Dicksie: “Some of our football was fantastic”

DicksGreat to see and hear Julian Dicks playing such a leading role after games as – it appears – the manager’s mouthpiece as well as important coach.

Dicksie was left to deliver the post match quotes after the Charlton game and it was the same again last night following the 1-0 win over Norwich City.

Anybody who believed his appointment was something of a public relations exercise couldn’t be more wrong and it seems to us that his overview of the game is about spot on.

Speaking to West Ham TV  he said: “The lads played well, considering it was a friendly, it was pretty competitive,” Obviously the turning point was when Slaven put the subs on. Some of the football was fantastic.

“The players that have gone on are very good players and they’d change most games. They were sat there watching the game and when they came on they just changed it. The passing and the movement was fantastic, it was great to watch.”

Despite the lack of further goals  Dicks remained unfazed declaring: “It’s about creating chances, when you don’t create chances, that’s when you have a problem. So as long as we keep creating them, hopefully we’ll start putting them away. ”

Julian’s feet – it seems – are well and truly under the table!



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19 comments on “Dicksie: “Some of our football was fantastic”

  1. The good thing about Slav and Dicksie is as whole hearted players you respect what they have to say,
    Also Dicksie is down to earth and not up his own backside,
    If he says it was brilliant than it must have been good with the skilful players he played with
    Great after match comments let’s keep it honest for the whole season

  2. Nice to hear some logic and honest appraisals for a change. I still think we have some surprises upcoming from the two Daves re transfers as I think we have more money than we think and they will surprise us all in the market. It is just a matter of getting the right players and not the dross we have been served up with in the past. It’s just a feeling but I can live in hope.

  3. I agree with you bubs & 646566 (great name btw)

    Its a breath of fresh air after so much BS over the last 4 years. Im actually looking forward to hearing whats got to be said after the matches instead of burying my head in my hands or screaming with frustration

  4. Watched youtube of Moussa Sow, looks like a top striker & if you take a look at his scoring record…. 51 in 102 games in Turkey. Don’t care about resale value & would be a fantastic signing. One other thing, loving the away kit…

  5. The only video highlights I’ve found are focussed on Norwich, so haven’t yet seen any of this amazing football, but would love to. I was so overwhelmed by the “this is great stuff – really great” comments on one commentary (WHUTV I think) last night that I had to read it out to my mates! Long may it continue. Good times ahead! COYI.

  6. Last half hour was some lovely stuff on the floor.First half was boring.

  7. I was heartened by last night’s performance against Norwich. A sneaky own goal 1-0 win, but a good display. It was especially good as I got home within half an hour!

    The first half was pretty even, but once the subs started (Norwich brought on their bigger guns – Redmond, etc,) Slav changed 9 players on 60 minutes (no messing with Thursday looming), after which it was just one-way traffic. My only gripe was that with just shirt numbers, for some players I couldn’t tell who was who, so apologies if I’ve praised the wrong guy (or one who didn’t play!)

    Quick highlights are that Payet looks the real deal, arrogant and quick and has already got an understanding with Jenkinson. Overlap, sprint, cross, etc.

    Ogbonna’s solid, but the real surprise at the back for me was Doneil Henry, who looked immense. A bodybuilder’s physique and a ‘you shall not pass’ mindset. A bit ungainly, but very effective and, I imagine, pretty frightening to play against.

    Sakho’s back on sharp form, lightning quick and persistent but we still couldn’t find that killer touch to stick the ball in the net; I thought that Mauro Zarate was a revelation, twisting and turning defenders in and out. He still needs a better release, but he didn’t look like a player who couldn’t get into the relegated QPR side last season. Noble has obviously been told that passes have to now go forwards and didn’t slow play down as much as he has been lately. We consistently switched the ball from flank to flank quickly and accurately. Kouyate was on for half an hour and burst through the middle four or five times; it looks like Mr Bilic will have him playing very effectively twenty yards further up the pitch.

    I can’t see us playing Nolan again in the big time; he looked like a shadow compared to the new boys, although he did much more than we’ve become used to. Oxford and Cullen looked on the money – Cullen on from the start and Oxford a sub. Tomkins was solid enough as the only 90 minute outfield player (but then he’s got nothing to do on Thursday, has he?)

    Overall, the technique was good – no cricked necks a la Sam – and lovely to watch after four years of hoofball, so bring on Vauxhall Astra of Romania!

  8. I’m hoping that Adrián gets bored in a lot of games by having nothing to do, that the rest of the team are keeping the ball moving forward. 😀

  9. Wonder if the Norwich forums had the highlights of west ham.Maybe we can do a swap,lol.Dicksy wont blow it out of his arse.Never has,never will.What you see is what you get,i love it personally 😉

  10. Lol,whats wrong Sam,finally been booted off the other site? 😀

  11. Hahaha,nah,not yet.Banjo just wanted me to come here so i got my head ripped off 😀

  12. I would have kept them as well.Shocking decision to get rid of them 😀

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