Allardyce, Moyes, Bielsa – career win stats!

sam_allardyce_2093173cMarrying up style and Premier League survival Β is a dilemma that’s been exercising many minds inside Upton Park over the past couple of years..

The major argument of those who support Sam Allardce and want him to stay is that he will keep the Hammers safe – they will never be relegated under his regime – he’s “a safe pair of hands”.

article-2371831-1AE7BB18000005DC-355_634x447The main criticism of course is that his football lacks style and is not in the West Ham tradition but given the extent to which the game has changed and the finances involved it’s hard to disagree with his assessment that survival may be the name of the game.

It would seem that David Moyes is the figure most fancied to take his place should the two Davids decide to replace him at the end of the season with Marseilles boss Marcelo Bielsa still in the frame.

marcelo-bielsaSo how do the three measure up in terms of survival.

The style comparison is impossible to make but here is the record in terms of results of the three men over their managerial careers.

We leave it with you:

Big Sam stats (win %):
Preston North End = 25%
Blackpool = 43.14%
Notts County = 38.62%
Bolton = 41.24%
Newcastle = 33.33%
Blackburn = 34.88%
West Ham = 38.29%

David Moyes stats (win%):

Preston North End = 48.29%
Everton = 42.08%
Man Utd = 52.94%
Real Sociedad = 40.91%

Marcelo Bielsa

Argentina = 61.76%

Chile = 51.2 %

Athletico Bilbao = 38.39%

Marseilles = 49.08%

Source: Wiki



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33 comments on “Allardyce, Moyes, Bielsa – career win stats!

  1. Nooo Hugh,dont turn into a stats guru,lol πŸ˜€

  2. I thought so… but apart from the speech of BFS stability (as we all know it’s just a farce), the key issue is one word: entertainement, one of the main features of football. This aspect is completely outside BFS’s area… I don’t like Moyes, I would prefer other names (Bielsa and Klopp), but anyone is better than the dinosaur…

  3. two more names other than Moyes are now Di matteo and Rafa. I would rather any of these two above Bielsabub and other fairy tail names banded about, but I doubt they would come to us. Rafa especially needs more cash to spend on players, before he takes on a new club. Klopp would probably not leave Germany for England. When you see how long Klopp lived and worked in his home town, he don’t look much of a traveller.

  4. I thought Mattee had got the stats job ?
    But then those stats tell us if we want safe predictable football Moyes is better than BFS,
    plus watching Moyes in the past he does not come out with the cxxp BFS serves up every week.
    Look at the stats for Man U and he got the boot,
    I just liked the way he gave youth a chance at Everton and his doing a good job now with a poor squad in Spain,

    • ahahah… yes bubs, I was the stats man, but I’ve lost my job… Now I’m a member of Greenpeace, I want Sam’s rubbish out of the planet earth…

      “Do you want clean football? The first thing is get rid of Sam’s rubbish. Thanks.”

  5. I am not a sam fan but to be honest he don’t do himself any favours..if he stoped picking nolan every week gave nene a chance and blooded a few youngsters this would sway some folks to his side..We were all happy that reece and oxford signed for us i bet they are asking themselves WHY?? Now…..this is the perfect time to give some of the youth a chance.

  6. To late Bill if he had given youth a chance all season and kept Zarate we might have thought about it as for Nolan what ever he has over BFS WE ARE NOT GOING TO FIND OUT,
    Nene is getting paid well but how are we going to give him a contract if we never see what he can offer,
    The person I feel for is Poyet we have needed him since Xmas with Song Struggling and Koutate having to cover because BFS would not use Oxford or Boothe,

  7. Mates, I’m telling you, don’t go on that site, don’t get a stomachache… That’s just a war we can’t win, a leopard doesn’t change his spots remember πŸ˜‰ it’s a waste of time… Have you understood Sam lovers? I know you come here… πŸ˜‰ This is the last time I’ll talk about samallardycetillidie.com

    • Lol,i warned you mate,if you go there it is a warzone.I know people on here have banter & give people a hard time but it is all playful.On there it is hardcore rudeness if you say something they dont like.Is why i stopped posting there a while back.Some guys on there are total b*stards to others even though we all support the same team.It makes me sick!!

