Boos ring out – seats empty…this was awful


New allardyce

Match Verdict

Irons 1 Saints 3

Don’t wait up for Match of the Day …just  pop down the boozer for a late one if you are still up.

This was as bad as it gets and at the end the hundreds of empty seats and boos that rang around the Boleyn spoke louder than any words I or anyone else is about to write.

The fans spoke and that’s really all that matters.

There’s also the small matter of three opening home defeats at the Boleyn – one involving a League One side.

Match facts are simple – Mark Noble opened the scoring on 27 minutes before Morgan Schneiderlin grabbed two (45, 68 ) and Pelle rubbed salt in the wounds with a third in the 83rd.

The visitors were also disallowed what looked like a perfectly good goal for offside.

The Irons? No tempo, no urgency, some quite shocking defending and a general display that had you wondering whether it’s possible for the team to disappear much further into the dark ages.

All the great hopes of Selhurst Park evaporated in a second half when our guys simply chased Southampton shadows.

In retrospect it makes you wonder just how bad Palace are…oh hang on they drew 3-3 at Newcastle.

I want to find hope…I want to say it was just an off day…but sadly the truth is we look no further forward now than we did last year…perhaps not even as good as that.

Our main attacking option remains the huge ball forward as demonstrated early when Cole flicked on but Ricardo Vaz Te was too slow off the mark to make it count.

The boos at the end were accompanied by the cries in colourful language that Mr Allardyce should do one.

This site has pledged not to make a judgement on that until the end of September and in  fairness we’ll stick by that.

But for those who watched this 90 minutes let this be said: “It was as bad as anything you will ever see from a team in claret and blue.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • chris the T says:

    Sack the clueless idiot before it’s too late
    I’m sick of his caveman football and inability
    to have more than one gameplan
    3 on the bounce now at home against 3 pretty average
    Teams we should of beat.
    And Song what a joke that is ask any arse
    Fan and if you can stop them laughing they will tell
    You how poor he is.

  • UptonPK says:

    “This site has pledged not to make a judgement on that until the end of September and in fairness we’ll stick by that.”
    I’d say you clearly HAVE made a judgement.

  • Roman says:

    Will Gold & Sullivan see that BFS has not got a clue.Are we as supporters going to be subjected to another season flirting with relegation.I for one have had enough.

  • Iron Byron says:

    Do the owners not see just what sort of anger and frustration this idiot is causing us fans. I have been a fanatical Hammer for nearly 45 years, but I am just begining to hate watching us being so utterly abject and even laughable… Fortress Upton Park? Do me a favour!!!!! And this guy laughs at us at the start for the “West Ham way”……. The man’s a stats crazy buffoon, nothing more – nothing less.
    This is not the plucky West Ham I have loved all my life…… This HAS to change…. Surely D&G MUST see this. Buying Sam out of his contract would be the most prudent use of some of the transfer fund, plus a new manager on less wages would kinda help the finances…. So far we’ve spent X million on strikers and still start with Cole n RVT! Someone please justify this!

  • Michael Miller says:

    True it was as bad as anything I’ve seen from a team in Claret and Blue – they looked amateurish and clueless against a well organised and industrious Southampton.

    Southampton had a game plan, a pattern of play and were well organised – they got in Noble’s face gave him no time or space, his lack of pace was really shown up and he gave the ball away time after time. To say he looked ordinary is generous, it makes a mockery of all those people calling for him to be in the England team – what a joke!

    The whole performance was a shambles – it’s going to be a long, long Season!

    • firefigterx says:

      Sorry totally disagree about noble.. He was the only one that tried to work. The rest were a waste of space Mind you thats my opinion Im as much a Noble fan as you obviously dislike him. Fair play to that we are all entitled to our opinion But you cant BLAME one player for that whole debacle..
      Lets hope we cant get any worse COUIs

      • Michael Miller says:

        I’m a Noble fan too but he was singled out by Southampton as our most dangerous player to them – Southampton’s tactics were spot on they negated him and ran out easy winners.

        As I said I like Mark Noble but he needs time and space to do his work – deny him that and he’s half the player – I’m not blaming him he just needs more support and options – he was overwhelmed yesterday.

  • bubbles says:

    Total rubbish . BFS has no clue as to tactics …totally inept .

    You have seen yet again that Noble is a DONKEY . Slow , gives the ball away wastes free kicks . He is the reason we have no creativity . He cannot attack or defend … and before anyone says he scored … no he didn’t it was a deflected tame shot that would never have gone in . He is not good nor is Big Fat Sam . Get rid of both of them now .

  • markro says:

    A starting philosophy of being happy to concede possession and territory as long as your defence holds out will always end in tears.
    Scoring is more important than not conceding and until we have a manager who understands that, we will never make any progress and relegation will always be a concern.

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