DS: “Our loyal unwavering and passionate support”

sullivan_5535cDavid Sullivan has called on the team to finish the season with a win after “failing tohit the heights we managed over the first half of the campaign” at Newcastle  this weekend.

Speaking to the official site he says: “Our opponents are in a difficult position and will undoubtedly be doing everything they can to get themselves out of danger, but we have to seize on any weaknesses or nervousness in their play and finish the season on a winning note.

“Yet again, we will be followed by more than 3,000 fans and, on behalf of the Board, I would like to take one last opportunity to thank you for your loyal, passionate and unwavering support throughout the 2014/15 campaign.

We have had some tough times since Christmas but, for every home match and wherever we have travelled, you have been there in your thousands, cheering the team on.


And he adds: “Before we move to the new Stadium, we first have our final season at the Boleyn Ground to enjoy, including what we hope will be an exciting European campaign.

“We go to St James’ Park knowing we are in with a good chance of finishing top of the Premier League Fair Play League. If we things go our way, we could well have UEFA Europa League football to look forward to.

“European football will mean an early start to the new season, but we will be prepared and what better way to say goodbye to our historic home?”

Sullivan also wished Teddy Sheringham the very best of luck in his new role as manager of Stevenage, which he will take up later this summer.

He said: “While we are disappointed to be losing Teddy’s services, we are happy to have played a part in developing his coaching skills and will be watching closely as he embarks on his managerial career at Stevenage.”



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14 comments on “DS: “Our loyal unwavering and passionate support”

  1. Despite what others may think from other sites we are very loyal and as nice as it is for DS to recognise it I hope and pray he doesn’t take it for granted but instead rewards us for it by ridding the club of the dour Dudley hippo and replacing him with a new exciting ambitious hopefully young manager who can return us to entertaining football with the aim of competing higher up the league and having cup runs. Everything is in place to lure the right man to the club so DS and DG we’ve done you proud so now it’s your turn to do it for us.

  2. No one from any site is more loyal than another,just because people have different opinions or express their views in different ways doesnt mean they aint loyal towards the team or are fully behind the team & p!ayers on matchday.This is a concept some cant grasp & say you aint a true fan or dont care about it if you badmouth the manager.Personally i dont give a **** if people call me a rabid dog or one of the morons.If hippo leaves i will be so happy,he is leaving this club stagnating at the moment & if that RodentHammer wants to call people on here moronic so be it.We cant all be dispassionate stat kings.

  3. Agree Quickdraw. I think the fans have been great in spite of the owners failing to release Allardyce earlier and relieve them of the debacle of 2015.The stupid comments by Brady supporting the manager as late as last month beggars belief.Just saw Nene score some goals for PSG back in 2012.Why he can’t get 90 minutes is beyond me.Anyway what would I know? COYI

  4. I agree Quick… anyway from the press it seems that Benitez will be the next Real manager. I honestly don’t understand Florentino Perez: is Benitez better than Ancelotti? Mah… I don’t think so… they should enjoy the Exciting Sam life experience… Santiago Bernabeu would be empty… lol

    • Haha Señor Perez is obviously awaiting the end of a certain meeting at Sullivan Mansion next Monday he wants a Real meal deal

  5. I know it hasn’t been said but I’m not suggesting that we’re more loyal on C&H than anywhere else and it’s differing views,arguments and banter that make football such a great game. I cannot however agree with a philosophy of stability and mundane football first ahead of flair,skill and excitement. As many others have stated I give up my hard earned cash to escape the real world for a few hours every two weeks,the last few games I’ve stood and listened to chats about TV programmes,holidays and the weather during the matches! This is scary because at least last year there was anger now there is lethargy. I support West Ham for the fun not for grinding out results,percentages,respecting points,worshipping clean sheets. Supporting West Ham is supposed to be a roller coaster ride of ups and downs watching players giving their all and trying to play the game the real way and the sooner we have a manager who reflects that the better

    • No Quick,i wasnt digging you out.Quite the opposite,i was infact more on about how a certain site have a superiority complex over other sites.I ment we are all fans,just because we express our opinions in a more vociferous manner doesnt mean we are any less of a fan or morons as someone put it.I admit i am passionate about the hippo going,i cant wait & dont really care what the idiots on another site think.Theres no awards won for being conservative or outspoken.But i cant be bothered to be some politically correct conservative muppet like some,lol 😉

      • It’s fine Boys of 66 I didn’t think that for a moment. I know the site you mean and never visit it,mainly because of who’s site it is but from what I’ve seen of the blinkered football haters who visit here I’m not missing much. I know we’re on the same song sheet lol

  6. Good of Sully to mention the fans & our support.Something you never here from the hippo.Just about managed to drag his carcass round The Boleyn last week after the match to slap his fat little fingers together.Must have killed him to acknowledge us for once.

    • You’re right there a bit like he “coaches” his midfielders he didn’t venture anywhere near the penalty area on his half lap

  7. Loyal fans want to repaid for there support by one action the removal of BFS and nothing else will do,
    Any site that uses our clubs name shoul be willing to let any member voice his opinion in any form he chooses,
    If you do not agree with those views you are entitled to make your views known but it is not for a group of people to then gang up on that person and try bulling them into there views,
    That is the only problem with certain sites the difference here are we don’t except being
    Bullied,most on this site are to strong to be bullied and although they don’t agree on many things that strength blends them together,
    That has always been a Westham quality personal views but loyal to each other,
    BFS can not break that only the week have been won over

  8. Well you find the weak ones on wetpants,some still thinking we should give Hippo a new contract because a new manager is too risky.What the **** is wrong with people.So scared,cautious,that they want to keep Mr.No away wins in 5 months,3 wins in 20 matches.They are radio rental im sure,when have supporters actually wanted to give a muppet with this record a new contract.Bunch of tarts!

  9. Chicken it’s like the rundown pub in every town never closes but there are always a few
    losers that carry on going there hoping one day it will be the best pub in town,
    Well BFS lovers your mans tenancy is up and a new landlord is coming,

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