guess some don’t like being happy

  31. Who the **** said we should have to respect that **** allardyce.Bull****,he was a complete & utter ****er who didnt give a **** about either the club or the fans.He walked away with his bag full of gold coins that is all the ****** respect that trophy free zone deserved.No surprise that weasels b*llock Fob who try to stir the **** though.

  32. Weasels b*llock,lol.Hmmm,that is a new one on me.But it ties in well with hippo speaking b*lloxs 😉

  33. Matte back Hamburg back Spoonie back
    Where’s Kevin ?
    But things are coming togeather,
    Should be a good week now

  34. Cheers bubs. As I’m sure you follow that other site too you will kno I’m currently busy with putting my mom’s house (which is finally empty) on the market. That’s why I haven’t been on here for a while and you also know this ain’t my main site.
    But positivity around the club sure feels nice again for a change.
    And say what you will, but that general positivity seems to be shining through on all major West Ham forums these days. Long may it continue.
    If only to rub it in for Allardyce and show him what he could have had for himself if only he had done things slightly differently, especially in terms of interacting with us fans.
    But deep down I think we all know West Ham were never the right club for him and he was never the right kind of manager for us.
    It’s quite a miracle his reign lasted as long as it did.

    • Hi Hamburg hope things are going as smoothly as they can possibly be given the circumstances.
      The difference between you and others is that you’re a welcome visitor and not a raider keen on stirring things up. You have your views which are always eloquently stated and if someone differs from your view you don’t cry foul. Hope you visit us more often,good luck with your difficult task,keep your chin up and take care.

  35. Well said HamburgHammer,the positivity now compared to just a few months ago is superb.Long may it continue.Even if there does seem to have been a little negativity spread today on this article by someone.Just a blip i hope!!!

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