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Bilic happy with squad after Carvahlo ‘miss’

Slaven11West Ham boss Slaven Bilic has no alternatives in mind following the breakdown of talks for Sporting Lisbon’s William Carvaho.

Widespread suggestions that we are looking for other defensive midfielders are not true. Bilic had set his heart on the 25 year old but unless Lisbon have a pre-deadline day change of heart it’s not going to happen.

The deal broke down after Lisbon insisted on a £38 million fee plus GUARANTEED add ons which would have pushed the deal over £40 million.

Like various other Premier League clubs before them the Hammers  found it impossible to agree to the Portugal club’s demands but are not looking elsewhere.

We were told: “Carvahlo was a player very much fancied by the manager and there are no alternatives on the agenda. Something can always crop up but the manager is happy with his squad but would have been very pleased tohav added William.”


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25 comments on “Bilic happy with squad after Carvahlo ‘miss’

  1. Worse possible news . We cannot continue with the slug in midfield .

  2. Its a real shame but thats life.Theres no point in crying over spilt milk.So Ndong would seem to be a possibility.My Sunderland supporting friend really likes him and i guess he knows more about him than some of our internet ‘scouts’ who have said he is useless.

  3. So thats it after long talks maybe greed with sporting and i expect william is now gutted probably wont want to play for sporting now and slav is not happy missing out on him. Well done hammers you have saved a gortune having spent little after the loans and freebie were sold or returned and you expect noble to get up and down with pace eh?

  4. Sodding joke and there is no way Bilic can be happy with what he has, we just do not have a spine!!

  5. Here we go.The finger pointing internet warriors are going to be on fire even though none of you have a clue about the negotiations.Typical and true too form.

    • They would have also been the first to have a go at the club for spending too much on him if he proves to be a donkey

  6. Not true. We new Sporting were tough negotiators. We new the buy out fee. Why are we surprised. D’S thought he could get him on the cheap and threw his toys out the pram when he could not. Bilic wanted him and we should have paid the money. We would have recovered it with a higher placed league finish with him in the team anyway.

  7. Disappointing. Seems strange that Bilic just had this one target for that position . If he has identified a weakness (not difficult let’s face it!) you would think he would have a Plan B to deal with it. This deal has looked on the rocks for a couple of weeks. Oh well no surprise really. Be interesting to see what happens tomorrow- a good result & this will soon be forgotten. More goals against – from a side with a poor attack- & it will be ratesd as the third poor start for Bilic. Out of ….er three.

  8. leon goretzka maybe?

  9. Now maths is not my strongest point,But we must have got rid of about 15 players this transfer window and brought in 5 so the owners are playing Russian roulette again and hoping that this squad of players remain fit till at least the January transfer window because the start to the season has already shown that when we lose our best players we struggle badly.Surely they had a contingency plan in place in case the Carvalho deal fell through as everyone knew Sporting were difficult to deal with and they must have also known the situation with his fitness.What a waste of 2 weeks that was and unfortunately we are going to make do with a very porous defence and hope Kouyate can stay fit to fill that defensive midfield role.Very disappointing considering how little has been spent in this window when you do the sums with players in and out and how much they have made by culling the squad of last season and reducing the wage bill by millions.Full of promises but you need to spend serious cash on quality in this league.

  10. I will believe its a dead deal when the transfer window shuts.Plenty can change imo so no need to go potty yet 😁

  11. Something does not add up I remember reading on this site a piece by Gold about their transfer buys he said the manager gives him & Sullivan a list of payers he wants in order of priority i.e. First choice second etc so if the first choice is unavailable we go for the second choice, so what is this rubbish from Slav saying he is happy with his squad surely he must have nominated a second choice or was Carvello the second choice ?
    Either way we will struggle unless we buy a good midfielder & Slav must know this so there is something we are not being told

  12. Happy with the squad are you joking especially with all the players we have let go ..same old shi!! Let’s see if he is happy when we get our customary injuries.. Ffs after all that time and we pull out over a few Mil..that’s why in my opinion we won’t go to the next level YeH they took the pi!! But bite the bullet and pay up because the blokes worth more anyway ..so really if u add the za za money as well as the money we have got for all the other sales and saved wages we have spent nothing!!!! Again that’s why we won’t go tyo the next level because they refuse to spend big ..in my opinion before I get hung out to dry ..totally pi!! Of now ..Gina be a long season ..

