Bilic is new bookies favourite


bilicTwo bookmakers, Paddy Power and Bet Victor have installed former Hammer Slaven Bilic as the new favourite to become the 15th manager of West Ham. Bilic odds have shortened to 5/2 with Paddy Power after the announcement today he will leave Beşiktaş at the end of the season.

Meanwhile Benitez has become the red hot odds on favourite to become the next Real Madrid manager over night with Paddy Power only offering 1/7 (odds on) to land the job.   This afternoon Betfair announced ‘We’ve suspended betting on the next Real Madrid Manager market after heavy backing for Benitez’

Another West Ham target Jurgen Klopp has dropped out to 7/2  to manage Real Madrid despite reports in Germany earlier this week he had agreed a 8.5m Euro per  season deal with Real.

Current Real manager Carlo Ancelotti is widely expected to depart this summer after failing to retain the Champions League or regain the La Liga title. Ancelotti is reported to have agreed to leave Real Madrid and has emerged as favourite to take charge of AC Milan next season.

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  • StingRay Stewart says:

    Sounds good,lets have Slaven,i can live with that 😉

  • HamburgHammer says:

    With every passing hour Allardyce’s chances appear to dwindle away, thankfully.
    I wonder if our owners get the next appointment right with so many names in the picture now:
    Is it worth waiting for Benitez over all other candidates, in case he doesn’t move to Real Madrid ? Is it worth pulling out all the stops for Klopp ?
    Will our owners move quickly now to bring in Bilic ? Or Emery ? Or Bielsa ?
    Will Moyes make a U-turn and return to England and West Ham ?
    I know we are talking West Ham’s future here, but nonetheless this is more exciting anyway than most of the games we’ve played his season…

  • hammer4life says:

    All the stars seem to be aligning for us and Bilic. Bring it on.

  • Rads says:

    Personally Hamburg im not too fussed about Benitez.I would prefer to go with someone like De Boer or Bilic.I dont have the concerns about them not having Prem experience.They know their way round a football pitch,how to manage a football team.They aint fools.They would be fine in the Prem.As are many other managers who have never been in it before.Lets face it,we could be near the bottom with Hippo next season just as easily as with one of these guys.Fans look into things too deeply,over analyize,end up giving themselves nightmares about who could be the new managerWhat will be will be,none of us are going to change that 😀

  • HamburgHammer says:

    Agreed Rads, I’m not too keen on Benitez either, especially as we might end up being just his second or third option to fall back on if he cannot move to Real or back to Liverpool.
    It’s good though we will have a new manager at all. It then doesn’t really bother me too much if it turns out to be Bilic, Klopp, Bielsa, Emery or DeBoer.

  • Rads says:

    Yeah i would take any of them.People assume if they dont do well to start off with they will become disliked like Allardyce,but i dont see that.I have never had an issue with any of our managers previously,even bad ones.But Hippo is just so alien to everything i want from an Irons manager.Both as a manager & in the media.I find him a joke,both with his management skills & ridiculous statements he makes.I wouldnt mind if he could back up his self-promoting comments but he fails miserable almost all the time 😉

  • bubs says:

    Have WHU denied Emery was here to talk today ?
    I can live with Bilic

  • Rads says:

    Dont know bubs,cant be bothered to investigate tonight,im managered out right now.Wpants will know,they know everything 😀

  • bubs says:

    Not going there look what’s happened to Kevin and spoonie?
    Normally if a rumour comes out its stopped by a source in the club or Hugh will put the end to the rumour,but I have heard nothing all day and he fits the mystery man that came up last week,
    English speaking manager with no premier experience?

  • kevin says:

    Don’t know when all you donuts will learn ,,, contract talks between West Ham & Big Sam will happen after this current season has finished !!!!!, Why is that fact so hard for people to understand ??. , speculate how you will ,,,, nobody has yet given me a better option
    Than SAM Allardyce ….
    He is a proven Premiership Manager ,, how many , unproven managers are you prepared to entertain ??,,, it’s absurd .,,, bordering on dilutions of granduar if you think somebody else is better qualified or more suited than BS .
    Seems like a sickness when supporters want to flaunt relegation ,,, again .
    Maybe you don’t like Him !! , but what the hell has that got to do with Football ?..

  • kevin says:

    Rads ;; what has made SAM Allardyce a bad manager ??? Or is it that you don’t like playing Premiership football !,, .. Get a grip .

    • Quickdraw says:

      What is wrong with Sam? Where do we start he’s stuck in the past with extremely limited and negative tactics,he has no love for the club or the fans,he’s deeply arrogant,doesn’t take any part of the blame for losses or points dropped,has shown relegation form since xmas and this shows no sign of improving anytime soon.
      I don’t like to answer for Rads but the above should answer your question and while you’re at it you should maybe question what you believe the beautiful game of football to be if you think it’s all about stability without enjoyment I suggest you look for another sport or at the very least another club

      • Rads says:

        Its fine Quick.I just couldnt be ar*sed to get deep & meaningful with Lil Kev 😉

        • Quickdraw says:

          Haha that’s good I think the stress of waiting for our new manager next week is getting to me. At a guess this clown supports someone else and is on a wind up

    • Stuck On 99 Forever! says:

      You must be so proud of your boy Kevin.

