Embarrassing: A very Moyes like performance

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During the first half, as Chelsea dominated West Ham’s lifeless team, the commentator (whose name escapes me) uttered the words, “this is not like a David Moyes team.” He couldn’t have been more wrong.

As the Hammers were outclassed and our defence was breached time and again, it was very much a David Moyes-like performance. Make no mistake, West Ham are far more likely to get thrashed than to keep a clean sheet.

West Ham are a paradox, a team that sets up defensively but can’t defend. Even when Moyes’ team isn’t conceding a deluge of goals, we are relying on heroics from the goalkeepers and defenders.

I’ve lost count of the number of times commentators and pundits have seemed puzzled as to why many Hammers fans want Moyes to leave, only to answer their own questions with their commentary during the game itself.

West Ham were lucky not to concede twice as many goals against Chelsea, but it’s nothing new. The 5-2 loss to Crystal Palace could have been worse had they not rested their best players ahead of a midweek game.

The players appear to have lost faith in David Moyes’ system and tactics, and who can blame them? They simply don’t work.

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  • Bennyboy baker says:

    Yes the players have lost faith in moyes and that’s understandable what is not acceptable by the players is their lack of trying to win/get back into and do everything to keep the score down and keep trying to win there was no fire or desire with most of the players today there are only 3 players today that gave it their best shot if not for them this could have been a lot worse all of this today and Sullivan wants to bring a Spanish moyes in not a brain cell in his head

    • Alan Toxer says:

      Absolutely agree. Sullivan hasn’t a clue, he needs to go as well. I’m sick & tired of our club being run as as Circus and laughing stock !
      European win was a lucky bonus and I’m grateful. I’m a lucky one who has seen us win competitions since 1975 but our massive fanbase deserves, as it always has, BETTER. ⚒

    • LiddyHammersHamburgsKnockers says:

      There really cannot be ANY equivalent to Moyes in any country.

  • Michaell says:

    This is to much to take the hole situation at the club is a joke speaking to new managers is Moyes getting sack Sullivan must act now

  • IronMan says:

    You are not wrong. It is only made more annoying when it comes from the man in the third person as though he bar thinks he is now a heavy weight boxer. ‘Not like Safavid Moyes team’? Of course it is. Laughable. As were the comments before hand from Moyes and Zouma about our remaining games being three cup finals. He has no shame and takes no responsibility for the long term seeds he has down. I will not be thanking him when he has his last home game against Luton and I will not be alone. He never for one moment has considered what the club has done for him.

  • ricardo says:

    But will Lopetegui do better, will he be the one to come up with the right answers? Will he be the one to regain the players trust? Will he have the vision to help select the right players to replace those who will leave and form a team with power, spirit and quality? If the West Ham supporters are against him right from the outset, Lopetegui’s time can turn out to be a nightmare. If Lopetegui does not produce results right away, it will be hard for him to include the young players who have been waiting a long time now. Many questions and only one certainty, Moyes is not the answer.

  • Hammerpete6 says:

    Moyes is a busted flush. Park the bus footie is not a successful tactic. No to BFS, no to Moyes, no to Lope. West Ham are unwatchable under Moyes. We have arguably the best U21 team, but Moyes will not play one of them, even for a few minutes. He flogs the same exhausted team, subs on defenders when we are losing. Five goal thrashings x4, four goals conceded x7, good players shipped out, Moyes the nightmare manager is what we see .

  • Alan Tozer says:

    Definitely NO to the Spanish Moyes, Wolves reject ! Show some F——-g aspiration !!! Sullivan and Brady out as well now.
    West Ham fans deserve better than these two. One of whom described us as Customers !!! 😡⚒⚒

    • LiddyHammersHamburgsKnockers says:

      1) There is NO Spanish,German,Dutch, or any other countries “Moyes”
      2) Sullivan CANNOT fire himself 🙄

  • Simon says:

    Yes indeed. I totally agree that some pundits are so blind or afraid to be real about the regular Moyes horror show that us, as fans are tortured with.
    Today’s lethargic performance is a true evidence of the team that Moyes had developed. Why even the WH first aiders were lethargic as they strolled onto the field to attend to Paqueta’s injury. Wow.
    And yet arrogant Moyes says “the players must take responsibility”.
    Moyes and the overpaid WH loafers should do the honourable thing, and resign so that the new manager/coach can prepare a better squad for next season. Tonight is a good time.

  • Peter Sharp says:

    Moyes going is not the whole answer. No matter who is the manager, the club will never get anywhere with Sullivan, who is a terrible liability.

  • ResultsMatter says:

    I have said this before. West Ham supporters have a lot of power. If the stadium was empty week after week, the owners would have to react.

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