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Brady “shivers” as Irons hover over the “abyss”

Karren Brady has told of her hatred of the Championship.

In what may well be considered her ill-advised Sun column she explains why she loathes the League with real intensity.

She declared that it’s a constant reminder of the of “the abyss beneath the Premier League”.

The Hammers are currently caught up in a relegation struggle – being just three points off the drop zone despite being in 12th place.

She writes:  “I hate the Championship. Not because it’s a bad competition or poorly run. No, what I hate is, its presence reminds me of the abyss beneath the Premier League.

“And the spectre haunts every club among the nine or ten who consider themselves — excuse my shivers — possible victims of the dreadful fall to the land inhabited by current A.N. Others.

“Because the Premier League is so special for footballers and accountants, even the rest of the world is in awe of it. The richest, most watched, most televised, it stands above every other league. And statistics from UEFA now show it.

“These stats on total attendances also show which league is third — the Championship. It totalled 11,086,368 to the Prem’s 13,607,420 last season, with the Bundesliga taking second spot.

“So why should the Championship cause such extreme feelings among bottom-half Prem clubs? The fear of long decline is one reason. Appearing in Hollyoaks when you could be in Hollywood is another. Money from TV and the likelihood of lower attendances is a third.

“However you look at it, the Championship is a vibrantly thrilling competition. However, with respect, I’d like my team to stay where we are.”

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

25 comments on “Brady “shivers” as Irons hover over the “abyss”

  1. Your team ? YOUR TEAM Lady Brady YOU are safe? YOU have openly stated you are a ARSENAL fan? So can’t see them going down? You just do a job at West Ham ,that’s the difference between a supporter and someone who works for a employer? Bit like the stewards who work at the London Stadium? Not a lot supporters there either????

    • Well said.A lot of us on this forum are lifelong supporters.Forty plus years for me and it really hurts when we lose a game.She cannot tell me she feels the same no way.I travel from Yorkshire to watch West Ham and have grown up knowing our history and players and teams of the past.For her its business and money making and the reason the Championship scares her is loss of revenue.For us true supporters its like a dagger in the heart and that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach when your team struggles.2006 Cup final still hurts.

      • Exactly 64 …42 years for me as well ..as you say the money they will loose Scare’s them the most ..the women’s an idiot writing a column for the sun is about right ..a lady who talks a load of sh!! For a paper that prints a load of shi!!!

  2. Your team it will never be we as supporters for decades want you especially and Sullivan and creepy gold out of our club forever. The lies that come out of your mouth with the other two have come to an end so sell up and take your profit which is all you three are about and jog on. Birmingham supporters warned us on the truth and we gave you a chance but they were spot on. If you don’t want to buy or spend on quality players fine sell up and get out of the fans club we won’t be short of buyers at sensible prices after your profit taken.

  3. Another ill judged piece, she talks about appearing in Hollywood instead of Hollyoaks but the club are buying Hollyoaks level players and not making Hollywood investment. We are in the sh1t we don’t need her to effing well tell us. Let Moyes and his team get the players on board and not another article until the end of the season, earlier this season I defended their right to voice their opinions but am sad to say I was completely wrong, they may be able too but at a time like this unless they have something positive to say they should shut up and let the first team go about there business unhindered by there banale meaningless drivel.

    • I get the feeling from a few of your recent posts that you maybe coming around to realising the people who run our club are doing an awful job by us fans although great for their bank accounts though

  4. Maybe if you employed a good enough manager and gave him the adequate funds to compete you wouldn’t be worried about the championship.

  5. I wish somebody would drop her into an abyss!

  6. LMFAO ! Is she serious…As I’ve stated before they keep mugging us all off and it sure won’t be tolerated for much longer ….if they can’t afford to buy the players required to sustain the premier league then they should quietly look for investors who will ….if they’re” true hammers” fans as they say they are then they’d do what’s best for WHUFC and be honest about it …unfortunately their pockets are no longer deep enough….times run out !

