Charlton Trust lodge Irons OS complaint


olympic-stadium-and-west-ham-badge-pic-pa-391417952Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust (CAST)  has filed multiple complaints with the European Commission on illegal state aid which it claims West Ham United has received as a result of its future tenancy of the Olympic Stadium.

CAST argued that West Ham could never afford to build a new stadium like the Olympic with their own resources (and they used Arsenal as a precedent, both to show how a club had done it on its own, and to show the cost of such a stadium).

They argued that West Ham are getting “a leg up” against all other Premier League clubs, but the biggest effect would be on those who fell into their enhanced catchment area namely Orient, Charlton and Millwall.  They asked the EC to show specifically how West Ham’s case might differ from those of the Dutch clubs already investigated for breaching illegal state aid rules.

The EC claim it doesn’t constitute unfair state aid because the money lavished on the Olympic Stadium refit does not flow directly to West Ham. The LLDC argue (and the EC seem to accept) that the Dutch cases were different because the clubs already occupied the stadia which were improved

CAST have also submitted a number of requests using Freedom of Information rights, to get a copy of the rental contract between the LLDC and West Ham United. The Trust claim LLDC wriggled and squirmed in their attempts to avoid sending it. Eventually, they sent “it” but with every word and number of any use blacked out, on the grounds of “commercial confidentiality”.

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  • Sarith says:

    but we are renting it so its not ours in legal terms

  • Green man says:


  • chickenrunner says:

    What a bunch of w*nkers.Guess watching their team is so abysmal they have to find something else to do during the 90mins & after.They have the right name CAST,they just all need to a good shoeing & they could rename themselves PLASTERCAST!

  • bubs says:

    First Brentwood and now this lot of losers why are people so jealous of others good fortune,
    Was it loosing Poyet to us, ( we only brought him in to rest him )

  • lezred says:

    Seem to remember us taking this load of sh*theads in when they didn’t have a ground !!!!!

  • chickenrunner says:

    Correct Lezred,we let the b*stards use our ground in the early ,90s for a season & bit when they were homeless,now they pull this stunt.They should remember we gave them a home when they had nowhere to play.Not pull a stunt like this,bunch of ars*holes!!

  • Rads Can Take No More Samasaurus.com says:

    Yeah i remember it well when they were sharing The Boleyn.They clearly have no memory of their history during their nomad period otherwise they would have remembered who gave them a home.What a bunch of mugs.I hope next time if they ever get into financial hard times they are left to rot,it will serve them right.

  • HamburgHammer says:

    Another club to add to our list of foes then, let’s see: Spurs obviously, Millwall, Sheffield United, Leyton Orient, Charlton Athletic. To a lesser degree Wigan and Fulham.

  • lezred says:

    How about we offer BFS & Nolan as compensation ?..

  • StingRay Stewart says:

    Lol,if that was the compensation they would soon drop any legal action or continue with their witch hunt 😉

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