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Fed up Bilic makes no excuses

Slaven-BilicSlaven Bilic made it quite clear that the Hmmers will be on the wrong end of a lot of results if they continue to defend as they did against Watford.
Disussing the awful 4-2 defeat at The London Stadium he said:“The bottom line is that if we defend like this, we’re not going to win too many games.”
“It’s hard to explain. Their first two goals were way too easy. OK, the second one was a classic for YouTube with no communication between two players, but that happens. Of course it shouldn’t but it happens.

“Their third goal came from a very predictable attack and we should have made it more difficult for them to hurt us. It had already happened twice in the first ten minutes, when we had five chances and they had two, and it was too easy for them to get in positions out wide in space.

“Then, when they have the ball, you shouldn’t allow a two-against-one situation to develop and allow your player to be exposed and hurt, because then they can use their quality.”

“Basically, it was a really good opening 40 minutes, we controlled the game, we were two-up and we were happy with the way we pressed them and were getting the second balls
“If anyone looked like getting another goal, it was us. You can’t concede goals like we did. The second one didn’t decide the game, but it changed it.
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“We tried to get them back, but what I don’t like is, while I agree that the confidence of a team or individuals depends a bit on what the result is, it shouldn’t happen as obviously as it did to some of our players.

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8 comments on “Fed up Bilic makes no excuses

  1. Bilic you should know by now how limited Byran and Collins are, what is Nordsvelt doing on the bench ahead of Oxford. Your team selections are to put mildly quite strange.

  2. Sorry to say as johnham1 has said already the team selection is baffling from Slav so far .Yes we have had a lot of bad luck injury wise but it took fans moaning and the rest to make him see sense and stop playing Antonio as a R.B.Defence is a shambles.Collins and Byram all over the place.Surely Ogbonna and Oxford plus Arbeloa when match fit need to be brought in.

  3. Don’t blame Byram because you don’t like him,
    The goals all come down to the fact that Follins and Reid are not good enough,
    Bilic left our best CH on the bench and Oxford out of the game and let Burke leave on loan,
    Last year we had some luck and got away with it,
    The manager picks the team and when he came to our club he made it clear that our Central defenders were not good enough and except for Tomo they are still here and he is still laying them,
    I would actually play Kouyate or Novedt before either of them at right side central defender,
    Saying that I was entertained today and some of the football was excellent,
    We will be in the relegation zone at Xmas if we don’t change the bad apples at the back,

  4. Oxford,Oxford that’s all I hear from some fans.He played last season & got run ragged in a couple of matches.His legend is starting to become bigger than the fact.He is a genius,a Messiah,gods gift to defending according to some fans.I remember last time he got called in to the team & supporters were saying he aint up to it yet last season.He is living on the Arsenal match in some minds imho.
    As for Byram being limited ffs he is a kid learning.Johnham your constant knocking of players is boring.No need to bring up Valencia or Antonio is there.

  5. I was actually really happy with the selected team, I think it was the strongest possible, despite losing 4 2 for the first 35 minutes we played our best football of the season, we had an absolutely shocking day in defence, I am unsure whether Bilic is telling our right backs to position themselves forward or not but as with when Antonio played right back it is leaving our right side fairly open. When Arbelloa is match fit I guess we will be in a better place to judge, I hope he gives us more stability as a back 4. The player I felt sorriest for was Zaza he wasn’t given much support either from his teammates or the ref, I saw enough though to realise if he gets support he will be a threat, again we lacked a killer pass in the centre of the pitch and it was all a bit predictable, get the ball wide and try to create from crosses. I was glad Noble was substituted, I also think Nordveidt should have been on for Noble he is as good defensively as the excellent Kouyate and he would in turn have helped somewhat to plug the defensive gaps and allow Kouyate more freedom. It was a disappointing result but there was some progression, we need to be better without the ball COYI lets make amends in the next match!

  6. So, what are you going to do about it, Slav? You need to look a your goalkeeper, central defence, central midfield and striker. You might want to consider your team’s general mindset and you’ve got three days to do it.

  7. Couldn’t agree more,so what do we do now? We had the same last year but we were out scoring teams, but 4,far too easy to score against. This is not a training ground session and all will be fine,this is genuinely worrying.COYI

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