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Kompany enters Moyes race

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Vincent Kompany could be a possible candidate for the West Ham job, according to insider @ExWHUEmployee.

The Burnley manager appears to be on the cusp of pulling off something of a Houdini act, with recent form propelling the club to within three points of 17th-placed Nottingham Forest in the Premier League.

Whilst I have my reservations about whether Hammers owner David Sullivan would sanction a move for the former Manchester City captain, I quite like the idea.

Kompany enters the race to replace Moyes

Kompany is the kind of forward-thinking manager who would be the perfect antidote to David Moyes’ pragmatic style of football. Despite spending most of the season rooted in the EPL relegation zone, the Belgian coach has stuck to his principles and never wavered from his preferred style of football.

Moreover, I have been impressed by Burnley’s performances against West Ham when we have played them this season. While Kompany may not have the managerial pedigree of current favourite Julen Lopetegui, he has vast knowledge of the English game and carries himself impressively.

I’m quite sure there’s little to no chance of West Ham taking a risk on a relative newbie. However, he would certainly be someone who could change the culture of the club.

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  • Harvey Fox says:

    Please god no. They have won 5 games this season. I’d rather keep Moyes at this rate

    • Sam says:

      Doubt Moyes would do better with that squad. Kompany > Moyes all day!

      • Harvey Fox says:

        You sum up the delusion of West Ham fans currently You want a man who has won 5 prem games in his career to replace someone who finished 6th, 7th and got into Europe three years ina row and won a trophy. Embarrasing

        • Sam says:

          My point still stands. It’s easy to make any point when you remove context. The fact that that squad isn’t already relegated speaks to the quality of Kompany. All you’re doing is drawing on sentiment to back your guy, nothing about what the future might look like under Moyes. Embarrassing.

    • Robin frost says:

      Played brilliant football to get promoted and has continued to try and do the same this season..championship players is the reason why he’s only won 5 games this season , he would be brilliant at west ham with the attacking talent we have

    • Trevor says:

      What’s five wins with a second rate, Championship quality squad got to do with Kompany’s ability to coach a squad that contains the likes of Bowen, Kudus, Paqueta, Ward-Prowse, Antonio, Emerson, Soucek, Alvarez, Aguerd, Coufal and Areola?? All of whom, would walk into a Burnley side.

  • Expathammer says:

    “the Belgian coach has stuck to his principles and never wavered from his preferred style of football”

    Same with David Moyes, no?

    • Robin Frost says:

      Yes , but Moyes principles are anti-football ..Try to strangle the life out of the oppositions attacking intent and snatch a goal if possible ..If every premier league team played this way the grounds would be half empty

  • Peter says:

    I’d take him. No Mourinho, no Lopetegui NO NEGATIVE DINOSAURS Sully!! Butt out and leave it to Tim. You should have NO say. You don’t buy a dog and bark yourself.

  • Jon says:

    If they got rid of moyes and brought in kompany don’t be surprised if we got relegated

  • Trevor says:

    The only thing Kompany has lacked this season, is a quality squad to work with. Whilst not every great player makes a top class manager, you could see with Kompany during his long distinguished playing career with Man City that he had what it takes to be an excellent coach.
    If he landed the West Ham job, I’d be delighted to support whatever he did.

  • Ian pollock says:

    Moyes has served the club well he has moved the team from relegation candidates to 3 years in Europe and won a trophy. Giving him another 3 years would be the smart thing to do. However he may not want to stay considering the the terrace protestations from a section of the fan base who will turn on his replacement quickly if relegation threatens irrespective of the playing style.

  • Keeble Kelly says:

    Kompany captained at city b4 he retired if he is competing at the highest level means something. If Kompany had the present city squad now he would win a trophy. The EPL is tough. Is not easy as a coach if you dont have the right players. I see Kompany going far as a coach.

  • Tony says:

    I agree Gonzo. Xabi Alonso was not tried an untested when Leverkusen gave him a chance and Kompany who had a similar level of success as a player and captain for man city, has at least now got premier league experience and would definitely push WHU in a new direction. I would take Kompany over the other names who have been mentioned for sure.

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