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Captain Noble’s ‘tiredness and travelling’ explanation

Mark-Noble-640914Mark Noble gave two reasons for an awful defeat in the north east and then decided they were both unacceptable. I’m very glad he did but wonder why he voiced them in the first place!

Trying to find reasons for one of the worst afternoon many of us can remember in some time the captain said: “We are going to lose games, we know that, but as a club we need to stick together.

Then the captain declared: “It’s wasn’t good enough, today. We looked like we just didn’t get going. But we didn’t seem there today – I’m not sure why – but maybe it’s a bit of tiredness from the midweek game and the travelling.”

The he turned almost on a 5p piece to add: “But it shouldn’t be, we’re professionals and we should be doing better. ” Well he got that bit right!

Continuing his assessment he said: “We didn’t start too badly, we had a couple of half chances, and the crowd here were looking for that first goal.

“The West Ham fans, I’ve known for all my life, and they show their emotions; so they should. That’s down to us to make it right on the pitch and I’m sure we’ll do that. At this time, we fully need them to get behind us.

“The atmosphere in the dressing room isn’t great, but we’re lucky it’s early in the season. It’s not the start we wanted to have, and we haven’t looked good at the minute. But it’s why we play the sport, there are highs and lows.”

Platitudes, poor excuses, rubbish football Mark! As someone famous once said: Sometimes it’s best to say nothing!


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

27 comments on “Captain Noble’s ‘tiredness and travelling’ explanation

  1. You were awful , the team was awful and Your Manager is awful . Enough said .

    • Put a sock in it Kevin.It was only a matter of weeks ago i was reading you berating others for having a go at Noble.Telling them they should respect him.Now when it suits you its ok to act like a jerk yourself!

      • It was Thier disrespectful comments that got to me , Blind Faith . Some comments were not entirely worthy . He is getting past it . If he was awful , he was awful .
        I’ve seen Messi have awful games . Doesn’t mean I’ve lost respect .

  2. people question his leadership but he has been brave enough to give an excuse.
    I think he is right in some of what he says.
    the players are lacking in something, Billic looks bewildered to me on the sidelines, and the owners signed a deal that meant we had 4 away games in two weeks.
    All should carry the can for this start

  3. We were awful because Noble can’t hack it anymore and Bilic keeps picking him when better and quicker players are available, harks back to big Sam picking Nolan and Carroll when not fit or good enough and look what happened to him.
    Bilic you must fall on your sword and enough of all these feeble excuses, you have to be able to win away as well as at home so the fact our first 3 league games are away is no excuse whatsoever.
    You were awful last season and you are no better this, GO & GO NOW for all our sakes.

  4. Take noble with you 😈

  5. Do it today Slav for the good times and we might have a hope of salvaging what is already a dull boring excuse for competitive sport. Thanks but be gone please.

  6. You write some great articles to rally the troops and send them into a feeding frenzy Mr.Southon.

    No one can say you dont know your stuff when it comes to writing to get a reaction and fan the flames

  7. Dale, Bilic has fanned the flames with the ineptitude of his management but I blame Sullivan and Gold more as they should have seen this and replaced in the summer. 5 wins in 24, I don’t know anyone other than Bilic who survives that form. We are devoid of everything and the fact is we have no spine and are seemingly fussing over a few million for a player who will improve us massively, pathetic. We need another CB, yet our club fails to see that, how? We stink unfortunately and deservedly rock bottom and continuing as is will not change a thing; we are already in trouble, not because of the results but because of the performances and lack of a manager.

  8. Jesus people are moaning at the people! Who are moaning.. Have you see our last 3 games ..we are an embarrassment. Ffs if bilic stays we are going down simple .. 10 goials in 3 games and they wonder why we are moaning.. He had never been good enough.. Why do u think he was 5 choice and look at his track record as manager at his other clubs..did he ever do anything?? Nice man but terrible manager in my opinion and I’ve always stuck to that ..can’t blame fans for moaning at that rubbish..

  9. Did you, as a captain, console young Declan after his mistake ? NO ! You you left it to Hart. Enough said about your captaincy !

  10. We’ve lost 3 away games, that’s all. The big problem for me is that I don’t think Bilic knows his best 11. Hart is no better than Adrian. Hernandez needs Sakho. Ayew needs to go.

  11. Noble has more chance of convincing me he has not got
    He is slow ponderous and should now move on gracefully
    He says he love this club
    Now prove it move on or retire before you drag our club down
    Hart is worse then Adrien and has no love for thisclub
    Ayew shows no passion or energy for our club just compare him to Antonio who works his socks off every game
    If Slav cannot see what is in front of his eyes then maybe it’s time for him to go as well
    Never thought I would say it

  12. Perhaps Mark Noble is voicing a truth that needs to be heard. These awful transfers have broken the team.

    The board are at fault for Hart, and also Arnautovic. But Bilic should not have let Feghouli go.

