C&H Exclusive: Moyes DID turn down players in January


Moyes rejected January transfers

West Ham manager David Moyes’s decision to navigate a Premier League and European campaign with a small and aging squad has backfired spectacularly.

During the build-up to yesterdays Crystal Palace defeat, the Hammers manager told reporters, “I prefer working with a small squad.” However, it has become abundantly clear that his team are incapable of sustaining effort for 90 minutes due to the huge workload demanded of them.

Incredible Steidten-Steidten shortlist-David Moyes rejected all players suggested in January

Moyes rejected January transfers suggested by Steidten

Therefore, Claret & Hugh sought some clarification on the manager’s decision to work with a small group, and whether the rumours that Moyes rejected the chance to have a bigger squad were true. Speaking exclusively to C&H, our top source at the club said, “He only wanted Phillips. We couldn’t force players on him that he didn’t want.”

And that pretty much sums it up. It would appear that Moyes will be damned by his own judgment call—a decision which has proven to be spectacularly the wrong one.

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  • Anonymous says:

    This divisive website doing the board’s bidding

  • Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the “divisive” comment. Apparently this site is meant to be for West Han fans – I’m sorry that’s wrong, it’s for “true” West Ham fans! So not normal West Ham fans then? However, in reality it actually appears to be a West Ham bashing and gossip website. You state, and I quote “we get the odd thing wrong but more often than not the news we bring will be on the money.” That is definitely not news! That’s called gossip and speculation. Reporting news is about being factual and accurate. This type of reporting if u can call it that, is more like the Sunday Sport – but then I suppose your website traffic and click bait income would take a hit if you actually reported the facts instead of the gossip and criticism you tend to post in every other article. Just imagine if all the effort you people put in to criticising the Hammers went into supporting them, we would be one of the best supported teams in the world!

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    You can’t please some people the facts speak for themselve moyes has got to go the playing tactics just do not work and that is as plain as the nose on your face I can’t see any genuine West Ham supporters accepting that the way we played against Crystal Palace is good enough for the premier league yes he has done a good job until January this year but can anyone say that the way we have played since then is ok I believe Moyes knows the writing is on the wall for him and I believe that is why things have got so bad it’s no wonder that so many players want out and who can blame them if moyes leaves or gets sacked then maybe we could keep some of them it’s up to the owners to pull the plug and put a stop to shambles now

  • Ricky jones says:

    We already are one of the best supported clubs in the uk and across Europe at the end of the day West Ham Utd are massive every where you go

  • Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately gonzo is the fall guy for this decisive ploy. Good natured but payed to write and speak the same swill every week

  • Anonymous says:

    This was so obvious In January , what’s the point in talking about it now ….we desperately needed strengthening but not only did he not buy anyone..he actually made us weaker by selling Benni and fornals…THAT IS UTTERLY RIDICULOUS..this is all moyes fault..100%…the blokes a 🤡 when it comes to transfers….just plse end this nightmare

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