Fan fury after Europa League exit

So the Hammers here dumped out of Europe by a Romanian outfit beaten 5-1 at the weekend.
It will be remembered as one of our worst defeats.
The ClaretandHugh Facebook forum @ has been red hot – here’s some random responses
fletcher-726-july-12O Mr Sullivan’s cheap options and false promises have come home to roost tonight. I have no doubt Calleri and Fletcher will be decent strikers but Sullivan’s ‘marquee striker’ would have buried the two chances those two kids missed. Sullivan’s transfer ‘strategy’ this window does not do justice to the season we had last year. We deserved group stage European football but we have not been improved sufficiently. 

O I do enjoy how they like to make us thing they have made heaps of signings this summer and have spent lots of money. They really haven’t. Feghouli, Nordveit came on frees. Same with Flethcher and Quinia Tore and Calleri on loan.

O Hold on a minute  – Sullivan’s transfer strategy. Are you trying to explain the manager has no say in anything?

O I think our step to the next level has to be proving that last season’s PL efforts were no fluke, building on that and getting a top six place in the Prem this season. We can’t try and run before we can walk, for all the shameful performances out there tonight, we are clearly not yet ready to embark on the EL and also PL. lets work on consolidating ourselves as a top 6 competing side in the PL.

O We may struggle for 12th given the way Boro, Watford and the like have strengthened but my feeling is that we only just snuck in the Euro qualification door again and can’t really expect to be in Europe unless we prove we deserve to be there and that means building to the point where we are serious top 6 material not just one season wonders.
O ‘Great effort brilliantly saved?’ I was sat behind the goal and it looked like he hit it straight at the keeper….our problem imo isn’t injuries….it’s simply that we haven’t got anyone that can put the ball in the back of the net!
O This is why I think the new signings are getting slaughtered because we have been promised a hitman and every one who has had a go at it so far has fallen way short. A true marksman would have buried several of the chances that we have had in the games.
OLook guys it’s not the defeat it’s the very poor performance, I have seen nothing in pre season or since that has given me confidence, all I can see is a relegation dog fight

O I don’t understand why Bilic insists on playing Antonio on the left and not the right where it’s his natural position. Tore is left footed so play him on the left. It never works playing players out of position. Not panicking.s to have
O It’s not rocket science, at the end of last season it was obvious we needed a top striker or maybe two and a right back. We haven’t done either. Ok we brought in Ayew and we’ve been really unlucky with him.

O What’s the chances of Fletcher starting the next match. seeing as he has been more lively in the little time he’s played than all the other strikers this season. including Ayew and Carrol. I’m guessing Tore will start as well.

O I said it all summer we simply haven’t improved our starting 11. Honestly would any of the summer signings be in your first 11?? Blatantly obvious that we desperately needed a proven centre forward & right back but here we are with 5 days of window left and still the same problems!! That surely must be the last time Valencia is seen in a West Ham shirt? It’s simply like playing with 10 men!!

O If Fletcher goes out on loan I will lose the will to live by far our best player at the minute and not just last night every time he plays for us.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Radai Lama says:

    Yeah I’m furious,livid,you should have seen the way I sliced off the top of my boiled egg this morning.For f*ck sake get over it you bunch of girly boys 🙂

  • Bob says:

    Last night & this morning has been a real eye opener for me.I have never used blogs,forums until recently & though we have some fantastic fans with great opinions we really do have some total tosspots amongst us as well.I think they need a course in anger management,some fresh air & a life,it could be a start.Part of me would like to see Bilic jack it all in & then see how they feel when someone useless gets hired.They would thoroughly deserve it imo.As for some of the vitriol & name calling of the board members I read last night some people need to hang their heads in shame.

