Blackburn told “no chance of buying Henry”

HenryBlackburn Rovers boss Gary Bowyer received a “hands off Doneil Henry” warning from West Ham today amid speculation the Championship may try to buy the central defender.

Henry was seriously impressive for Rovers over three games on loan before suffering a hamstring injury and Bowyer has made it clear he will be keeping in touch with West Ham on the injury.

He told the Lancashire Evening Telegraph: “The most important thing is Doneil has a successful operation and then continues his rehab.

β€œBut we’ll certainly stay in touch with him and then assess things in the summer. The poor lad has got a bit of work to do before then.

β€œThere are plans for him to come up to see the boys because he made such a great impression during his short spell with us and he built a real relationship with the players and the staff.”

However a top Irons insider made it clear there was next to know chance of Bowyer clinching a permanent deal for Henry although a loan was a possibility.

He said: “They couldn’t afford him anyway. Doneil cost Β£1.5m plus a lot more after Premier League starts.

He was bought for the future and has already shown fantastic potential at Ewood Park so where’s the future in selling him. Why would we do that?

It is just possible , if we feel he needs a season or half season in the Championship as part of his development, that we might loan him to them again next season.

But no decisions will be made until after pre season as he might be ready for us.”


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39 comments on “Blackburn told “no chance of buying Henry”

  1. Doneil henry is 21. I think he showed enough in his short time at blackburn to suggest he has what it takes. Including the right attitude.

  2. Another potential Star loaned out AGAIN, make sure there is a call back clause then or we may regret it as we have this season.
    It will happen if Sam stays, that’s for sure, as he never uses potentials only proven and has beens.
    I feel he must stay and get Premier League time under his belt, the same with Poyet etc but this will only happen if Sam goes.
    I looked through Sams’ history and cannot for the life of me see where he has blooded any youngsters, so why did the two Daves think he would do it with us, our Acadamy has to be used the right way or we will lose it and the extra funds we can make use of within the FFP rules , which I believe can help us.
    Get a Manager that will blood these stars of the future, I don’t really care who, I trust the owners on that, but it must not be Sam. COYI

  3. If BFS stays Henry will be loaned for 5/6 years in 5/6 different teams and then he’ll be sold for nothing, as Ravel teaches us.

  4. Talking about giving youngsters a chance, go read about Rafa Benitez on wiki… It’s not just Sam, we should seriously be careful what we wish for because it won’t necessarily get better whoever comes in.

  5. Nolan was 17 when he started playing for sam. Does that not count with him being his son and all? πŸ™‚
    Prety sure phil jones the man u defender got his start under allardyce at blackbun. Thats just off the top of my head. Im sure there must be other examples.

  6. Yeah ok we get the message Lifeisso.Sam is your hero,we can live with that πŸ˜‰

  7. And you hate allardyce, nolan, carroll, and then allardyce some more and anyone who likes allardyce. We get the message too. πŸ™‚ I dont love allardyce but i dont see anyone who could do a better job at the moment. I realise this is a we hate sam allardyce dot com website though. I get that too. I guess youre only used to people commenting from an anti sam biased viewpoint like most of the articles on this website seem to have. I apologise if i have dared to take a more reasoned approach than you are used to. πŸ™‚

  8. Not at all,everyone has freedom of speech.I said we can live with it.Just think you are delusional if you think no one could do a better job than allardyce & have him on a pedestal with tunnel vision towards his limited management skills & the success that they have brought him over his illustrious managerial career.If he is so amazing then i guess the Davids will give him a new contract.But i sure they will not be as blinkered as you when it comes to the end of the season.There will always be some people who enjoy boring,stereotypical Sam football,guess i have found one of the few πŸ˜€

  9. Ok well nice to know you can live with it. I may be in the minority on this particular site in that i dont hate sam allardyce. The trouble with that though is that i may have an objective and reasoned opinion unclouded by hatred so once again i apologise for that. I dont think i am alone either. The latest poll i saw had votes to sack sam as a clear minority and that was at our lowest point of the season because of course there wouldnt have been a poll at xmas when we were fourth in the table would there. πŸ™‚

    • People didnt vote for sacking him because it would have resulted in a compensation mess.People voted for him to leave in the summer.That was the majority winner in the poll.But you left that part out of your comment because it didnt fit into your arguement πŸ˜‰

  10. Nice to see the account has followed are captains life since he was 17, but we are talking about a lad that could be good enough to play for us and his country for the next 10 years,
    Not a good pro now ready for his last 2 years in the championship,
    As for Benitez he brought on young talent at Valencia such as De Sila of Man City and Arbol of Madrid and his younger brother who played for valencia a talented young winger called Vacente who played for Spain and his last season at Brighton,and many more don’t compare BFS with managers that have won league titles and European titles,no they did not like him at Chelsea because the Russian brought him in to try and get the best out of Torres because of the money he had spent,Liverpool fans did not want him because he was brought in again by the owners against there will,
    I do not understand what your all frightened of BFS is like a security blanket that makes you feel safe,
    I stopped sucking my thumb when I was 1,I don’t have to ring my mum to ask if I can go out with my friends any more ( grow up )
    BFS is bad news for are future if he had his way we would still be watching black and white telly

