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Carvahlo deal OFF!

CarvalhoCANDH EXCLUSIVE by Hugh Southon

West Ham have this afternoon pulled the plug on the Wiliam Carvahlo deal and unless Sporting Lisbon perform a U turn, the deal is officially off.

The long and drawn out discussions have tried the Hammers patience to the limits as the Portuguese cub has consistently moved the goalposts during talks.

Negotiations resumed yesterday morning following the club’s successful arrival in the Champions League group stages after beating Steau Bucharest amid hopes that a deal was on given Carvahlo’s absence from both legs.

But when talks resumed yesterday it became clear that Sporting were unwilling to budge from a final figure of £38 million plus GUARANTEED  add ons which could have taken the fee to well in advance of £40 million had they been fulfilled or NOT!

A highly placed Hammers source revealed: “It’s too much. All the top clubs have looked at him and passed. He is also unfit having missed pre season and not trained for three weeks. You have to draw the line somewhere




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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

59 comments on “Carvahlo deal OFF!

  1. Cue a huge sigh of relief from Captain Slow.

  2. So travelling for medical on Monday then? I hope so. I hope we get him but sometimes you do need to walk away from a deal.

  3. Shame.
    Still, should be plenty in the pot for another striker (if we still need one).
    Time for a young Mr. Rice to step-up, methinks.
    Oh, and give ginge another year!

  4. So the same day our manager comes out and says this is the guy to take us to the next level in his column we supposedly pull the plug hahaha couldn’t make it up. Our centre mid compared to the teams we are meant to be competing with is poor. Our defence don’t get the cover and our forwards don’t get any supply unless lanzini is playing.

  5. It doesn’t matter if it takes him time to get upto speed we should pay the money in a season’s time he will seem cheap just like Lukaku would at 28.5 million. We need him Ndong is not a defensive midfielder I am not sure what he is other than a man impersonating a beacon, he was useless most games last season and is another headless chicken, Carvalho is top quality and worth £40m however you structure it.

  6. Typical hammers and the way we do transfers. Steptoe and son and daughter really take some beating with transfeŕs maybe levy could run them close got to pick a pocket or two boys got to pick a pocket or two!

  7. To say I am pig sick is putting it mildly. I am forever supporting Gold and Sullivan but this smells of barrow boy negotiating. Trying to squeeze the last penny out of a deal. The fact is we need a top class defensive midfielder. Our goals against tally proves this fact. We have been negotiating for such a player for weeks and pull the plug over 5 mil. Look at our net spend so far. Way down the pecking order in the PL. As I have said. Just pig sick and desperately disappointed.

    • I make you right Kenny, everyone is welcome to their opinion of course but, it does look from the outside looking in that the owners are frightened to go big and pay the price to take the next step. I support them generally as well but this to me shows weakness and a lack of ambition.

  8. Very poor. He had a release fee, so what don’t we understand by that. JUst to clarify for you Gold and Sullivan that means the money to buy him was made clear and anything less was not going to get him. WE are missing the spine of a team in midfield and defence and he would have been exactly what we needed. Top 8, we’ll be lucky to finish in the top half even with Chicarito!!

    • Yep agree with that mate, they will have spoken to his agent if there is a release fee they will know it, SL are very difficult to deal with this has been the same for at least 20 years that I can remember, all this rubbish about other clubs walking away had nothing to do with the World Class player it is SL that are the problem so you trigger the release fee then you sign the player if he wants to come.

  9. Cearns , brown , the 3 stooges !!! What are they all scared of , the cost of success ?
    Pig sick is a understatement lol, they just don’t know class when they see it , bilic picks his targets and we get them?? On the cheap and if not he doesn’t get them , can’t wait for the bullshyte that follows . still we got noble and Carroll to save us 😉

    • Absolute joke laz that’s why we will never go to the next level because they won’t spend what’s needed …another season let downs.. We have spent nothing when u add everything up ….25\30mil for Jonny eveans but we won’t spend 40mil on this bloke who could be with double in a few years… Pathetic.. Don’t care if they took the pi!! He is Worth it ..our defense is not good enough and he would of helped big time …let’s see what happens when we let another 7 in in the next few games …fu!!! Joke

  10. Sporting will back down before September 1st

    • Disagree mate. Sporting are known as tough negotiators and JMan is right. The buy out fee was a known at the start. We tried to do it on the cheap. We will never be top 6 with our bargaining mentality. And I repeat. What is our net spend so far. Not a great deal and way down the PL pecking order.

