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Davids in personal letter plea to ST holders



West Ham season ticket holders will receive a personal letter from the two Davids over the next few days pleading for unity over the standing issue at the London Stadium.

Sadly, the dilemma has dominated the headlines over the last couple of weeks as the club attempt to get the stadium up to its full capacity but Newham Council are refusing to issue a licence until those who refuse to sit do so.

Joint chairmen David Sullivan and David Gold are now making a personal plea on behalf of the whole ‘West Ham family’ for unity and an asking the fans for an appreciation of everybody’s position.

The club has already issued a statement on the official website when the matter first arose and the Davids are now pleading for common sense and integrity to prevail.

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ClaretandHugh has not seen the full contents of the letter but is aware that the co chairman are desperately keen for the issue to be settled asap.

They want the fans to understand each other’s position and come together for the good of all at the club to get the matter settled once and for all. The first letters should be landing tomorrow morning (Fri).

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3 comments on “Davids in personal letter plea to ST holders

  1. Hopefully will strike a chord with a few, I got a ticket in ballot for the Watford game looks like it’s in BML so will be curious to see how it goes.

    • To be fair buddy bml stand is a standing area just like it was at up if you would like to sit you may have a few problems there

  2. The standing issue just cannot be a quick fix; too many levers pulling in different directions. It needs a change in Gov legislation for a start.
    The Daves are stuck between a rock and a hard place now – and personally, I support them.
    Sure, maybe the problem could have been sorted at the reservation centre interviews with nod nod wink wink standing areas, but maybe the proven biased and unfriendly media could have had a field day…More nasty Panorama specials etc!
    Unfortunately I think Karren Brady underestimated the depth of feeling and desire for fans to stand, so there was no concept of catering for them from the off.
    Well, we are where we are, and the only thing that matters now is where do we go from here?
    The club cannot allow people to block the view of others by standing (even if it wanted to). It also maybe cannot be seen to creating unofficial standing areas. So if fans just will not sit down, the club will have no other option than start rescinding season tickets… there is an army of hungry fans ready to gobble them up.
    But that would be truly tragic; it would take the soul out of the club.
    I just can’t see a quick way out, unless the standers can be persuaded to sit and patiently await standing…but with the stadium owners being against it, it could be years!
    I’ve mentioned loads of times now the seat swapping scheme (brought to our attn by C+H – http://www.claretandhugh.info/ticket-exchange-and-transfer-schemes-launched/ ), but few seem REALLY interested…it’s like people don’t want a solution. They can’t even be bothered to sign a petition; I mean it’s not exactly had labour in a Russian gulag is it?
    With all the stuff to be so happy about, the standing issue is like a nasty poison, and I am v sad about this. I don’t believe blaming the Daves now as a reason to be uncooperative is valid option. I don’t like the criticism of them anyway; it is so ungrateful and ignores the monumental contribution they have made.
    I prey to God the standers will see the need to sit, and do so. If they do, it is important that the club then reciprocates by doing all in it’s power then to bring in standing areas.
    If not, it will get far uglier than it already is….I hope I am wrong….I want to be wrong! Going forward, rather than looking backwards, can any of you see any other way?

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