  13. I see comments here mention we have difficulty playing 4 games away from home let me remind you we only won 7 home games las season & a couple of those were flukes, one of the reasons I did not renew my ST, so I would have thought away games should have been no problem but it seems Slav has not learnt his lesson he still picks his favourite players as opposed to the ones on form hence we’ve have no spine in the team Noble should be on the bench at best why did he not play Obiang & Kouyate no he waits until we are losing & he is forced to make a change then the rot has set in & it is too late to change the game around. I like the bloke but he does not seem to be able to motivate the players & his choice of players he buys so far have been crap, so he has to go.
    I do not think he or his backroom staff have what it takes to motivate the players

  14. RUBBISH RUBBISH RUBBISH . bilic is clueless and NOBLE is now beyond a joke … Both of them are Muppets and must go now ..COYI

  15. The manager now shows no emotion on the touch line
    Noble has even lost his emotion as well as his football ability
    We continue to play young players out of position then destroy them
    The substitution of Rice was disgraceful,he made 1 mistake and knows he paid the price with the goal
    Noble by then had been caught on the ball 7 times
    Given the ball away 6 times
    Lost 6 tackles
    Allowed players just to move away from him without chasing back 3 times
    Not bad in 30 minutes just the same as the last 2 games,
    Ayew was even worse as he seems to have no idea what game he is attempting to play,
    Bilic needs to be honest now with us all,tell us what he is going to do in the future or move on
    If I was a player thinking of joining our club after these 3 games I would go elsewhere

  16. Hammerkip is spot on. Slaven is a decent person, and I respect and like him. Simple comparison with some of the arrogant types in the managerial fraternity places him head and shoulders above the pack. Truth is when it comes to managerial performance we have last season’s debacle to go on, three defeats that take every Iron back to that experience, and we’ve shipped 10 goals. Slaven is still not delivering and that is plain, it is factual.

    Maybe Slaven deserves more time to pull things round. And with time, maybe he will.; maybe he won’t. Maybe we need a home game to start clicking. Maybe Mark Noble was knackered, and maybe other players, too. Maybe the training regime isn’t working out? A shed load of maybe’s. So, now let’s turn to facts. A rubbish season last time round, with desperate weaknesses up front and at centre back. Recurrent injuries to centre backs and strikers. Three games in this season and ten goals shipped, and two scored. It’s not reasonable to say, ‘ah but there are injuries’ to take into account. They should gave been accounted for by now and players acquired and sold, especially a brace of centre backs. Where is the evidence pointing – towards a positive transformation or a continuation of last season? Answer that and it’s clear that Slaven is not performing.

    Mark Noble is an honest footballer. Maybe he was being straightforward in telling us he was knackered, and maybe other players were saying the same thing to each another in the dressing room. This is Noble we are talking about, not bloody Farage or Trump. Maybe it is time for MN to consider a squad and ‘off the bench’ role or a move to a Championship side where his qualities of non-stop hard work, link up movement and decent distribution would be valued. And where he’d do a really fine job. These are all matters for Mark Noble and the club to work out.

    Respect means being truthful. Calling stuff as you see it without being personally hurtful to an honest professional. We can voice a view. I don’t have the right to disrespect or abuse a professional player who is not playing well. This something for the club and their employee to sort. MN will know the full story on his form; Slaven ought to have his finger on the pulse of the problems. The problem is I’m not convinced he has, though.

  17. If Mark Noble is knackered after playing Cheltenham then perhaps it’s best that he finds another club these poor football players with there big £££ & can’t play the game they love or do they today was a shambles from 1 to 11 ok chico run around shame the rest didn’t I know Antonio Lanzini Kouyate are still coming back from injuries so can’t blame being tired as apart from Kouyate he played 20 mins the other night there sportsmen why did we sign Fonte Zabaletta Snodgrass Feghouli etc , etc these are over the hill prima donas im sick of getting a season ticket year after year to watch oaps time to blood the youngsters oh we can’t cos there on loan grr

  18. Looking today, Team was set up for a draw and maybe sneak a goal, but for fecksake we were playing a team struggling and we feared them, why? I don’t fecking know, the last thing I want to say is who the feck set them up that way, please change to a belief that we are fecking good enough to beat anyone.

  19. Been saying since the end 2 seasons ago BILIC AINT GOT A CLUE. NOBEL IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. We had a great season 2 yrs back cuz Upton was a fortress and our last season hype. Tactics always wrong. Players always mismanaged. We have enough talent to be mid table this season. But we will not stay up or just barely under Bilic. He isn’t be replaced now. Or we won’t recover or barely and home games won’t be any better FFS we must demand a change!

  20. Tied? In August? Holy moly.
    We have good players but Noble is no longer one of them.
    Bilic should have been fired last November. He cannot motivate the team and his only tactic is pass the ball backwards or hoof it up to a small striker. What happened to running into space and helping your teammates by making yourself available. Every team knows how to play us because we invite pressure by passing to an isolated teammate. Bilic can’t seem to get it and he plays people out of position. Why do we only play 1 upfront? Why didn’t we try Sakho and Hernandez together?

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