Carroll missing from announced squad


Slaven Bilic has announced his team with the inform Andy Carroll the notable exception.

There is no recognised right back or striker in the line up giving many cause for concern. Record transfer signing Andre Ayew has not made the bench despite returning from the African cup of Nations in mid week.

Right back Sam Byram returns but is left on the bench while Bilic also includes Jonathan Calleri and Ashley Fletcher as two striker options on the bench also. Nordtveit returns from injury to also make the bench.

It looks like Slav will be relying on Antonio, Snodgrass and Lanzini to be providing the attacking options this afternoon.


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  • cas_blue says:

    The China doll out again? That’s the last we will see of him then this year.

    Let’s hope Bilic does not regret buying a striker in January. Antonio is a quality player but we can’t rely on him to score our goals week in, week out.


  • Hammer64 says:

    All the usual mind games over Carroll’s fitness. I am sure Pulis was totally confused by it all & will have made mistakes in his own selection & tactics as a result. Brilliant stuff West Ham. Or is it done in an attempt to increase the attendance? Anyway, three weeks off should be enough to sort out a groin strain. Oh sorry it is AC- see ya next season then….

  • spindoc says:

    Probably the best team we can field without Carroll. Maybe Fernandes instead of Noble but no chance of that. Kouyate at right back again? Where’s Ayew?

    Hope Carroll will be back after the break. Just try to have a bit faith in our 20-goal striker, no?

    • Stinger says:

      “Hope Carroll will be back after the break. Just try to have a bit faith in our 20-goal striker, no?”

      My god how many times have people like you said that since the first day he signed for us? How much longer do you expect people to have faith on a player who has being out injured far more than he has actually played in the 5 seasons he has been here?

      Love the bloke, one of my favourite players, but enough is enough now.

      • spindoc says:

        So what would people like you propose to do with Carroll then, champ? He’s our best striker right now and you’ll have to wait till the summer even if you want to replace him with Messi. How does slagging him off help exactly?

  • Stinger says:

    Andy Carroll. Hit form, score goals, get Injured.
    Andy Carroll. Hit form, score goals, get Injured.
    Andy Carroll. Hit form, score goals, get Injured.

    Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.

    I think when he is fit he is quality, he will always score goals and will always be a huge threat. Plus he always gives his all and is one of those 110% players.

    Sadly he will forever be injured and is only (as we have been told) 1 injury away from being forced to call it a day.

    Come the summer we have to either cash in on him and get back what we can, or be prepared to use him as a squad player and off the bench impact player. We cant keep relying on him as our Number One Striker. 5 years of this now, is far to much.

  • JMan43 says:

    Given the weaknesses in our front line to be left with no first choice is incredibly poor management by the club. They have had seasons to resolve and yet here we are again. Carroll is class but no good to anyone injured!!

  • kevin says:

    No Carroll , 4 2 3 1 . With Antonio up alone in front . Rediculous . Don’t know what happens in Bilics head but , it ain’t good from what I can see . It’s daft to be honest .
    Probably get all kinds of comments but , really , does anybody think that formation is correct ?? .

  • cas_blue says:

    If he was a race horse, his owner would have had him shot by now…..

  • hammers64 says:

    toothless upfront as expected with no Carroll.Board should have overruled Bilic and just bought a striker.We could all see this happening except for the manager it seems.Home game with no recognised striker on the pitch its bloody infuriating.

  • Terry says:

    Some of you are depressing.Apart from the disappoint of the late equaliser we played really well.I appreciate websites are for the moaners most the time to get it off their chests but give happiness a chance in your lives.Kevin if you think what Bilic does is ridiculous i should apply for his job instead of wittering on like a demented parrot.

    • jj61 says:

      Good one,Terry…we did ok today on the field,and Slav tactics is spot on,draw is not too bad..given the circumstances(referee).COY!

  • spindoc says:

    Anger management issue, mate?

    • spindoc says:

      That’s for Stinger.

      • Terry says:

        Lmao you better ignore below buddy.Sorry i thought you were digging me out 😁

      • Stinger says:

        Where was the anger? You have simply proved that you cant read and that because of that you are unable to grasp a simply point.

        Explain how saying AC is a great footballer, a quality football, a game changer and one of my favourite players, is in your small world slagging him off??

        No anger here at all, cant get angry at someone as THICK as you are. Pity perhaps.

  • Terry says:

    What for telling some supporters to stop being so miserable.Isnt that exactly what you did when saying to someone to stop slagging someone off.Is it different for you.Different rules?!?!

  • mooro66uk says:

    According to Kevin we were going to slide into relegation danger if we didn’t win today. He’s such a joyous soul to have around.

  • PopRobson says:

    So where was Ayew?

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