  • salesb says:

    Ok yes, last night was outrageous and I was as furious as anyone else last night, but it’s over now, nothing can be done, there’s no point attacking the board and the manager, we know what theyre capable of as seen by last season. Time to look forward and give us a reason to stop being embarrassed

  • essexclarets says:

    Sh1t happens, the suns come up again this morning so the world hasn’t ended. If we sign Zaza today some people will still moan that he isn’t good enough.
    Maybe some people though we were better than we really are, we have signed a lot of players this summer and it does look like a scatter gun approach to transfer signings. There is no reason to panic yet, things will slot into place and we will fly. 🙂

  • darkhorse99 says:

    It’s very disappointing to lose at the new ground however I’m not disappointed to have been knocked out the Europa because we have not got the depth of squad to play the congested fixtures and we have sustained enough injuries. Let’s concentrate on the league and F.A cup in which I hope Payet keeps fit because we are certainly not the same team without him.

    • jj61 says:

      Spot on,99…no Antonio left ving,right ving,no Tore,nobody can replace Payet..with him even our halfdecent players looks stars…I would add that after last season some of our fans got unrealistic expectations….

  • baddowhammer says:

    Well said all, we have to remember some of these so called supporters have jumped on our band wagon.I’m not over joyed by this,but some of those comments sound like glory hunter’s views. Come on you Irons.

  • Radai Lama says:

    Oh the sweet f*cking irony of being slagged off for wanting Allardyce out & daring to call him hippo or bfs by the Wetpants when you read some of their comments about the board.Naughty bunch of pouting poodles 😀

  • Bob says:

    Crikey Radai some of them on there are a sandwich short of a picnic my friend.

  • hammerman69 says:

    Tore is not even a league 2 player. Bilic busted a gut to get him just like emenike last season. What does he see in these players? I’m not knocking his management skills but surely he can see they are ****e. Harvard is not even a league 2 player. The play is too slow and too side to side with no penetration. And what is going on with Payet? Is he injured, really? Or is he just not playing him until the window closes in case he sets the world alight with more stunning performances. I watched fletcher in pre season and he looks our hottest striker get he is on the bench all the time. Antonio should be on right wing and nowhere else. So many promises from the board, jack Sullivan tweeted REVENGE when we drew Astra. This club is run by a bunch of muppets. Jack Sullivan us a kid why is he our main social media outlet?

    • johnboy says:

      There’s a few out there with you’re sentiments sousant neuf ,ish !but Harvard is in the ivy league ( smiley )?

  • Bob says:

    Sorry who are the Muppets? Take a look in the mirror!

  • johnboy says:

    I find it disturbing that people go to the wets site and actually read the dross ?
    Sad ? Fukin sad ? By the sound of some comments you need to take Valium before entering??
    Never go there myself ? Once or twice but never read past the first 2 or 3 comments ?
    at least its tongue in cheek on here most of the time ! Ish ? Apart from a few trolls ?
    Fuk the pants , and hippo, and Bilic ain’t god , he’s a hammer at heart and like all hammers before and after him , will get a few things wrong , he’s a human being Ffs ?
    He will get this team back on track , make no mistake about it ?
    Got you’re pampas ready rads ? Its a done deal evidently ? Haha? ( smiley)

    • Radai Lama says:

      I’m going for a fitting once or if the deal is done Johnboy.But I said I would do it if we pay 25m now in this window.I still can’t see them paying that this window so I’m staying in my budgie smugglers until then lol.

  • flicker.of.the.bean says:

    To early on to panic.players need time to settle. But it wasn’t individuals faults last night the whole team was poor. Not one of them can hold there heads high exsept fletcher and he missed a sitter. Still don’t know what nordviet brings to the team. Hope he improves quickly as he has been so poor. I blame him for the goal last night ogbonna had the player with the ball and nordviet went over to them instead of checking the runner. Also our team is no stronger than last season. That’s my moan over. Coyi

    • johnboy says:

      At the full compliment it is flicker ? I’m thinking man city now ! Euro’s done !!
      A bad defeat there could be hurt full ? Fingers crossed we have payet and lanzini fit ?
      Then we have a chance !

  • GW says:

    So the board bashing and Bilic bashing begins! The Slug worshippers crawl out of the woodwork saying last season was down to the great squad that the fat turd left nothing else. They moan that money’s not been spent Zaza will be ****, Ayew’s a waste of money, the walk to the stadium is to long, the queues are too long, they can’t see properly, the Olympic Park is too green and leafy in fact they moan about every ****ing thing about the club and then call themselves #westhamfamily ****ing farcical.