  13. Poor ol Bilic isn’t going to say I’m unhappy with the squad is he 🙂

    Shame but then no one else was in for him. We’ve got Kouyate, Obiang, Rice and Nobes so we just need Bilic to figure out a system where Obiang and Kouyate can actually play in the same midfield.

    My worry is we only have Arnautovic and Antonio who can play left and right of Chicharito after we shifted Feghouli and Snods to make way for the Carvalho deal which didn’t happen. Just worries we’re left a bit light unless Holland, Quina and Samuelson will be given a go.

    • And Arnie isn’t great on right he is inverted preferred like Snod was. Ayew has been on RW but not his position and Fernande’s who did ok against league 2 team but he is 21 CM.
      All this talk 1 out 1 in. Jota wants the move and ad this moment is our best optiong for RW cover and plays AM and is creative. Was held out of last game only played in 1 this season for Brentford as a sub and had 2 assists in 30mins. Had 12 goals and 5 assists in 20 Apps last season after LA Liga return.
      I like him we supposedly bid £3m weeks ago was denied then but Boro made £4.5m and the. Smith as said they received 2 bids but were not up to their £8m valuation on his last year and could help create and offer depth and cover.
      We have to Make some moves for defense and Creative or we will struggle. Clubs have been spending big and smart like Watford Huddersfield and Stoke look good.
      We need a couple of Shrewd signings before window closes. BC don’t think Zab and Hart will fix our Defense

  14. Tired of this second hand Car Value news.

  15. Happy w squad we shipped out Snodgrass and our paying 35% of wages but we won’t bring in replacement leaves us short of proper RW. Thought Jota would be a move.
    And if willing to spend £32m plus on Carvalho why not on a CB. Bilic was a CB can he not see our defense is in shambles Collins @ 34 is most reliable and sent of Ox Burke and Cullen.
    All the writers previous West Ham players and pundits can see our defense issues. Have space in squad. And Chicharito was great singing but Zab not sure he can hold down all season was waning before he came.
    I like this Bjron Engels lad from Club Brugge only 22yo 6’4 CB and can plays as DCM £8.5m Stoke are keen would be 3rd CB signing. For under £10m we could get a 22yo won league has good experience for his age. But we need defense reinforcements or will end up like last season we shipped off all this players and what happened to 1 in 1 out and of course we are looking. And Skav having a Dig at Rafa saying we have spent less net At £16m so why not get a CB Bjorn Englels go for PSGs Grogroez (excuse spelling) but be good loan capable holding mid. Ndong they have said no to think that was to push Car move thru. But he isn’t physical presence and is Obiang like but not nearly as good and they will want £20m they paid £13.5m
    And got Sead and didn’t even play him in cup I don’t understand.
    Bjorn Engels, Gorgreoz(PSG) Jota for Snod replacement under £20m

  16. Bilic will play Antonio in that position, put chico on the wing and sign Carlton Cole up front.

  17. JRS are you Chuck Palahniuk’s Pygmy? Also I agree with some of those points. Obviously frustrating but there’s other options out there. And it’s always difficult looking in from the outside. There must be reasons why Oxford, Burke and Cullen were loaned out and not Rice. Also there must be a reason why Hakysakyitch didn’t get a run out versus Cheltenham.

    Think we could do with a couple of players, why not get a Delph or Wilshere, a winger or attacking mid would be nice. If Nasri still at Man City or has he gone, can’t do much worse than him if we don’t fancy Jota or another Championship attacker.

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