Benitez future may be clearer tonight

benitez1-399817West Ham target Rafa Benitez’s future may become clearer this evening when Napoli travel into to the volatile Ukraine to take on Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk in the second leg of their Uefa Europa Cup semi final clash.

The clash is tied at 1-1 on the first leg and defeat at this stage could influence any negotiations Napoli are set to hold with their Spanish boss.

With the Hammers currently focused on Rafa as their number one managerial choice, there will be keen interest among the fans to see the outcome of a game which could have a big influence on the former Liverpool and Chelsea boss’ future.

Even should they win in an area which can often be a hotbed of hatred  for visiting teams, the 59 year old may need to lead Napoli to a Final victory over either Fiorentina or Seville.

The Spanish outfit hold a 3-0 first leg aggregate lead in the game which kicks off at the same time as the Dnipro/Napoli game (8.05).

The Irons believe they have a chance of landing Benitez whose wife Montse still lives in the United Kingdom on Merseyside where she founded a Foundation in her name to raise cash for local charities.

We reported earlier Benitez as saying when questioned on his future: “You all know I still have to speak to my family.

“I have already talked to (Napoli president) Aurelio ( De Laurentiis) over the last few days. We must stay concentrated only on the games we’ve got left this season. We’ll see about my future later on.”


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17 comments on “Benitez future may be clearer tonight

  1. Come join the happy Weat Ham family Rafa,just do it geezer,you know it makes sense 😉

  2. Him or Bilic for me now,Klopp aint going to come,never would have done i suspect.But why shouldnt Rafa or Bilic be attainable,lets try & get one of them.Btw,have you calmed down today Chicken,lol,you lairy man 😀

  3. Lol,dont go there Sting,you will get me steamed up again.Every dog has its day mush,even a rabid one.He aint worth it though geezer,lil princess 😉

  4. I Agree with Chicken and Stew, Rafa or Bilic would be perfect… but I don’t know if they could guarantee the stability until we move to the OS…lol

  5. Lead us into the OS Rafa,you are The Chosen One,if not we will end up with Steve McClaren & be right in the ****!!,lol

  6. Yes Matte,this is true.Will they ability wise be able to give us the stability needed to lead us into the OS as a Premier League team.We must be careful what we wish for.Remember this,Sam has never been relegated,he guarantees us Premier league football,bla,bla,bla 😉

  7. I know Twinkle… he’s our messiah, without him we are lost… Davids should rename our club… Fat Man United… lol
    As you say, we must be careful what we wish for…


  8. Where has the news comments come from that Bilic is up for talks with the 2 Daves ?
    I still think Rafa won’t come here I hope I am wrong I loved the 3 years I watched Valencia
    play under him,ball on the ground never giving it away,hard tight defence but really crative in front of goal,
    Worse day in Valencia,s history letting him go because they would not add to his squad
    Bilic is a good backup plan but how long will he stay ?
    What I wish for Matte and Twinkle would put smiles on everyone’s face,s for along time !

  9. I have been a Hammers supporter since I was a tiny 5 year old . Saw my first game at the Bolyen with my Grandfather . I , just as any ( and more than a lot ) other fan have suffered on innumerable occasions . What I don’t completely understand , or grasp , is the seemingly
    Mania clue desire to see the ousting of SAM Alladyce . Without Him we would probably have been struggling , or worse , for survival as a Premiership/championship side .
    We would have had a torrid time and the Olympic Stadium would never have happened .
    To my mind all the constant speculation ( as if he has already left ) is unwarrented .
    We must , as a priority maintain our Premiership status …. To say Big Sam is negative and we do not play ” the West Ham way ” , whatever that is supposed to be is nonsense .
    I watched Real Madrid v Juventus last night and was not impressed at all … Madrid played long Ball football all night with loads of hoofing into the penalty box ,,,,, is that any different to West Ham playing for survival ?. Major injuries and setbacks destroyed our good start to the season , and I can’t see any good reason to blame Big Sam . We are building a decent squad and any change to the management would , in my view , be fatal …. Take a look at the clubs below us and see how changing the manager has completely messed them up .

  10. Yep you are right maybe,but i think i will take Gianfranco Zolas opinion on this one about the fact the fans dont like the dinosaurs negative play.No disrespect to you but maybe,just maybe he grasps it a little more than you do.I watch Real Madrid on a weekly basis,admittedly only on Sky not at the ground but to compare them with an Allardyce side is to be honest laughable.

  11. Damn,had to do a double take on Kevins post.For a minute there i thought he said to say Big Sam is negative is nonesense!!,nah,must have read it wrong,let me try again….Nope,it still says it.Finally i have found someone on the planet who doesnt think Hippo plays negative football…Mind you his name is Kevin,maybe Nolan is his surname 😉

  12. ahahaha… sorry Kevin (this name reminds me someone I don’t like so much…), you watched Real – Juve and did you see long balls? Probably this the reason why Sam will probably be the next Real manager, his football philosophy goes perfectly with that one of Real.. lol
    Sorry, you forgot to write that Sam can guarantee the stability until we move to the OS…lol

  13. Truce lads Kevin is intitled to his opinion and base,s on a lot of other people’s of some sort of agreement BFS has with God that we will stay in the premier under is leadership.
    Kevin does not say how long he has been going he may have gone with grandad 2 years ago and watched our displays against Man City and Forrest last year and now as a growing 8 year old thinks things are improving and need some guidance in what is the westham way,
    Kevin the Westham Way is keeping the ball to feet playing out of defence,not giving it away cheaply,then using adventurous attacking football forcing other teams to defend try and score more goal than the other team,
    Using players that have been brought through the ranks of our academy,
    With the support of all the fans who pay to be entertained,
    It’s quite simple really just don’t know how BFS can get it so wrong
    To feel safe try leaving the library gut at night and if that fails try a comforter ?
    We all have different ones Matte has his stats cabinet,I have San Miguel,Rad rubs his but a lot,Chicken eats glass,Tyson chase,s large foxes that look look like Rad little Kev mows the Grass,Joey cleans the car,
    Sorry lad rambling again

  14. Lol,i am the rabid fox who rubs his butt alot now am i,haha,100% wind up post by Kevin,fair play to him.Love the bit about changing the manager would be fatal,haha.Sam isnt negative,we have the word of Kevin on it,believe boys,believe boys.Sam is infact an attack minded manager hiding his real abilities behind an image of a negative,cautious,boring manager.When he goes to Real we will see the real Sam with flair,invention & 5 strikers.I am converted now Kevin,thankyou 😀

    • ahahaah… I love the word “fatal”… lol
      When Sam leaves, I suggest the fans who go to the stadium to be equipped with a survival kit… lol

  15. Just another mug blowing it out of his arse.Two in two days,stupidity is becoming contagious.He must have been out for a drink with the lil princess lastnight 😉

  16. Isn’t just smoke and dust is it Hugh? A real chance of us getting Rafa?

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