Competition: Win a signed Hammers away shirt

payetawayWest Ham United’s new sky blue and claret Umbro away kit went on sale on Wednesday morning and to celebrate, we’ve got a signed shirt to give away.
Alongside the Boleyn Kit 2015/16, the new kits – the first under the Hammers’ new partnership with Umbro – offer a fitting tribute to the final season at our historic home, with both rooted firmly in Hammers history.
The away kit, with its sky body and claret band across the chest, echoes the very first claret and blue shirts to be worn by the Hammers between 1901-03 and the design has won many admirers since its launch a couple of weeks ago.
The team have already worn it on three occasions, including In Tuesday night’s 1-0 victory at Norwich City. Now fans can get their hands on it too and in a special Claret and Hugh competition we’ve got one of the new away shirts signed by the team up for grabs.
To give yourself a chance of winning, simply answer the question below
How many times did West Ham beat Tottenham in the 2013/2014 season? 
Submit your entries by Saturday 1st August 11.59pm to be in with a chance of winning.
Competition open to Hammers fans worldwide of all ages.
The new Umbro away kit is available to purchase from Official West Ham United Stores now – head to www.officialwesthamstore.com to get yours.

17 comments on “Competition: Win a signed Hammers away shirt

  1. Its mine,i have won it already,lol

  2. I never win anything,lol,you can bet all those *******s on whtid who have spent all morning ripping Hugh & this site to crap will enter.Then they can go back to being princesses on their thrones slamming the place.Wow they have a high opinion of themselves as fans.Bet their **** dont stink!!

  3. Put your last quid on it mate!! Idiots.Hugh writes a nice article about their poxy site the other day & all they do is steamroller this place.No wonder their called wetpants,bunch of screaming opinionated tarts.Hope Bellend wins the shirt though,that would make me laugh.He is funny actually,doesnt think he is some sort of managerial genius like most of the others 😉

  4. I took a leaf out of Rads book.Just dont go there.We all know a few of them think they know more than Ferguson,Clough & Mourinho put together.Only highlight is bellend & Sam having banter.All the rest is just pant wetting or experts formations.My mates who support the irons dont go near the place because the experts talk so much rubbish.They are just frustrated managers,lol

  5. Bit silly all this inter site slagging. I enjoy both sites, you get ****s on either site, at the end of the day we all want the same thing which is a successful West Ham.

    • cool how the naughty words get edited here though.

      • Ahh,its only a bit of teasing in the main Billy.Just sometimes it goes ott.Banjo & a few others get it.But when it goes past that to slagging the editor & article writers it has gone to far like on there this morning.Pretty sure you lot wouldnt be too kind with your choice of words if we started ripping Iain to pieces 😉

    • And i am sure you have said the same there as well have you Billy after all their bs this morning abouth Hugh & this place,lol,thought not.Whats wrong,too scared of getting your arse spanked by Iron Liddy 😀

      • Si I don’t religiously read every post so I missed this mornings little episode. I’d love a spanking off Liddy to be honest.

  6. Really like this away kit,spot on!!

  7. Same as Chicken and Rads don’t go on there now no need they come here at times for sport that’s bad enough,
    Iron Liddy is BFS,S bit on the side,she loves him,
    That should do it

  8. He has alot of bits on the side Bubs,i thought Brady was his favourite lady,lol 😉

  9. Trouble is 66 he needs to go on a diet like me to get rid of what’s on his sides and front and back.
    Brady is fickle she has moved on to Slav ( follow the money )

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