  11. I think people might be quite surprised how much support SA actually has amongst the fans, although on here you wouldn’t think so as you get shot down for suggesting it but he doesn’t get anywhere the same level of hate he’s received at other clubs that ironically have taken a nosedive, Blackburn must be cursing the day they got rid of him and Bolton fans turned on the board for not backing him with ambition. Because it would be a disaster if we were relegated before the move to the OS, maybe fans see SA as a sure fire safety net. This may also be reflected by the board with the money invested into the OS project knowing that when the move is complete and investment pours in from outside the club that only then will changes will be made

  12. Wow,i must support a different West Ham to you if the Allardyce you talk of has support amongst the fans.Maybe i talk to different ones than you.I must just be unlucky & have conversations with the so called negative fans when socializing or at the ground.You must be the lucky one who hears all this positivity.I guess all these people with positive words for BFS better hurry up & start a petition to keep Sam beforw the board maybe make an horrendous decision & dont offer the genius a new contract.Give me two more years of Sams negative football,i cant get enough! πŸ˜‰

  13. Whambam, I don’t think a lot of people will actually be surprised by how much support SA has; I think it is substantial. I am not a big fan of the man, but the almost constant sniping at him on some sites might give the impression that he is universally despised which just isn’t true. On this site I had almost given up reading the comments as I knew as soon as I saw the commenters name, exactly what would follow. For me, he isn’t the best in the world, but he is right for West Ham at this moment in time. He is a safe bet to keep us in the PL and develop towards a European spot at the OS. We are not top 6 yet and I think we over achieved early in the season. if we could have had a guaranteed top 10 finish at the start of this season, most would have taken it.

  14. He has substantial support? Where do you live,in the shetland isles.That is the biggest load of bs i have ever heard.Substantial support? Yeah sure he does.

  15. We’d must be a day off for the insecure of the fan base,
    I settle for entertaining football at any cost and if that means we don’t finish in the top 16 I don’t care,
    At least it make this site more interesting when the BFS ( I don’t realy love him) fans come out with the reason they actually do love him but are terrified of saying it because like Conkerpot when things go Txxs up ( why are we winging we are 4th )
    They will then all jump on the bandwagon and say they hate him to
    I don’t hate BFS I hate his football style and as a supporter I was promised a new style this year by the board and BFS

  16. The Lad Henry looks like a great prospect hopefully he will get his chance this season but im not sure how long his injury will keep him out for.

    On another note isnt it funny how in every single post (regardless of the topic) the comments dont take long before they return to BFS… and there is clear anger and even sometime aggression between the ‘lovers’ & ‘haters’ — I dont see how a man who is causing such division between our fan base can remain in charge. I can remember a manager who has split the fan base like this.. he really is ‘The Marmite manager’

  17. If he is doing such a fantatsic job why did he almost lose his job last year & will probably lose it this summer? Because he is doing such a great job.Sack the board,there clueless.Keep Sam your comfort blanket for two more years.People scared we will be relegated because we get rid of the sophisticated genius.Yeah sure we will be relegated.What a load of pony.

  18. Tyson I just googled BFS supporters and could not even find a site in the Shetlands
    These people have not got the conviction to say what they think just hide behind others,
    That’s why we are in the wrong because we say it as we see it

    • Haha,maybe it is the orkneys islands then.I heard there is a statue of Sam there in the main market square πŸ˜€

  19. Trouble is the sam supporters have no problem with his style of football or ridiculous tactics.They are happy to watch it,to buy season tickets to watch crap.Most are Sam supporters for the simple reason they have this unbelievable belief that we will crash out of the prem without him.Too me this just shows a lack of respct towards the board if they think without the genius we will go down.All this stability before we move,being relegated before we move to the OS.It just an unjustified & pretty ridiculous assumption to believe we will go down just because the mighty Allardyce leaves us.

  20. Just for the record, I have followed West Ham since I was 10, 55 years ago, and have had a season ticket for many years, and I don’t live in the Shetland Isles. Forgive me if the rules have changed but I think I’m entitled to an opinion and to express it which I try to do without giving abuse to others who disagree. I have seen some real disasterous managerial appointments (Macari, Roeder, Grant) which I do not want ever to see again. SA has met every footballing target set him so far, and I believe he should be retained until we are established in the OS. And as for whether SA has substantial support or not, that is a matter of opinion. Mine clearly differs from some, but is based on talking with others, not on comments on websites. If that proves to be wrong, OK I got it wrong and we will get a new manager.

  21. Thats fine then,if you want to watch negative defend the 1-0 lead & enjoy it good luck to you but when i buy my season ticket i want to be entertained,not to site in a ground like a library while we watch rubbish like saturday.Maybe my belief in football principles is wrong but i will take watching a good game of football for my money over getting the 3pts by any means everytime.If people want to watch us defend a 1-0 lead from 65mins onwards that is their choice.But for me it isnt all about the points,i need something a little more substantial than that.I have watched rubbish for four years bar earlier this season.If people are content with this & enjoy it im happy for them.

