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Carlos Bacca Update

CarlosAC Milan has officially confirmed that West Ham transfer target Carlos Bacca has not traveled with the squad for their pre-season tour of the US.

However, Milan are insisting that he is being left at home “not for reasons related to the transfer market”

Sky Italia make claims Carlos Bacca is furious with AC Milan for ‘excluding’ him from the US tour.

Meanwhile Sevilla have confirmed they have pulled out the race for Bacca.  Sevilla’s Sporting Director, Monchi has said his club will not be signing 29 year old striker as they have filled their quota of foreign players in their squad.

Monchi said “We have three foreigners in the team, so there is nothing more to say. In addition, Carlos will have more interesting options.”

TuttoMercatoWeb claim Napoli will make contact with Carlos Bacca’s representatives, if Gonzalo Higuain is sold but they say as of yet, there has been no contact between Napoli and Carlos Bacca or his representatives. Italian football journalist Gianluca Di Marzio claims West Ham will look again at Simone Zaza if Bacca is a no go.



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23 comments on “Carlos Bacca Update

  1. This is getting effin ridiculous.

  2. Move on to someone who finds us more then third choice,
    Gomez will do and next week Callerie,
    Make Yedder feel like he is our first choice or go back and pay the money and sign Benteke
    But move on this lad will be hated before he even gates here with all the press

    • Sorry bubs. I agree with a lot of what you say on here, but not Benteke for me! I think his confidence is shot and it’d be a big risk should Slav fail to re-invigorate him. Another failure after his time at the bin dippers and he’ll have a sell-on value of about £2.50! However a big yes to both Gomez and especially Yedder. Or Berahino for Sakho.

  3. Back out,** or bacca out

  4. I just think it is ridiculous business, 29 soon 30 and paying this amount of money, just does not make sense. I think the strikers we have are perfect and with Fletcher we have enough. That Italian striker is awful – a downgrade. There is no point in spending 25 million on a striker who is not better than Sakho. Focus on signing a CH and RB.

    • Which Italian striker? We’re not looking at any Italian strikers..You seriously have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Our current strikers are perfect? You cannot be serious right now. Yeah, really perfect…our current set of strikers are so good none of them can get double figures, they’re all outscored by one of our MIDFIELDERS, 2 of them are extremely injury prone..One of them whom has a terrible attitude and wants to leave…! Yeah, perfect! Wow..SMH. And if you’re referring to Bacca when you say “Italian striker” LOL, to suggest that a player who’s scored 17 goals on average in his last 3 seasons and won back to back Europa League titles is worse than…Than….SAKHO?!?! AHAHAHAHAH

      • Yeah we get your point you don’t have to say it like a classless arrogant Spud.Mind you I only see you on here slagging people off so maybe you have no class.That or too much ale in your belly.

      • Zaza is Italian, just so as you know. But let’s face it we’ve been linked to so many..

  5. FFS ! This is on par with BEN HUR !!!

  6. Quick someone phone 999 there is a grey cat gone missing up Fat Sams bung hole on Wet Pants lol

  7. Would have loved to see him in the claret and blue. I understand that this’ll probably be his last BIG contract and it’s a big decision moving to a league he’s not familiar with (that in itself is also a slight concern for me), but surely enough’s enough! Move on Sully, he’s obviously not interested. Berahino for Sakho, with the argie coming in after the Olympics and wor Andy plus Fletcher will hopefully see us through until the winter transfer window.

  8. The Gods are talking to us – it is not meant to be for us to buy a striker, someone up there is saying hold on to Sakho and Enner lol lol

  9. Don’t understand why we don’t want Barahino and they want Sak,
    I don’t want Benteke I would sooner get Bony or Remy but our owners don’t seem interested,probably because to take on Bony would be like admitting he got it wrong when he chose AC over him,
    But Benteke would in my opinion be better then Bacca,
    Valencia needs to go now he just does not fit,
    If Swansea want him take Ayew in exchange not a bad swap,

  10. I think we can all agree that this parrot is dead ?
    We all have our own views and fancies !
    Gomez is a player IMO a lot like carol ! A target man, he wouldn’t be my choice ,
    Benteke under Bilic could work ! Not my choice , I like the yedder lad and Eder , they are for me creative and skill full on the ball and have a turn of pace that’s excellent and both have a centre of gravity that keeps them on their feet and score goals for fun, cottie , mcavennie , Defoe , and to a degree much similar to bacca at a fraction of the price for bacca with change and have about 6-7 years of top class football in them ! Berahino ? Good player but has shown the same discent as sakho which has been condemned ., if we can forgive a player like berahino then sakho needs to be given another chance ? Between benteke , Gomez , van persie , and berahino IMO sakho gives more on the pitch for the team than any of them ! But it is a grey area ? Keep sakho if poss get yedder and by by Valencia , but enner isn’t doing himself any favours performance wise in Austria he’s been awful !!
    So before you attack me about sakho its just my point of view , I rate the lad !

  11. Well LA gazetta has said bacca has said no to joining us ?
    He has the hump about being left behind and being forced to join us ?

    So Slav , let’s get someone who wants to come on the journey were on ,
    Pull the plug on this charade !

  12. Zaza ? No thanks dar links ,
    Fourth choice at present club ? Takes a great penalty by all accounts ???
    Another carol !

  13. i think we should make johnboy manager. He is so clearly much more knowledgable than all our scouts and that useless git Bilic. Give him a go or the old heave ho! Iam so fuc###g sick of all the negative comments from the same posters all the time, why do you even bother supporting us if we are so useless. According to you our board are inept, D S is a cu#t along with DG. DS kids are idiots, our transfer policy is shi#e. we will never be any good unless we do exactly as you tell us to do. Sorry i didn’t know you had managed at the top level and won major international trophies. ffs sake give it a rest. you’re sounding more like Victor Meldrew every day, you sad man.

    • F##k me , Richard priors back ! You come across as a right dumb c##t , go and do one over you’re zimmer frame , instead of making a habit of trying to get one over me cos you’re so much up sullys ahole , and by the sound of it have feelings for his young son ( frightening ) its clearly personal , the evidence is clear , not a rant at all above , just a point of view , so nu nuts FYI, I HAVE MANAGED , COACHED ,AND ALSO DONE A BIT IN THE PAST FOR THE ACCADAMY HAVING BEEN INVITED A COUPLE OF TIMES and even put some of my players forward who they took on board .
      There’s a few muppets on here who just criticise others p.o.v. sad lonely people , a lot like you .
      I DONT BELIEVE IT sometimes ,
      Give a point of view rich and I will agree or disagree as the site is meant for ,
      Its not for lonely deluded grudge bearers like you.!! Get a life , have some banter and have some fun !

  14. I tend to find that most sites are populated with a high % of moaners Mooro.Happy Hammers tend not to use them so much because they don’t gripe all the time.Far worse sites than this though IMO.

  15. I don’t mind us being third or fourth choice – we did that with Bilic and it worked out ok

  16. Please don’t let this site become keyboard warriors v handbag swingers!

    Disagreeing is fine, making it personal is not.

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