Big Sam tells owners to splash the cash

Former Hammers manager Sam Allardyce has called for the West Ham owners to back new boss Pellegrini in the transfer market with big funds to get the best players.

Big Sam told talkSPORT: yesterday  “I am not sure if David Sullivan and David Gold realise that he will want the best players to come to the club.

“If West Ham wants to grow, they have to give their manager a bit of leeway and certainly give him in the early stages a couple of big signings that they didn’t expect.

“Try and find the funds and the money to go with it. Because you have a lot of dissatisfied West Ham fans with that stadium and I think the only way you make that stadium work is by putting a top team on the pitch.

“The West Ham fans will not worry about the stadium then – they will just go ahead and support the team.”

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17 comments on “Big Sam tells owners to splash the cash

  1. I usually disengage the ears when the fat oaf opens his mouth, but actually agree with him on this.
    It’s pointless having a top manager if he doesn’t have the necessary tools to work with. So come on Sully, get someone with long arms to reach right down and free that wallet!

  2. It’s no good just saying yaboo-sucks just because it’s Alladyce speaking. I agree with Ghost that Sam is totally right with what he says.
    It’s not the manager that matters most, but the squad he has to work with. Our last 4 managers have had to work within very tight budgets ( granted they had to get the finances right before we started throwing money about ), but for this manager to have any success at all he needs better players and more of them, or he will struggle badly. It’s just logic.

    • Good. I disagree as I don’t see it as being FA to do with him. Just a rentagob without a job but thanks for the input

    • It’s no good listening to your regular rants about very little either but there we are

      • So SWDF, whose opinions I don’t necessarily share but who is a good poster regardless, has the temerity to post something that’s slightly at odds with your ‘article’, and with absolutely no insinuation of you being a board stooge, yet still you have a pop at him. PRICELESS🤣🤣😄
        What next, request new posters to swear allegiance to the board, forsaking all others?

        • I assume you are talking about Sleep with Fishes yes, who was most certainly not included in the comment – if I wanna claim that somebody talks a lot about little that’s my privilege just as it’s yours to call me out regulalry. The difference is I don’t have to put up with such ********. It’s this sort of crap which will see the moderators go back on. Well done .

  3. I agree with teh above two posts and want to share some opinions on BFS

    1. Under BFS we played soem of the worst football I have ever seen – even victories were painful to watch
    2. BFS did himself no favours by repeatedly belittling the fans (deluded and ear cupping vs Hull come to mind)
    3. However BFS does seem to get on well with the players and does have the knack of buying the right player (Vaz Te in teh Championship, Kerchoff for Sunderland, Sakho for Palace)
    4. Also I found his earlier comments on his surprise at the role played by Jack Sullivan quite enlightening

    So let us listen to what he has to say rather than having a knee jerk reaction

  4. How bizarre you did a posting about this yesterday and now you’ve just added the second and third paragraph from his quotes to make another article.

    And you missed the good stuff about Jack Sullivan.
    What is more amusing is that you cover talksport heavily jumping on every seemingly negative comment about West Ham to defend Sullivan Family honour
    Yet when Stuart Pearce made some interesting comments about the board complete radio silence on here.

  5. Ok let me make something clear. As with the FB Group there will be no abuse towards anyone here – myself and other followers included. If you wish to continually accuse this of being an unofficial club site there is no place for you here as it is neither true or interesting. Confine your thoughts to football. You can always return to Twotter if u wish. There will be no further conversation simply deletions. If your only purpose is to slag off CandH we will simply assume you don’t want to be here. The alternatives are either moderation again or closure of the forum because it bores us. I don’t have the time or inclination to deal with crap and neither does Carol. Cheers

  6. Err, the post above mine where you state, in reply to SWDF’s earlier post, ‘It’s no good listening to your regular rants about very little either but there we are’. Is that not a pop?

  7. Yes, and as I say, my privilege, just as it is your to do so to me as is regularly the case, although apparently not acceptable in your world.No time for this ****. Moderation on

  8. Dear Hugh

    I hope that I am not included as being a renegade poster – by the way BFS (who I do believe is an arrogant twit) made the comment about Jack Sullivan around the time Moyes was appointed – saying that he was surprised at how much information he leaked

    Hopefully giving full powers to Pellegrini will include stopping the leaks – well I did say hopefully

    • Yes and it was all reported here Zahama. There are some on this forum with selective memories and it’s not about being renegades it’s about being fair and is why we will,over the summer, be moving towards one forum on FB as we do not have the resources to monitor two which frankly is unneccessary anyway.

  9. Let me make this point. I’ve run this website – which grew from a tiny blog – for four years. It’s purpose was solely to bring news of all things going on with exclusives thrown in given that I know a lot of people inside the club. How the hell do some think we get the news – by hating our sources and slagging them off. We run an excellent forum over around 3k on FB and everybody knows and respects the rules which are pinned @https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/?ref=br_rs. At some point over the summer that will become the sole forum for CandH followers. We are on FB, here and Twitter and do not have the resources to administer them all properly. So I suggest you come and join a very lively and intelligent forum. Cheers guys.

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