Declan Rice transfer fee capped

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West Ham will NOT earn a bonus from the Declan Rice deal from Arsenal if the North London club win the Premier League this season.

Arsenal may need to rely on West Ham as king makers to get a draw or win against Manchester City on the last game of the season to have a chance of winning the Premier League.

The Hammers received £100m from the North London club in three instalments with £5m of potential add-ons.

Those Rice add-ons are restricted to qualification for Champions League only with a £1m bonus for each of the next five years Arsenal qualify where Rice makes an appearance in 60% of the games. The first £1m will be due at the end of this this season along with the second transfer instalment of £30m in July.

West Ham are thought to have received £40m up front on 15th July 2023 with £30m due on 15th July 2024 and the final payment of £30m due on 15th July 2025.

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