  11. Carvalho needs to get involved if he wants out !!!
    Hope you’re right TRB 😉

  12. I wasnt around the negotiating table so i dont know what went on or who is too blame so i aint going to start ranting like a parrot with a firework up its ass about something i know nothing about 😁

  13. On a plus note we have got rid of a hell of a lot of dead wood from last season now,but the owners are playing a risky game hoping this squad of players can all stay fit now.Up front we have it,but the midfield is lightweight without Lanzinis creativity and Kouyates belligerence,and we all know the defence is fragile.Lets hope they have a plan B before September 1st.

  14. Effing clowning c***s that’s what our owners are. They have very short memories how they were hounded out of Birmingham.
    Said player was unfit, what because he ain’t trained for a couple of weeks? We have an international break coming up. Effing clowns.
    You wait and see, Chelsea or arsenal will come along, offer what sporting want and deal done. That’s how you do business you muppets.

  15. I was looking forward to him coming in,but it’s true a line has to be drawn. It could still be that Sporting decide to get reasonable if Carvalho complains enough, but they were always taking the **** so it’s just too bad.
    Now Rice has to play in midfield, while we put up with some dodgy defenders. Roll on Christmas; we might get Burke back from Bolton.

  16. I suppose with Rice growing in stature in midfield, his defensive qualities should get to a level which allows Fernandes time to develop into a great CM player.

  17. We have no spine guys, no matter how many we score we have the potential to ship more, not good at all

  18. WAIT AND SEE!!!

    If it is true that Carvalho has been mad keen on the deal and exerting pressure by not being available for the squad, they will have a Payet on their hands.

    If their chairman really wants to make him stay and turn the screws –

    Good luck with that.

    I’m willing to bet a few bob that we have supine been in touch with Carvalho and/or his agent to let them know it’s down to them.

    I don’t think this one is dead.

  19. * ignore “supine” – lovely word, but I’ve no idea where it came from!

    • Ha h ha that made me giggle.. Supine lovely word but no idea where it came from ..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ur right tho it is a lovely word ..😂😂

  20. That negotiation table must have been big for all the ‘experts’ to be a round it. So many just screaming ‘pay what ever they want, it doesn’t matter if he isn’t worth it or if the deal keeps changing. Just leave them a blank cheque & get him signed’
    Bloody owners wont spend £40m on a player the fans want

  21. Good decision.
    Clubs playing in the Champions League have the first pick of available players. Some of those clubs have looked at this player then walked away. There must be a reason for this. I think we stand a good chance of being well and truly rogered if we sign this player. If in doubt – walk away and don’t look back.

  22. There’s a lot of disappointed fans everywhere not just on here ! Personally I’m gutted but there’s a week left so let’s see what delboy , rodders and Raquel come up with , never say never until the window shuts ! Then we can attack 😂😂

  23. If this deal is dead in the water(I doubt it though) What about Krychowiak at PSG?.He was class whilst at Sevilla and plays the holding midfielder role but also gets forward a lot more than Carvalho with a much better scoring record.Sure the fans would prefer this move to a bid on NDong which would really brass the majority off as a cheap alternative.

  24. Well they been blabbing on about quality over quantity 64 so let’s wait and see ! 😉

  25. Sick and mad as hell about this.
    We need a top class and stable def mid for sure. Alex song show what class was now we will be in the same shambles as last season. When it’s all said and done what are we going to end up with different from last year? We’ve got the little PeaWhen it’s all said and done what are we going to end up with different from last year? We’ve got the Little Pea and the Austrian who can’t keep his cool. Wow that’s ready for champions league. What a joke! Gold and Sullivan also a joke! Slaven will be gone! What a disaster this will be again. Typical West Ham

  26. Blimey I feel like a parallel universe – what’s happened on here? why so much negativity?

    • Lol its how it is,dummies always get spat for about 24hrs whenever something happens they dont like 😁

  27. Honestly I think this geezer is well over priced and I would prefer to take a punt on Wilshere for half the cost

  28. i reckon this is all a smoke screen, lets face it karen brady did say we once tried to sign lakuku , i bet this was just a thing to try and prove west ham are trying to do these kind of signings . lets face it if they really wanted this player whats an extra 5 million for a player, that could completely change your sides dynamics

  29. Hammers website users proving again why most fans dont touch them with a barge pole because they know they are full of the perennial moaners.