    • I dont even think they need to beable to afford players,just spend the clubs money,leave their money if they are to tight as supposed fans.Another 10/15 mil banked in this window alone

  7. First up, better Irons than me have said it honestly above – respect. Agree with every word.
    Just adding support. What a load of disingenuous bollix from Thatcher’s ‘love child’.

  8. ‘We have to move to take us to the next level.’
    ‘World class players in a world class stadium.’
    ‘The seats can be no further away than they are at Upton Park.’
    ‘There will be retractable seating and state of the art wi-fi.’
    ‘Profit earned from the exchange is given to the manager for transfers.’
    ‘We only want to sign proven Premiership players’ and we get Mario from Serie A and Hugill from the Championship.
    If we go down there is no way on earth I would renew.

  9. The owners were completely slatted on Sunday Supplement – “incompetent” “not fit for purpose” and “the worse run club in the league” and banded around quite freely.

    • Crewe, no animosity intended, but I was under the impression you were a board supporter. After the last transfer window debacle I was wondering if your support is beginning to waver?
      As I said, not being stroppy or argumentative but am genuinely interested as to whether the fans perception of the board may be changing👍
      Cheers, COYI.

      • MM – not a supporter of the board, but not a hater either…. they’re not done a very good job, but I don’t believe there’s any malice, nor do I believe they’re rinsing the club of all it’s dosh. I just don’t believe they’re very good at what they do. I’m also not sure I’d be happy with some foreign money launder buying the club, pumping in loads of his ill-gotten gains and not attending games or having any affiliation or connection to the club.

      • I have to agree ..with respect crewe you were not happy when we all started slating the board last week

  10. Don’t worry Karen – your mate Sully said that if we get relegated we’ll just come straight back up

  11. Well said my (near) namesake hammers64. Exactly the same feelings of defeat & relegation. I could tell you where I was & what I felt like on relegation day 1978 ( my first of too many).

    Yet again one of the Gang of Three opens her mouth & gets it wrong. We don’t want to share your feelings or have your opinions on why the Premiership is important. We want you to deliver on your promises. That’s all. You’re fired. Goodbye.

  12. By the way MMG I was a supporter of the board 2010-16 but have changed my mind after the errors & failures of the last two years. I have long held to the view ‘better the devil you know’ & am still concerned about what we might get instead. But I am now more open to even foreign ownership. I don’t necessarily want a multi billionaire but what I do want is EFFICIENT ownership & owners who do not make me embarrassed to support my club. So based on my experience I think maybe opinions are changing but cannot of course speak for anybody else.

  13. Get em out ? And that ain’t you’re tits waynetta ? 😎
    I fekin hate em ? 😈😈😈😈

  14. All I want from any future owners is to be told the truth and not taken for a complete mug. If they’re reasonably straight with the fans then I couldn’t care where they’re from.

    All that has emerged for me during the course of their ownership is that they appear to be quite happy to lie through their teeth in order to get what they want; and secondly that whilst they may be good at running sex shops and the likes, they are woefully inept at running football clubs, as demonstrated both here and at Birmingham. This myth of them being shrewd and canny operators is exactly that , a myth, invented and perpetuated by themselves. How on earth do supposed canny operators get clubs relegated so often, putting everything at risk? The truth is they are small time, penny wise, pound foolish kind of people when it comes to football clubs, regardless of the talents they may have in other areas of business. Add to that a quite breathtaking lack of self awareness and PR savvy, as demonstrated by this latest gem.

  15. Blimey that sounded like I was ‘doing a Henry’! No I am ok with the right foreign owners. I was ok with the Icelandics until…well you know when. I suppose I would prefer somebody local. After Cardiff I am a bit worried a new owner will say- right here’s £150m for players but I am changing the name to East London Utd & those shirts need changing to all red.
    Yes I agree honesty would be nice. I just think the whole setup now looks like 1990s. Somebody who knows how to run a club- new ideas on scouting, transfers, youth policy & general conduct of the club.

  16. Why can’t she just right here column & we hire a probably head of PR who has beat interest of club & FFs thinks before she writes.
    Her columns from Snod Leciesters owner & this have come back to hurt us
    So why keep doing **** me

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