DG: “Come on everybody – get positive”

GoldnobesDavid Gold injected some optimistic realism into this afternoon’s clash against Leicester City declaring: “We aren’t heading for Manchester City or Chelsea are we?”

All week we have been getting dour warnings of how tough it will be in the east midlands but the co-chairman declared: “We have Winston back – our back four in place and a strong midfield…we aren’t going to get beaten are we?”

S[peaking exclusively to ClaretandHugh he said: “Of course Leicester are desperate, of course they will be playing for their lives but I really don’t think we should even be thinking about defeat.

“We have a good team – a very good team at our best – and the Sunderland win should have brought a lot of confidence so come on let’s all get positive.

“Maybe a year ago I might have been worried but not this season…the fact that there are a number of contenders for Hammer of the Year tells you a great deal.

“We can’t be in the mood to go up there thinking about their game – just our own. As I say we can’t be thinking about anything other than coming back with points.”


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29 comments on “DG: “Come on everybody – get positive”

  1. Totally agree with DS comments. How we have a negative, defensive minded manager who does not give youth a chance who protects 1-0 leads by making ridiculous substitutions. So basically anything is possible. DS I trust you know what to do if we lose to Leicester. Listen to the fans and your heart this time.

    • Sam won’t be sacked if we lose to Leicester. He is here until the end of the season so deal with it and just support the team

  2. Shame some of his optimism doesnt rub off on Allarsyce before he goes into his friday press conferences.Then maybe he wouldnt be making everyone believe we are Barcelona not Leicester.

    • Haven’t heard Sam try and make anyone believe we are Barcelona or Leicester.

      • Are you intentinally trying to be dense?it is just a term used in football to say a team isnt as good as we would believe & they are no Barcelona.Im sure most people who understand football got the point!

      • If you saw the second part of my comment below you would see what i ment.Were the hell did i say we are like leicester anyway.Do you need reading lessons?

  3. *playing barcelona

  4. I agree – well done to DG for putting a positive spin on it. I said to my best mate that SA always sees what could go wrong and then tells us in a negative way. He must be awful to play for…

    • Awful to play for? Bet you can’t back that up.
      Adrian, Tomkins, Collison and even Geoff Hurst have come out recently in support of Sam so he can’t be that bad to play for.

      • Lol,yeah that would be a great career move to badmouth your manager wouldnt it.What do you expect players in the team to say.Would you go slag your manager from work in the national press.

  5. I agree David, now try telling Sam to do the same, PLEASE

  6. I am positive every week before a game and once in a while I am still happy when the game is over even in defeat,but it is becoming harder every day to become positive when we are fed garbage daily from are manager and then get treated to the same on the pitch,
    Come on SAM pick a team to go out and attack,entertain,and give youth a chance and the result will come,
    Go out and pick a boring defensive team and try and knock 3 point and we will get turned over and if we do resign with some dignity

  7. DG should be sending the message to his manager not the fans.
    Probably 99+% of fans of any team in the top half of the table, who are playing the team adrift at the bottom of the league, would be going into the game with the mindset of putting another few nails very firmly into their coffin.
    Of course that excludes Sam, he is not a fan, not really one of us, has never pretended to be. To him this is another away game where, by definition, we should be prepared to respect the point. He also feels obliged to get the excuses in first, put the usual negative spin on it, after all they will be fighting for survival so we should not expect anything. Well Sam, we do. We expect to go into this sort of game with the single minded purpose of winning. Anything less should be considered a failure unless you are to become relegation fodder yourself.

  8. This story isn’t even about Sam? It doesn’t even mention him once? So why is every one commenting about big Sam in my opinion if None of you support the manager than none of you really support the team do you? C O Y I

    • You fool,of course you can support the team without supporting the manager.There are clubs all over the country with fans who probably dont like the manager but are still fully behind the team on the pitch.You say you cant support the team because you dont like the managet is ridiculous.I would love to know what all these Allardyce fans were like last season round about Jan when we were languishing in the dropzone.Im sure they were all telling everyone we must keep Sam for stability.Of course none would admit to slagging him then now would they.Instead come on here & tell others they dont support the team.Tell my bank manager i dont support the team when he looks at my overdraft thanks to The Irons,lol,you mug.

      • There’s a huge difference between supporting your team and watching them you mug. There’s no way you support the team because everything you post is negative even on a positive post? I’when you lot are still arguing about the manager next year no matter who it is I’ll still be supporting West Ham like I always have done

        • You plank,i just watch them not support them? I have SUPPORTED this team through thick & thin.Been to italy to watch them in the poxy anglo-italian cup in 92-93,the inter-toto egg cup matches away & you tell me i dont know about supporting the team.I was probably supporting this team when you were still in your nappies,if your out of them yet.No i dont like Allardyce,yes i do want him out but dont preach to me about how you support or dont support your team,your just two bob with your comments.

          • Haha I’ll just let you lot get on with the manager debate because at the end of the day who ever we get not all of the “anti sam brigade” will be happy with the new manager so either way no one really wins

  9. Yeah we are going to be so positive that we are lining up with 5 in midfield & Sakho on his own upfront.I give up,Amalifitano,Nene on the bench again.Did Sam not say against Sunderland Sakho lacked support? But again today he is on his own.Ffs,we are safe,playing the bottom team & he wants to pack midfield & leave Sakho up top on his own.This is exactly why people get p*ssed off,unless ofc you are a Sam fan who loves his win at all costs anyway anyhow crap!!!

  10. Its a joke Chicken,i just saw it on bbc website.Any other manager would say,right we are going to the bottom team lets just go for it.But no,Sam plays with one striker,injuries aint anything to do with it,he knows we improved when Sakho had support two weeks ago.He has gone first & foremost to respect the point.The guy is two bob!

  11. My boy has gone up there,he will be doing his nut when he sees Sakho is on his own again,lol

  12. We got turned over BFS,
    So resign with dignity BFS
    but it wasn’t boring thanks to Leicester being as bad as us.

  13. I am absolutely sick of these presumptious fools who come on here,tell people they dont support the team when we just want the best for the club.If they cannot see past Allardyces limitations they have tunnel vision!

  14. Stingray Stewart is bang on.
    Why on earth did he play 5 in midfield and set up defensively when Leicester haven’t scored at home in there last 3 games and a bottom of the table.
    If we had set up to attack and scored early 1st It would have knocked the wind out of Leicester.
    If we are going to play with 5 in the midfield, we have got to play 3 at the back although im not the biggest fan of this. But it will give Cresswell and Jenks another Leece of life until the end of the season because when they play well we get results

  15. The guy is spineless thats why J,he set us up to not get beat.You could see as soon as the team was anounced what he was up to.He would have happily walked away from there today with a point just for his own self preservation.Today was nothing about trying to get the team & fans 3pts by going for it,it was all about him not losing again,but it backfired badly & has made him look like a total mug.

  16. A penny for DG’s thoughts now, after the ineptitude of yesterday. Allardyce has been using the excuse that we have had injuries and have been playing top 6 sides in our poor run. Well the last 2 games have been against awful sides. We scraped through against Sunderland and lost to the bottom side yesterday. Still think he is the right man to take us to the next level DG? I don’t

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