  • Rads says:

    Hahaha,yeah ok,Lil Kev,i will get a grip.Give me the money for my season ticket next year & i will agree with you all you want,lol,keep taking the tablets Kevin.I promise you they will kick in eventually,honestly they will.Just make sure you complete the whole course of them 😀

  • mattefumi is planning the party says:

    Ahah… Kevin, I’m in a pub with some friends… Sorry I’ve been unable to read your message through to the end… I was falling asleep… Keep the faith, Sam is immortal… Ahah
    Good night, don’t forget your stuffed hippo… Lol

  • Green man says:

    What about winning 2 in 20? Has that got anything to do with football? How about a playing style straight out of the Flintstones? Or the fact that top 10 finish and a GOOD cup run were demanded as bare minimum? If you’re happy with mid table or worse from a manager to who free flowing,expansive football are as alien a concept as a Salad Bar,then yeah,he’s your man. If you’re happy with a manager who’s idea of a good season and height of ambition has always been SURVIVAL, then yeah,he’s your man.

    • ChelmoHammer says:

      We will never get better than mid table no matter what manager we have

  • HamburgHammer says:

    Kevin, haven’t you been reading any of the posts on here ? Most names being mentioned right now as replacements for Allardyce would be a step up: Benitez, Klopp, Bilic, Bielsa, DeBoer, Emery. How many more games do you need ?
    What is it about Allardyce as a manager you like so much ?
    The fact he has never been relegated so far ?
    Well, he shares that fact with plenty of other managers too, so that doesn’t make him unique.

  • Rads says:

    Kevin is a good wind-up merchant.Once he has his 8 or 10 beers he is ready for action.About the same time everynight we get a Lil Kev attack 😀

  • Spoonie says:

    Big Sams Claret & Blue Army!

  • Quickdraw says:

    Right on cue the other half of the double act appears

  • mattefumi is planning the party says:

    Ahahaha… Oh, and here comes his sister Spoon now… Little Kev is just like Cinderella… At midnight he looses his mind… Lol

  • Baz Brushe says:

    What is with these mad ****ers who want to keep fat boy.They have distrubed minds.

  • canchaz says:

    To get back to the real discussion , IMO most of this stuff flying around about all these top managers on the verge of taking over are no different to the thousands of wild and crazy rumours that will flood over us when the transfer window( you know that time when media and fans alike lose their minds) opens.
    As for bookie odds. Surely we all know, the art of being a bookmaker is the art of covering one’s arse.

  • bubs says:

    To get back to the real discussion is spoonie a girl or a trany?
    Is Kevin sane or not ?and has canchaz got what he wished for yet ?
    Being a bookie is all about making a living at our expense covering ones arse is what Tony
    Cottee does

  • GW says:

    After 6 months of no new members of the ” Dung Beetle Appreciation Society” or any hits on http://www.samistheonlymanagerforme.com it looks like the founder members aka Kevin and Spoonie are trying to drum up some business. It must be breaking your heart to see your ” Messiah” leaving his flat and soon to be leaving the club… But don’t worry the ” Messiah” will appear somewhere else where you and your Sammerettes can congregate and worship the big hoof, respect the point,negative approach to football and teachings by the Reverend Nolan,Reverend Curtis and not forgetting the ” Dung Beetle” himself.. Don’t worry about the rest of us though Kevin/Spoonie doubt we’ll miss you…

  • Boys of '66 says:

    The Dung Beetle wiill be rolling Spoonie & Kev down the road with all the other **** he has accumulated at the club over the last four seasons.Any fans who see the ball of crap heading towards them & their club should be afraid.They will have the pleasure of Stablity Sam the dung beetle & his posse of curtis rejects to watch for the coming seasons.

  • GW says:

    Sky breaking news….
    Man found imposing as premier league manager for last 20 years to be named and shamed after court injunction overturned. The man who cannot be named for legal reasons but goes under the alias of ” Dung Beetle” has been paid over 10 million pounds during his duration with said club ,with many witness stating that ” This is the most dire and negative style of football witnessed here”. A spokesman for the ” Respect a point” federation ,Kevin talking from his padded cell has stated that he believes that this story is simply fabricated and that this man is ” The Messiah” unfortunately we couldn’t raise more than one sentence from another close ally in Mr Spoonie.
    Most other fans of said club are arranging a street party on Tuesday 26th May 2015 after said manager is hopefully removed from office.

  • Boys of '66 says:

    Haha love it,good stuff.The Dung Beetle is provding you with good ammunition.Mind you it aint difficult,the idiot says enough stupid things to give people reasons to shoot him down all the time.Just dont call him Dung Beetle on wet pants.It is very bad form to call him names there.We should respect him for what he has done for us according to them.Personally i think the 10+m he has had stuffed into his bank account is more than enough thanks for the mediocre job he has done 😉

  • mr moon says:

    The dung beetle is going to be pushing a big ball of ****e if he has all the middle of the road Sams favourite players in it,All his championship lads he has kept on prem wages for three seasons.His curtis crew.Will be great to clear the majority off in his ball of crap! Will we also Demba Ba back at UP if Bilic comes?

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