Lucas Paquetá

CandH Exclusive: Hurry up or Paqueta stays


West Ham are growing increasingly confident that they will retain Lucas Paqueta despite interest from other clubs.

During an exclusive update to Claret & Hugh, a top source at the club indicated that any buyout clause for Paqueta comes with a time limit, suggesting that such clauses are only active for a single transfer window. Additionally, it seems unlikely any club will place a bid while the FA’s investigation into betting irregularities involving the player is ongoing.

Lucas Paqueta_West Ham_Contract

Clock is ticking for anyone trying to sign Lucas Paqueta

West Ham have not disclosed the exact duration of this ‘one-time chance to buy’ clause, but it is believed to apply to just one window. This implies that if the investigation extends beyond the summer transfer window, the clause would expire unused.

The source told C&H, “The offer has to be made by a certain date. Nobody will bid [for Paqueta] while he’s still under investigation by the FA regarding betting on yellow cards.”

As the clock ticks down, it appears less likely that any club, including Manchester City, will be able to make a bid. Internally, West Ham has no intention of selling Paqueta; without the activation of the buyout clause, there is no deal on the table.

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