    • Radai Lama says:

      Don’t forget Calleri is sh*t as well.But we must always give Bambi 8 or 10 games to get back to premium fitness levels lol.But a kid from Argentina isn’t allowed that time.I watched him in the Copa Libertadores,the lad was quality.But of course as we know it only takes some fans 5 mins to work out players are mingers.They can pick a sh*t player when they see one.Who can forget those mingers from last season Antonio,Ogbonna & Obiang lol

  • johnboy says:

    Where’s the Valium ? ( smiliey )

    • Radai Lama says:

      ( smiley) 🙂 😉 😀 😛

    • GW says:

      Was popping Valium throughout the Slug years Johnboy thought those days were over and then they bring out the new app where you accidently press the wrong site when your ****ed and end up reading the comments and getting stressed with the all the ******** they post 🙂 Going to have to slow down the drinking I guess.

      • Radai Lama says:

        Don’t get me started on all the bullsh*t about Calleri.The all seeing,all knowing experts who watch him in a couple of games then say he sh*t.I have even read fans saying we should send him out on loan because he is useless.F*cking clueless tw4ts.And to think we got ripped a new one for wanting Dung Beetle out but it’s ok for them to rip the manager,the board & club to sh*t.Irony knows no bounds 🙂

      • johnboy says:

        No need for that, that’s to drastic GW ,lol, just remove the app ? Simples ?

  • winchester hammer says:

    So berate me for whinging! But I’m going to have my say. Ever since the last few games of last season I’ve been having this nagging doubt about…yes Bilic. Sacrilege, I know, but you know what? I think he’s a fraud. Yes, he’s a media darling and he’s full of soft-spoken apparent wisdom, but so was Roberto Martinez and he was eventually found out to be, well, not very good at all.

    He keeps saying how good these new signings are, how he was so keen to get Tore in. Well, Tore is fat, slow and can’t keep the ball. His arrogant refusal not to play Antonio at right back, when everyone could see clearly what a mistake it was, is another sign. Reece Burke: I’ve never rated him, but Bilic throws him into last night’s game at LB and he causes their goal, not helped by Nordveidt’s poor positioning as well. And there’s another one, Nordveidt is slow and ponderous on the ball and only knows to pass it back or sideways.

    But generally the passing lacks the crispness that creates the fine margins between creating scoring chances and not. If you pass slightly behind the man, you immediately slow momentum and lose any advantage you have by having the ball. Both last night and for most of the Bournemouth game, there was also a worrying lack of urgency, an inability to hold on to the ball and an almost total lack of ideas. These are things a good manager a) should spot and b) should be doing something about. He isn’t. Of course I’m not saying he has to go, but the thought won’t go away that he isn’t quite what he appears to be.

  • Radai Lama says:

    Hahahaha i ain’t going to have a go,If you think Bilic is a fraud then fine.You have just made me make my mind up about something actually.I was thinking whether I should go to the pub now or this afternoon.Cheers Winchester I will go now you have just made me need a few beers.
    Slaven Out,he is a fraud.I think I will get a banner done with that on it for the next match.Maybe I will get another that says Bring Back Hippo 🙂

    • johnboy says:

      Didn’t read past the first line ?
      Mines a Stella rads , jenks is on fermented carrot juice , he’s come back saying the Spanish hooch bubs is serving ain’t hitting the spot ?
      I think the couch had a lot to do with ! ? ( smiley )

  • Michael Miller says:

    There’s a video of a ‘fan’ being interviewed after yesterdays pathetic performance – the interviewee had a right turn, effing and blinding all over the place!

    One genuine piece of original wit came out of his tirade when he said ‘Calleri couldn’t finish his dinner!’ – it definitely lightened my mood!

    • johnboy says:

      Another thick #unt interviewed then ?
      Not a fukin clue ??
      Calamari is class and when he settles all these jerkoffs will eat their words ??

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