Bielsa will cross language barrier


bielsaMarseilles boss Marcelo Bielsa is understood to have given assurances he will learn English within six months should West Ham want him for their new boss.

The Argentinian is keen to ply his trade in the Premier League and has made it clear though intermediaries that he’s ready to cross the language barrier should be become the club’s favoured candidate.

He believes that he would have a workable grasp of the language in four to six months.

The Hammers board remain keen on the 59 year old but his lack of English and Premier League experience are worries although one source said: “They are not necessarily issues that can’t be overcome. Certainly he would be ready to learn English.”

David Moyes remains in the frame and Rafa Benitez would be the dream appointment although ClaretandHugh was told on March 30 ( https://www.claretandhugh.info/hammers-on-the-rafa-link/)   : “Our understanding is that he wants either Liverpool or Manchester City.

“He’s a top manager and most clubs would be interested should be become interested but whether we could attract him is another question. ”

And sources inside West Ham admitted to ClaretandHugh confirmed an earlier story that any talks aimed at securing him anyway would have to start at around £6 million.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Michael Miller says:

    Hugh seems to think that ‘no speaka da lingo’ is not important – fair enough, that’ll do for me – BFS out now – Bielsa in!

  • Just reporting what told Mike. My opinion immaterial 🙂

  • TysonM says:

    Pochatino couldnt speak it all season last year at Southampton,didnt seem to do them much harm did it.Him either,he got a move to a bigger club & still had limited English 😉

    • hammermolder says:

      Hey Tyson,replied to you on the hoddle post,sorry mate,8 hour time difference!

      • TysonM says:

        Yes mate,i saw it,sorry ment to reply.I didnt realize you were in the states,just thought you sneaked on in the dark of the night 😉

  • TysonM says:

    Thought maybe we could sign Messi to be his interpreter but he has only limited english so he is no good to us 😉

  • essexclarets says:

    At least he will have an understanding of modern football…..

  • mattefumi69 says:

    Davids could hire Sam as an interpreter… which would surely alleviate any homesickness for him… no, it’s a bad idea, Sam should know Spanish… ok, he’s perfect to be our next attacking coach, lately I read he has a lot of new ideas about this position… the problem is solved.

  • Basildon_Bob says:

    We have “more irons in the fire” that a bloody foundry and are “juggling” more balls than a poxy circus when it comes to possible managers next season. Why don’t we wait, like the owners are, until the end of the season as clearly no one knows who it is or even if there will be a replacement. If all the speculation is wearing me down imagine what that does to the players.

  • StringRay Stewart says:

    Have a beer Bob,speculation about a football manager shouldnt wear you down,lol,as for the players,i doubt they give a damn.

  • sleepswithdafishes says:

    For once a newspaper was correct; he can’t speak english lol

    • TysonM says:

      Didnt seem to do Alex Ferguson much harm,i doubt even the English players could understand him,lol 😀

  • bubs says:

    What would you like to talk about Bob ?
    Why is language such a problem BFS told his players they were playing attacking football in English and some how that got lost interpretation,
    He told Nolan he was a defencive midfielder lost interpretation
    Told O,Brien he was a footballer lost interpretation

  • whambam says:

    Any news on SA?, is he still with us?
    What I can’t understand is, why would he dream of leaving us?, we’ve got a decent squad of players, a new state of the art stadium to move into and his wages are pretty much on par with other managers at the top of the Premiership, a move to Sunderland would surely be seen as a step back

    • Dainon17 says:

      He probably feels more suited to Sunderland as he is clearly not a good fit here at west ham. His career has been littered with mediocre northern clubs where winning a trophy is not on the to do list & the fans are happy playing any old crappy football with the hope of survival for another season just to repeat the process again the following season.. the thought of trying to play attacking must be a step to far for his sophisticated mind and its clearly taking him to far out of his comfort zone

    • mattefumi69 says:

      I don’t know if he dreams of leaving us, my dream is that he goes asap… Sunderland is really a decoy, his true goal is Real Madrid. Sorry, Hugh, I don’t want to steal your thunder… 🙂

    • mattefumi69 says:

      Steal your thunder = steal your job? I hope yes, this was the meaning of my expression,
      I hope I haven’t made any mistakes that would have lead to a misunderstanding… My English is not so good…

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