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Exciting exclusive C&H offer – jump aboard NOW

ClaretandHugh is excited to announce a new development in our partnership with Hammers Chat to give you the chance of VIP entry  to the closest bar to the London Stadium.

For those of you who don’t know,  the Hammerschat boys operate the boat bars just a three minute walk from the stadium.

And we are tonight we are launching the first competition which will see two of you gaining entry to the closed bar before and after games. There will be one winner announced and you can take a friend with you.


These are the same boats that feature in Gonzo’s vlogs each week and they are literally in the shadow of the former Olympic Stadium.

They are exclusively used by hammerschat members and are the only bars with an alcohol licence in the Olympic Park for the recent Chelsea match.

It is a secure family friendly environment with heated boats, hot food, no long queues at the bar, music and plenty of toilets. They are located on a private pontoon just to the right of the main bridge at the stadium entrance.



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For those unlucky not to win admission for the game against Crystal Palace on Saturday admission tickets can be purchased for both before and after the match via http://hammerschat.com/index.php

Because the boat bars are ‘members only’ you’ll need to register as a hammerschat user before being able to view the relevant details on the forum. Please ensure that once registered all instructions are followed correctly.

ClaretandHugh will ask a simple question before each home game and the two lucky winners will be drawn in plenty of time for you to know if you are going to enjoy this fabulous add on to your match day experience.

This week’s question is: “Who was sent off in the 75th minute at Selhurst Park earlier this season in the Irons 1-0 win.

Send your answer by e-mail to claretandhugh643@gmail.com and the winner will be notified by Thursday evening.


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15 comments on “Exciting exclusive C&H offer – jump aboard NOW

  1. Who the hell wants to spend an afternoon drinking with Gonzo.Its like entering a competition on a Porsche site coming first & finding out you have won a years supply of scented fir trees to hang over your mirror 😁😁
    Ok i will give it a go,promise i didnt mean it Gonz 😂

    • You are doing scented fir trees a huge disservice Radai

      • Lol only kidding with you Gonz.Im sure you are a fine host,a gentleman & a scholar.Well until the second pint goes down,then its Oliver Reed time 😂
        I had a beer with Oliver Reed once,he was an absolute savage.He came to open a new stand at my football club at the time.He was drinking in my local the night before.What a headcase 😂😂

        • Im jealous Radai im obviously older than you & when i was younger my dream night on the sauce was to be with Reed & another fella Peter O”Toole.I doubt you will know him.A pair of hellraisers.What a session on the booze that would have been.

          • Mate i was only in my mid teens still under age i think.He died within a year or two as i remember it.It must have been late 90s when i played for this team.He scared the sh*t out of me he was a big guy as it works lol.When i first got to the pub he was sat on the front door steps with a glass of gin or something singing his head off trying to be an opera singer i think.Then in the pub he kept on walking up to any bloke he could find wanting to arm wrestle them lol 😂😂
            100% true story mate.

          • Reed & O’ Toole were proper celebrity drunks.They dont make them like that anymore 🙂

  2. I cant see you winning it anytime soon Radai ha ha
    Good one fellas it sounds like fun..

  3. Isnt it all a little corporate though.Thats a sin didnt ya know Lol

  4. If i win can I invite all my intellectual superiors from elsewhere acoss the web to inform me what I can drink? Or think? Or say 🙂

    • Lol GW,do you think the barge type of fan has a brand.What type of brand of fan are they.
      I mean surely they deserve to be branded.We have ‘tourist fans’,now we have ‘suck it up fans’ so this lot deserve a derogatory term as well 😂😂

      • I still have fish to fry with the Wild Mustang.Wasnt he the one the sites telling us all how a global West Ham would be great for the club & think of the millions of shirts we could sell in China & India.Then he got kicked in to line & is crying about wanting the little community club back lol 😭😱😂

          • I wa just messing GW.Seeing if i could get H out of his bunker.I said yesterday he was like a wild mustang,he used to have a bit of spirit before he was broken in & towed the line.He never took the bait though 😁
            All in good humour before anyone takes it any other way 😬😊

  5. Rads humour is not allowed you should know that by now? Is it not listed in the WHTID bible ” Thou shalt not read other sites articles and make quips elsewhere that go against our superiors inner thoughts” 🙂

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