  30. It does get a bit monotonous on here with all the moaning. I would’ve said it was a sensible move to not follow this through. Everyone moans about the amount of money being spent on players these days, you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. If the deal is not for us then so be it. we’ll live to fight another day. Unless you want to listen to all the halfwits on here who are running around headless waiting for the sky to fall in!!

  31. Yes they wouldn’t accept £34-50p and 40 green shield stamps for lukaku ! They said they were taking the piiss asking for £40-00 ? When you talk millions that’s the comparison 😂😂
    You pay more for something at Harrods than you do lidl , something to do with quality maybe? A store on the next level lol.
    Let’s see who they bring in , if they don’t it could be a catastrophe ! 1st sept not long if no other targets were on the list as they implied ! That just leaves panic buys 😁

  32. Hahaha I love it when the moaners come on moaning about the moaners who express their point of view and call them half wits and perennial moaners, 😂😂😂 !!! Wright or wrong its got naff all to do with you or anyone else , if you don’t like it then don’t read it , move on and nag the old woman or the kids playing football outside you’re house , you put you’re self in the same bracket lol😂

  33. Ha ha and the funnest thng is that you all hate to be told youre a bunch of old women who will moan at the drop of the hat.Look how many fans actually use our sites compared to the fan base.About 0.01% i expect.The reason because they know they are full of you drama queens.Most of you are probably all over 50s whingers anyway.
    But eh you carry on sounding like ****s.

  34. Its easy to sit back & criticize but to actually see worth and the glass half full takes intellect!
    All i’m trying to say is look for the positives in all of this. Choose to say something constructive rather than destructive and you might actually get a better response from fans.

    • Just a young mug ###t then , gangster hahahaha Carefull with them Haribos nobby .

    • Total bollox doc , calling people half wits isn’t constructive conversation is it ! Then try to make you’re self sound intelligent is particularly amusing ! Empty glass comes to mind with you’re comments , brain dead in fact ,now go kick the cat for looking foolish 😂😂😂

  35. Lol reminds of the Iheanacho deal when we pulled the plug.Sites go in to meltdown for a day then a week later we sign Little Pea & all the ranting turns to pleasure 😂😂
    I was half expecting the sun hadnt risen or the sky had turned pink overnight after this earth shattering news.But no life is still the same.My kid had a full nappie & the Poison Dart Frog was still moaning at me 😁

  36. Before the current saga I knew nothing of this player and don’t really have a feel for what his market worth should be .Our club takes a lot of criticism on these forums for selling too cheaply ,(Payet and others), and paying too much ,(Fonte and Snodgrass), so it really can’t win .If the owners feel that the release fee is too high they are entitled to offer less, but respectably close as you might do for a house, as stated selling fees are a starting point in most types of sale.

  37. In fairness i read but dont comment too much but the regular chaps on here are generally a good natured lot who dont have kittens over everything.There are other websites where the hysteria is always far worse.

  38. I see Ex is saying the deal isn’t dead yet, glad to see he agrees with the comment I made yesterday😳.

  39. Just read his article about 10 mins ago.It cracked me up when he said ‘ in the meantime try too stay calm’.Too late for them most cuckoos have already flown over the nest 😂
    Very supline i would say 😁

  40. Not surprised the deal is dead we all know SL are hard to deal with but the reason its dead is because we only offered just over half of the buy out and the rest in installments over a number of years ..who can blame em …our penny pinching has cost us again.. In my opium …

  41. For those that commented they know nothing about him or paying over the top, this guy is no snodgrass, Zaza or Fonte he does all the unselfish jobs well no one talks about defensive midfielders he is genuine world class another hiding today we should be straight on the plane to Lisbon and opening the cheque book can’t concede over three goals average per game, hope Bilic has his tin hat because he is going to be feeling the heat from the media after this one !

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