West Ham Reshuffle Continues

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West Ham United’s overhaul is gaining momentum as recruitment chief Rob Newman is poised to leave the club in the coming weeks, according to reports.

Newman’s departure follows the recent dismissal of manager David Moyes, marking another significant change within the West Ham leadership. This restructuring paves the way for a new era under incoming manager Julen Lopetegui.

Newman joined West Ham in 2021, working closely with Moyes on transfers. However, the arrival of Tim Steidten as technical director last summer is believed to have diminished Newman’s influence in transfer decisions. Steidten’s role is expected to become more prominent under the new management.

Despite reported tensions between Moyes and Steidten, recent signings like Mohammed Kudus, Edson Alvarez, James Ward-Prowse, Lucas Paqueta, and Nayef Aguerd have proven to be valuable additions to the squad.

Newman’s exit signifies a clear shift in West Ham’s transfer strategy. With Julen Lopetegui set to take the helm, Tim Steidten’s role in shaping the squad is expected to be amplified. This move suggests the club is placing greater trust in Steidten’s vision for the future.

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  • keith astley says:

    Didn’t know Moyes has been dismissed. I thought that his contract ran out .

  • Ceeelive says:

    Since when was Moyes dismissed – if your going to report things it would pay to be accurate, that way you’ll maybe gain respect.

  • Bennyboy baker says:

    How has he been dismissed the club said that he would be leaving at the end of the season nobody mentioned that he was being sacked I believe he is still the manager till the end of the Man City game

  • Monkey moyes says:

    He has been dismissed you mugs … he wanted to sign new contract and was told no thank you, just coz he ain’t left yet doesn’t mean he wasn’t terminated contract not renewed coz he is crap

    • Mick says:

      Spot on mate ⚒

    • Gary Tuff says:

      Best years west ham have had
      Yes it’s time for a new look at things but he will go down in hammers history for wot he has done. I’m from pond road, west ham. And at 57, these are the best years we have had since Alan Taylor played at Upton Park. So give him the respect he deserves.

      • Des says:

        I couldn’t agree more. I’m 56 and Moyes’s tenure has easily been the most successful, sustainable and consistent in all of my 50 years as a supporter. I think it is time to move on but we should never forget or underplay his achievements. From yoyo club to serial European qualification and a trophy.

        • Trevsheadwonthecup says:

          Yoyo club that absolute myth that won’t go away. Chelsea have been relegated as many times as WHUFC . Man city have been relegated more times as well . No wonder Sullivan gets away with murder. Is there a fanbase anywhere in football that have so many actively belittling there own club.

          • Pete Davis says:

            I have been a supporter for over 54yrs and yes it’s time for Moyses to go but let’s thank him for what he had achieved during his stay with us I wish him all the best for the future C.O.Y.I

          • AgedFan says:

            Have you logged on to any other websites? Try Everton related sites as an example. I think their supporters complain at least as much if not more.

      • Martin61 says:

        Spot on Gary. I’m in my 60s now and totally realise how difficult it is for West Ham to win a trophy. We now have in modern times AND are seen as a top 10 club. Moysie should always have our respect and thanks for what he has done COYI⚒️

    • Monkey moyes is an idiot says:

      Ha ha ha

    • John says:

      Your a bight one, not

  • LW says:

    Moyes was a good coach. It must have been hard getting players to respond to you when everyone knew he was not going to get a new contract.

  • Phil Baker says:

    Moyes got to spend and partially waste several hundred million on new players giving Westham by far the most expensive squad in the Conference league last year . Anything other than winning it would have been a failure . No squad rotation , no route for academy players , poor league finishes and blocking Steidten from acquiring players has diminished Westham . Out with all the deadwood .

  • B says:

    Staying on topic (Rob Newman), I had high hopes for him when he came in. His reported experience, contacts and scouting in Europe and knowledge of Citeh’s Academy, would bear fruits for West Ham.
    I’m underwhelmed by the outcome.
    I do not know which transfers Newman has been involved with or responsible, but I’m still waiting…
    It’s possible he identified Man C youngsters Cole Palmer & Harwood-Bellis, but then West Ham were unable to sign them. Which may suggest there’s another issue ??

    Anyway Thanks Rob Newman, not sure for what, but nice knowing ya

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