David Gold teenage row rumbles on


Gold3West Ham’s Joint-Chairman David Gold row on social media over West Ham’s use of youngsters has continued on Sunday.

Gold told one supporter who refused to let the subject drop  “It’s hard for a teenager to break into the first team and it becomes even harder as the first team gets better but they are, not teenagers forever. dg”

Replying to another fan upset at the lack of opportunities youth players Gold added: “Nothing would give me greater pleasure than seeing a teenager from the academy holding down a regular place in the first team. dg”

One Irons fan messaged Gold to state: “Our main objective should be picking the best players for our match day squad, wether they are 17 or 37, if the talent is there, use it”

Gold agreed, saying: “Agreed. I am confident that had Slaven have had a better teenage left back than either Cresswell or Masuaku he would play him. etc. etc. dg”

One fan called Ryan defended the Chairman saying to another fan “Struggling to see your point, David Gold said it’s hard for teenagers to hold down regular first-team spot and stats prove he’s right…”

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  • Robbie says:

    The fans who keep banging the same drum about playing the teenagers have probably never even seen most of them play more than once or twice but now think they know they are ready for the prem.

  • lemmiwinkz says:

    I’m trying to figure out what the point of this article is.
    Just seems to pouring petrol on the fire for no reason than just a reaction.
    We were hardly going to be throwing in teenagers here there and every where last season when we were flirting with relegation and besides that he’s hardly wrong is he.
    The fans expect instant success yet want to play unproven players at the same time?
    I hope to see some emerge in the next couple of seasons but lets be realistic football is a business now

  • Stan The Man says:

    Its a load of bullwinkle all this screaming that we should play the youngsters.Mostly by fans who are clueless i think.Im not even sure that most of the time these fellas have even seen these kids play that they want to promote to the first team lol

  • sleepswithdafishes says:

    I can be accused of always defending David Gold, but this gettin stupid. He can’t even state the obvious now, without getting morons attacking him.
    I can’t think of one teenager, who is perhaps ready for the the first team. Quina could be ready soon, but like all the others needs to prove it first. Most of tyhe people complaining would say that Oxford should be playing. The same Oxford who got embarassingly lost by both Lukaku and even za za, and then went on to let in 7 goals for Reading in 1 of his only 2 starts. Granted there were others in the team that day, but he has obviously got a lot of work to do.
    Good enough is old enough, but young enough is not necessarily good enough.

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