Ben Johnson decision is becoming an embarrassment for West Ham


Johnson decision is becoming an embarrassment

Ben Johnson emerged as a standout performer in today’s victory against Wolves, quietly proving his worth once again. Despite coming on as a second-half substitute, Johnson’s consistent performance mirrored his contributions throughout the season. The contrast between him and Vladimir Coufal couldn’t have been more evident.

Coufal struggled in recent matches, and today was no exception. He was awful against Newcastle, targeted by Tottenham and was poor again today. Johnson replaced him and played a crucial role in turning the game around in the second half. It proves once again what a ridiculous decision it is to allow him to leave West Ham on a free transfer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again . . . Johnson leaving will be an embarrassment to the club and I fully expect him to thrive wherever he goes.

Ben Johnson_Coufal_West Ham_Johnson decision is becoming an embarrassment

Johnson decision is becoming an embarrassment

Not only does Johnson deserve a new contract, but he also deserves a permanent place in the team. Moyes‘ post-match comments following today’s victory may indicate a shift in his stance on Johnson’s future.

Moyes praised Johnson, along with Micky and Cressy, for their fantastic performances, emphasising the importance of maintaining high standards. He noted the tactical adjustments made at halftime, which ultimately led to a significant improvement in the team’s performance, including better pressing and passing, ultimately resulting in two crucial goals.

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  • Lyall says:

    Johnson is at best a lower championship player

  • Danielson79 says:

    Wow Lyall bit brutal. I’m not really sure what Johnson has done wrong to the haters? And to Moyes for that matter. Yeah he has the odd mistake but so does Paqueta, Kudus, the whole team. Perhaps more minutes and he’d be a bit tidier but to me letting him go on a free is criminal.

  • Mr Buddy Lurve says:

    Have to admit he did himself no harm today.

    I want him to succeed, and maybe the fact that he has suitors should he decide to leave has helped him remove the shackles and show his game.

  • 75Hammer says:

    Its possible Ben looks a better player when he’s played in a position he’s suited to. Of course Mr Moyes would never play a square peg in a round hole….

  • NorfolkHammer says:

    I’d rather Johnson at right back than over the hill no pace Coufal

  • hammerpete6 says:

    Time and again I have bemoaned the treatment of Johnson – played or subbed on one match at a time in four different positions, no run in the team in one position like other defenders. Then criticised as useless from half a game out of position then a month on the bench. Sadly for the knowalls he will be snapped up elsewhere and being a fixture. As for Moyes, just bad judgement. We are all used to Coufal and Soucek having stinkers yet first names on the team sheet. Bonkers.

  • Anonymous says:

    He is always improving, therefore willing to learn and he will get better and better. Lacks assuredness, not good in tight corners, but improving so fast. Not sure if the is best as a RB or a midfielder. I know he does not ‘put himself about’, but that’ll come to complement all the abilities he has. Plus he is quick, a real athlete, lovely long pass and tons of ability. Just needs continuing coaching, building on his experience and watching the likes of Emerson. He was a breath of fresh air and full of endeavour against Wolves.

  • allprp2 says:

    Did Johnson ever go out on loan? Maybe he did not, so he lacks that steeliness and ‘putting himself about’ as mentioned above (Anonymous) but he will. The energy he brought in to the team against Wolves was fantastic especially from RB. How many players can do that? Apart from the likes of Antonio who is like a wrecking ball sometimes.

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