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Confirmed: Carroll and Randolph out on the town

With widespread  stories circulating on social media that two West Ham footballers were out on the town today at a time when the manager is under intense pressure, ClaretandHugh has been conducting it’s own inquries in a bid to discover the true facts.

Had the story not appeared already on national newspaper websites we would have had to think  carefully about our approach to this story but since it has been taken out of our hands here’s what we discovered.

Having learned the names of two places that Andy Carroll and Darren Randolph allegedly visited on their journey we have to report the stories appear to have  substance.

We rang The Market Porter pub in Borough Market and spoke to a senior member of staff who told us the pair had arrived at between the early opening hours of 6 am and 9 am this morning (Tues)

A West Ham United spokesman told ClaretandHugh: The club will be looking into these allegations and will deal with the players as we see fit”

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

15 comments on “Confirmed: Carroll and Randolph out on the town

  1. We’re starting to look more and more like the doomed Villa last season. Can’t help but worry that Slav has completely lost the changing room and the players are starting to revolt… I really hope this isn’t the case.

    • Players go on the sauce all the time.I have seen a few of our lads & one that moved on in the summer juicing it up round my way under BSB as well.It doesnt mean the manager has lost the dressing room.They are grown men,he cant monitor their action 24/7.If they were on it then they deserve to be reprimanded but there is two different stories from two parties already.It is hardly conclusive evidence to hang them out to dry with

  2. Wish i had been with them,it sounds like a good night or morning out hehe
    Just another of those stories you can take or leave depending on your drama queen levels isnt it.

  3. And theres me thinking AC treated his body like a temple lol.Maybe they should have gone home at 5 am like other footballers & they wouldnt have been caught out.They need some lessons in going on the p*ss & getting away with it.If they even were p*ssed of course 🙂

    • I’m just surprised that the China doll had the ability of walking for more than 25 mins without getting a calf or groin injury! Maybe we’ve missed a trick should just get him tanked up and say there’s a pizza at the end of a match and those injuries might just disappear:)

      • Im starting to love all the Bilic has lost the dressing comments chaps.Go on to that site you call Wetpants.Some bloke on there have a right cry up at the others about they should care about West Ham not the ex manager.He sounds a real mental case.

        • Agree, I don’t see that Bilic has lost the dressing room at all. It feels like we’ve lost the plot in learning to defend as a unit and we’re trying to play in a far too open way. Almost trying too hard to play too much football. I think we need a few away games where we can play on the break and be in a more defensive mindset. We weren’t sh&t against citeh and chelski and I think we will sort it out. COYI!

  4. How stupid are these guys – the Clubs in crisis and they go out and get wasted in Central London – you couldn’t make it up!

    It’s a further sign of how Bilic seems to have lost control of the Players!

  5. Michael as Tone said he aint their bloody baby sitter.They have to take control of their lives.Anyway since when has a footballer going on the booze mean a manager has lost the dressing room.Just another stick to beat Bilic with it seems.

  6. Just wanna say: We did this cos it was all over social media and the nationals. It gives us absolutely no pleasure to report this crap but we are a site that reports news good and bad and we took the time not to repeat rumours but speak to the people in places they went to. Hope you guys understand! Cheers H

    • Yeah we get that Hugh.Christ you dont have to apoligise for articles you right.People either read it or dont,you dont force any of us to.
      Just because a couple of fools took a swipe lastnight doesnt mean we all think the same.Anyway Allardyce getting sacked has cheered me up no end hehe

      • Trouble is Eddie after years as a neutral reporter there are fans who are so one eyed all they want to hear is hear they are all Mr Wonderfuls. I’m probably still trying to get my head around fans’ responses. I wasn’t apologising but I am a little defensive after last night and have had to give three or four the bum’s rush cos varying opinions on football is one thing – personal trolling is quite another 🙂

  7. Allardyce – I always knew always and that’s why I was so bitter and twisted he was at my club. ********

    • I think many knew Hugh.He needed to be exposed though to show him up to be who many of us suspected he was.He was carrying too much iffy baggage for my liking.

  8. Footballers,Footballers what a stupid race of people. None of em give the slightest toss about the club,it’s fans or the predicament we find ourselves in. Overpaid spoiled brats as proved by the nation’s performance at the euros. I given up caring and quite frankly am resigned that this squad of layabouts will lead this once proud East End club into the abyss along with the lego stadium and that cursed carpeted athletics track..

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