Carvalho? Moyes may have a different plan

Moyes5David Moyes is tonight being reported as being only interested in players with Premier League experience as he heads towards the January transfer window.

Despite the Hammers announcing that their issues with Sporting Lisbon have been sorted out the BBC reports that Moyes is probably unlikely to go in that direction.

West Ham have spent only three of the past 25 seasons outside the top flight but are 19th in the table on 10 points.

Moyes, has been assured he will have money to spend in the transfer window and while another move for Carvalho is not being ruled out, it is understood Moyes feels knowledge of English football is key if signings are to have an immediate impact.

The obvious conclusion from the Hammers statement on the Sporting situation was that the club were ready to go back in for Carvalho but it seems Moyes may have other plans surrounding the Premier League.

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20 comments on “Carvalho? Moyes may have a different plan

  1. ? Don’t get that one ! Experienced young quality player in the top mold bracket , captain of his club. First on Portugal’s team list , and what makes players like Silva , sane , debryne , the Chelsea mob , salha , etc, etc, no premiership experience their ? Don’t hold water for me !
    Who else will fill the m/f role we need who is of the same quality or available !
    This ain’t a sully post is it 😉

    • If the muppets and Moyes don’t pick up Carvalho they are consigning us to the championship imho.He is quality and that is what is lacking in our side.Is Moyes thinking of picking up players from English football who are past their use by date?The answer to our situation is right under our noses.Give the kids a go or will it be more of the same Noble & Carroll??

    • I’m not sure WC is the answer one reasom being his price tag
      But the whole PL experience thing hasn’t been working for us & the last thimg we need is aging PL players on long contracts.
      Antonio Lanzini Sahko (like or not good CF) Obaing Cresswell Kouyate last 2 not in best form but when they came. None were from PL.
      PL players just cost more still a risk. Just need to lick the right players that can fit in the PL & how we play.
      Watford great recruitment besides Gray not PL players.
      I don’t buy into PL experience it can help & w can get some at decent aged & shrewd deals go for it.
      But didn’t work last Jan right away Fonte started coming good this season & well Snodgrass was bought for LW but RW.
      Moyes said earlier that he would look towards future here so needs rk w recruitment as well. Tho their 6mo deal won’t help recruitment should just gave him 2 years & pay out if doesn’t work ffs

  2. It must be money orientated ? Just doesn’t make sense ?😕

    • Of course it’s about the money fella!
      It’s about ripping everything they can out of the club (I still don’t understand the re-mortgaging of Rush Green) whilst investing as little as possible (as mentioned by yourself earlier).
      As I said earlier, parasites!!

  3. So we are turning our noses up st one of the best defensive modfielders in Europe and. following same flawed transfer policy that saw us swap payet for Snodgrass and Fonte

    Will these clowns ever learn?

  4. I’m actually getting to the stage where I want to go down just to see the look on their faces as a few hundred million disappears

    • And this is not as much as a throw away comment as you may think

      We are clearly never going to achieve anything with them in charge so anything that speeds their departure I’m all for

  5. …with that statement,they are definately NOT LEARNING!

  6. No one has made a statement, the headline is…Moyes MAY have a different plan.
    This article is only trying to guess what the plans are.

    • Maybe basil can put that one straight ?
      Ask him where his info came from ?
      But in reality we know there’s bull💩 coming in the Jan window , what with the petty cash tin
      With all the IOU,s on top of the obsolete pound coins 😂

  7. Is this not the same statement that the club made for the last two windows? Look where we are now

  8. Me thinks this is an attempt to manage our expectations! We can’t afford him, he won’t join us unless we pay a kings ransom and give him a get out of jail free card at the end of the season so not likely to happen. More dildo loans for bang average OAP’s for Xmas!

  9. Speculative. Also WC is not fast enough for this league.

    • I have wonder that too. If we had City money yes go for it.
      But even his own manager questions his pace he could work well but could not. We need creativity too.
      I’ve wonder Mou has coached him & praised him publicly yet when needed DMs in PL never went for him. Arsenal looked at him a few times then decided against it. Been linked w PL move for a longtime & I know he said this summer he was ready for PL move & seemed to want to come here but no one else was keen & they wanted £35m or so

  10. I am still giving Moyes the benefit of doubt but this worries me. If they are good enough it doesn’t matter where they come from. Seems to me that the ‘second tier’ teams doing best in The PL are the ones bringing in overseas players on the basis of careful scouting, rather than PL ‘reputation’ (This was one of the owners’ mantras after Zaza) Lazarus has listed some examples above. What about Richarlison, Mahrez, Gross – would we have turned them all down. Payet did not exactly struggle to cope with the footballing side. Sakho, Kouyate…Have we got a manager who is as far behind the times as the owners?

    • +1 I really wanted Henry Onyekuru over summer Everton got him sent him back on loan to bigger club pulling up trees. £7m yes worried about work permit but now he is linked all over & worth £20m.
      Watford got Richarlison a Permit very fast their & Hughes great buy too.
      Gross we missed out we needed creativity he was top creator in Bundesliga but his club went down. £3m he cost & has been involved in 10 plus goals more assists then goals can play CM or #10.
      Our best players right now didn’t have PL experience & buying PL experience hasn’t worked out to well.
      Just buy smart & £30m goes a lot further outside the PL.

  11. Just seen us being linked with Steven N’Zonzi he would also be a good buy, the report says he would be better than Carvalho but imho sign them both they would work well together N’Zonzi is more in the mould of Kouyate anyway and not a pure DM like Carvalho.

  12. N’Zonzi in the Chek mould and Carvalho too slow hey. Ffs we’ve been there, done that, and where has it got us? And those who genuinely believe either will leave their current clubs, playing CL, and join us in our position, I know a great shrink you can see. I’ve been going to see him since we left the Boleyn and he has me convinced the last two years are just nightmare and I will awaken any day!!

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