Beskitas ramp up Ba speculation

Demba-Ba-West-Ham-007Slaven Bilic’s former Beiktas boss seems to be sending a “come and get me message” to the Premier League on behalf of Demba Ba.

The Hammers have distanced themselves from any interest in the former striker but it seems Besiktas president Fikret Orman is keen to ramp up interest levels.

He claims several clubs are interested, declaring: “It obviously shows we made a good signing there are serious offers there should be serious offers.

Speaking to TRT he added:  “The club will not keep anyone who wants to leave but we do have players we do not want to sell.

“Demba Ba had a great season and the fans like him but we would only consider a move if we can find a better replacement.”


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24 comments on “Beskitas ramp up Ba speculation

  1. The price being quoted £5-£8 million seems like a good price if The reported price for Remy and Austin is £15 million,
    Slaven has worked with him for 2 years Sakho and Kouyate play international football with him and he knows the club and its ways,
    Only problem is the African Cup ?
    If we picked up N,Doyle from Hull we would have 3 forwards with a total conexcion,
    He also does not seem to suffer with injuries like Austin and Remy and with Carroll we could do without everyone in hospital together

  2. Agree! If we can get him for around £5-6 mill go get him!! He’s got at least 2-3 good seasons left in him, and is a proven scorer in the premiership!

  3. Bubs your crystal ball must be in fine form.I don’t care now if we get Ba.Anything but last season’s Dad’s Army contenders.Well spotted.

  4. Austin played 35 of 38 qpr matches last season & he served a suspension for one or two of the matches he missed!!Far more reliable than Carroll thats for sure!!Demba Ba doesnt play internationals either anymore i believe!!

  5. Yes Bubs, I’m with you. I want young quality players, but we need 2/3 experienced players too. Ba is not old, he knows PL and West ham. He’s welcome. 😉

  6. Out of the three i would take Austin all day long.But it aint going to happen.Hope it aint Ba either.Been there,done that.As for N’Doye,if we signed him i would be launching my self off the nearest tall building 😀

  7. Agreed Danger but £15 million are you kidding,and previous seasons he has been injury prone,
    Allowing that Sakho and Valencia will probably be are starting 2
    We still have Carroll and Lee
    Plus Magia and Zarate
    So we are not short of players just proven goal scorers and what ever side he has played for and in which ever country or league there are very few who can compare to Ba,s

  8. Sorry Chicken just thinking outside the box,
    Don’t mind Austin just don’t think he will fit with the forwards we already have,

  9. I know bubs,i was just saying my opinion also.Just dont rate Ba particularly anymore and N’Doye makes my eyes bleed watching him 😀

  10. £15m for a proven prem goalscorer like Austin is a drop in the ocean in this day & age.Only question is if he can do it season in,season out.I would love him to come.Carroll will be injured again at some point for sure.Demba Ba is so so,nothing to get excited about in my opinion.Would rather take Remy given the choice,not that he particularly makes my blood flow 😉

  11. Austin has made about 130+ appearances in the last four years!! It will take Carroll ten years to get there,lol!!

  12. Word is that the Chinese have Shanghaied Ba so could be back to the wish lists.

  13. Lol,maybe we can put in a cheeky offer to Carlton again.Im sure he will rescue us when all the decent options have been sold to other clubs 😉

  14. This aint mickey mouse football.15m gets you an above decent striker.Want anything more than that your talking the big bucks.To think 15m is ott for someone like Austin is ridiculous.It is just how the market is these days.We must either go with it or hope to find lucky dips like Sakho.Many will turn into Maigas though if we play that game

  15. Totally agree Baz,you dont get much for your money anymore.Unless you can unearth a diamond like Sakho.But for every one of him there are 10 Maigas,lol.Everton paid £28m for Lukaku last summer.Its all relative,for me £15m for for Austin is more than realistic 😉

  16. That’s why we should have gone hard for Gignac and made him feel wanted all we had to do was offer free taco,s and tortillas,
    Same with his mate that went to Swansea all we had to do was give him £10 k a week more
    I thought Slav wanted the Galatasray forward who price was under £10 million,
    Sorry lads not good with name ( my age )

  17. Lol,well he has gone for the real tortillas now in mexico.Dont really see why the hell he wants to leave marseile for tigres over there.Perhaps he is just a mercenary in which case maybe we are better off without him.Obviously aint got much ambition if he fuxks off over there at 29yrs old 😉

  18. By the sounds of it Ayew wasn’t much better,Gignac said he was a motherfunker or something like that lol

  19. lol Olympic Marseille must be a very quiet place… last year Amalfitano fought with Bielsa, this year says Ayew is a motherfu*ker… if Nolaninho stays I hope Payet will be his roommate, coming from Marseille I’m sure he is a sweet and loving dude… 😀

  20. Tough place Marseille,i have been there.Some right hard *******s round the port area.I kept a low profile.I didnt fancy getting diced up 😉

    • I know, I heard it… If Sam becomes OM manager, perhaps it’s better that he lives with four personal bodyguards.. lol

  21. I think it started when Chris Waddle went there,his mullet haircut wound them up and they never calmed down lol

  22. Lol,well i dont know what it is but it is full of loonie tunes.I went to a bar one night & it was like being in a scene from The Godfather.Mattes family must have been on holiday there 😀

  23. ahahah… I love that place, this year I’m going with Crackpot, the newest member of my Family… 😀

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