      • ahahah… no Stewart, I didn’t go there, but some braves mates I think yes… it’s just a tempered suggestion, It’s for their ealth… πŸ˜‰

        • *brave not braves… ops

        • No i was just saying in general it is a foolhardy guy who goes there.It is way,way,way too serious on there.Having a laugh is banned i think.It is a stats factory most the time πŸ˜‰

          • I know Stewart… this is the reason why I don’t go there, I could be blocked in 5 minutes…ahaha πŸ˜‰

          • Haha,oh there is stats uproar on there now.Some idiot is claiming Hugh took his stats from his posting on there & stuck them here,haha.The fact it says ‘Source:Wiki’ is immaterial.Wetpantstillidie losers πŸ˜€

    • Lol,good to see you guys have been venturing into the world of wetpantswhenidie.Hope you all had fun,not many do unless you can over analyze till you have run out of inane comments to make.I would rather nail my balls to a table personally than indulge those would be managers πŸ˜€

      • True that,they could analyze & debate an egg coming out of a chicken if it gave them the chance to pontificate for hours & try to out do each other with their outstanding knowledge,lol.

  8. This safe pair of hands is currently performing to relegation standard. A whole season like it has been since Christmas and we would be rooted in the bottom 3. SA is making up excuses for why the team isn’t winning and it’s pathetic. He clearly hasn’t thought that this bad run might be something to do with his poor team selections and formations? No of course not. Couldn’t be our Sam could it?

    Well, I think it is and I don’t see him as a safe pair of hands any more. In fact far from it. I see him as a manager that would be risky to keep on.

  9. HUGH adding more people to the stats is not going to change our minds,
    We now want nearly anyone than BFS,
    ONLY THE DYING MINORITY want BFS to stay but each week see more of them question their faith,with no forwards this week and Man City not laying well if BFS gets lucky it will be because his tactics were world class but if we loose it will be send out any young player but not BFS OR NOLAN And blame the small squad,

  10. The reason Moyes is the perfect fit for us is that the bulk of his career has been taking a group of ‘middle of the road’ players and moulding them into a close knit team capable of punching above their weight.
    For this same reason he didn’t suit the MU set-up which is more about convincing a bunch of highly paid prima donnas to play as a team.
    It’s a ‘horses for courses’ game matching a manager to the right team.
    Sam, actually seems to fit the pattern except for one big problem. He can’t get a team touch above it’s weight because he sets his teams up to just survive.

  11. Error
    Should have read ” he can’t get a team to punch above it’s weight”

  12. If BFS was asked he would say we punched above our weight at the beginning of the season and now we are playing to our standard but are fatigued,under strength,low in confidence,foreign,to young and confused and that’s just the supporters,
    Moyes would have integrated Lee,Poyet,Oxford and Morrinson into our squad off loaded Nolan,O,Brien,Cole and Demel,
    Also players from other clubs would have wanted to play for us,he would have made it work at Man U if he had more time,
    If he is the option instead of BFS so be it

  13. It was so refreshing to see Pelligrini who has City on a similiar run of results to us just turn round & say he takes full responsiblity for their current failings.No p*ss poor excuses or lame explanations.He just simply said yeah its my fault.Has Allardyce ever once been known to do that.I very much doubt it,he will never take responsiblity for poor form but is first in front of the media when we win or are doing well to accept the plaudits,the Muppet.
    Btw,Allardyces win ratio is the lowest of any of moyes,bielsa,bilic,di matteo,de boer,klopp,benitez by a country mile in most cases.Shows what a great manager he really is.The trophyless genius.

  14. Right lads just a brief word on the westhamtilidie thing. They have been going 100 years (lol) and their current world ranking in terms of being read is 705.713th In the UK they rank rank 64,442nd.

    We, however, who have been running for 15 months rank 122,228th in the world and 6,664th in the UK. Kumb are around 10,000th. Only whufc.com are in front of us at 5,100th so may I say to the WHTID whingers: “Who are yer?”

    Soutce http://www.alexa.com – the international internet ranking company

    • Hahaha,love it Hugh.Be prepared for dogs abuse though.Humour isnt part of the deal on there,lol πŸ˜€

  15. Ahahahahahahaha…. Loool I don’t understand… Why? They are so interesting, intelligent, amusing, ironic, democratic, original… That’s impossible! Thanks world, you are intelligent! Samallardycetillidie.com who?

  16. I forgot to say this stat is mine, I’m the stats guru…ahaha πŸ˜‰

    • Haha,i know this new stat is the type that makes you have happy stat dreams Matte,you will sleep well tonight πŸ˜€

  17. Dear oh dear Hugh,you know how to pull the tigers tail,lol.i thought Wetpantswhenidie would be more popular than it appears.Having said that most people get sent packing by the clique of would be managers there so it shouldnt surprise me people give up going on it πŸ˜‰

  18. Just giving you a perspective lads. Dogs abuse? AM I BOVERED?

  19. Perspective or not Hugh… Let me say “samallardycetiiidiewho ?” We are rockstars, we are gonna sign some autographs… Lol

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