  22. Even if the supporters are split down the middle & its 50/50 pro/anti,which i very much doubt,what good is that as a club to have supporters so diversified in their opnion.In the long run it is detrimental to the whole situation.I also hate his style of play,it makes me want to take the big sleep.But i also want value for money from my season ticket.Since BFS has been boss i have had nothing to get excited about apart from the play-off final when he squeeked us up through the back door.Im sure,in fact know that last season he was universally unpopular,i really dont see how that has changed so dramatically this season.Where i live is probably 70% irons supporters apart from the odd rogue spud,gooner,chelski or manc.I have to honestly say i see little of this substantial support for Sam.Maybe i live in an area of non visionaries πŸ˜€

  23. Scalyback you very quickly cover about 10 to 15 years of rubbish management out of 40 years,but did not coment on the other good years when you left our ground happy even when we lost,
    This is typical of the people that come on this site to defend BFS,I do not hate the man and am gratful for what he did to get us back in the premier,
    We are back now and need to move on before we end up going backwards and using ancient tactics will kill this club,
    BFS refuses to change so do I but you are obviously happy with this garbage I bet you never complain when you have a crap meal at a restaurant either ( stiff upper lip)
    Sorry but I need quality for my money and if you pick BFS underneath its sat quality second,

  24. The thing i dont understand are peole who come on to say he has met his targets.Well yes we probably will finish in the top ten,but wasnt one of the main requirements from the owners in the summer on the calings of the fans,the majority,not minority to see a more expansive,entertaining type of football.Has he delivered that from his remit.Why if he has met his targets is he not sure of a new contract.Surely the word from the club would be of him signing a new contract in the summer because he has delivered the goods.But no whats coming from the club is that they are hunting high & low for a new manager.Maybe i misunderstand what fullfiling a remit you are given is all about.In my world if you do what you are asked of you you are thus rewarded,not thrown out.

  25. I remember being at the ground against Hull when we were universally booed when we won.Allardyce cupped his hand at the booing ringing round the ground.Let me tell you now,if anyone thinks from last season to now he has substantial support then you are living on a different planet to me.Most people i know in my manor support The Irons & there is very,very little support for him.Too believe he has a majority of support amongst the fans is bilge.Sorry,just had to be said.

  26. I remember i was there and was disgusted and ashamed to hear our own players being booed off the pitch after a hard fought win. Ive never booed our own players and never will. I also remember the chelsea game recently also which we lost. The players were universally cheered and aplauded off the pitch. Especially NOLAN who not my favourite player but to give him his due was man of the match.

  27. Wow,youre on a one mission to sell Allardyce to the public Life,top work.Are you his wife? Just curious πŸ˜€

  28. You must be his agent or have been sent across the internet to sell him as a genius,lol,keep going,maybe some fools will fall for your canvassing πŸ˜‰

  29. Maybe you should have ‘marriedtoSam’ at the end of your name πŸ˜€

  30. Lifeissobeautiful would have been the one still singing BFSs praises even last season when we were pitiful.It must be great to see no flaws in Allardyce! But agents are not doing their job if not selling their clients.

  31. I would like to ask Sam’s lovers a simple question: are you having fun when West Ham plays? I have such a lousy time. Any poll, statistic, brief history, is useless. As long as the Genius will sit on our bench, the entertainment will be light years away and any hope of winning something too. Why are you so masochist? I regard this as a great puzzle.

  32. Ok so let’s have another look at it, if SA goes then we need someone with Premiership experience from a club that is more successful than us this season which obviously is a team above us, who’s that then? and don’t forget that it’s not only what they can offer us to take us forward but what we can offer them to further their career not forgetting Moyes and Benitez were hounded out of their Premiership clubs, I’m listening

  33. Who has ever said they must come from a premiership club more sucessful than us who are managing in the premiership at the moment? I have never seen that they must be managing a team above us this season.Just saw they should have premiership experience,nothing about them managing one of the eight above us right now or when the season ends.That is ridiculous,a team who finishes higher than us this season isnt going to give us their manager are they.

  34. I think you should be asking the Davids this if they dont renew Allardyces contract.Seems you think they are the ones making the mistake.Better you get them to tell you if you are listening.Then you can tell them they are clueless.

  35. Im pretty sure the board will allow someone with prem experience who isnt managing over here at the moment.Its going to be a damn small list of prospective managers if they have to be managing in the prem this season or who finish above us.But that isnt what they said in the first place so it isnt even an arguement.

  36. SA fans making there own rules now,next it will be only a manager that can bring Messi to the club,
    I give up you keep him if you want him so much,
    Let’s get a real reaction such as if you want BFS to stay you stand on your feet at half time and sing his name,
    While everyone else can get a beer ?

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