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Ferdy comments dubbed ’embarrassing and disrespectful’

Rio Ferdinand’s punditry skills – or should it be lack of them – have been slammed by a former former Scotland international.

Leanne Crichton has labelled them ’embarrassing’ after what proved to be some entirely ludicrous comments from the former Hammer ahead of the England v Scotland bore draw.

His inflated view of the team’s abilities was laughable following the dreary 0-0 draw which showed the Three Lions at their worst.

Man Utd legend Rio Ferdinand was heavily criticised after his England vs Scotland predictions

Predicting a win it could easily be claimed that he sowed a distinct lack of respect towards the scot who – on the night were the far better side against ‘sideways and backwards’ England.

And it all left Leanne seriously annoyed at his dismissive attitude towards the Scots and not afraid to say so.

Ferdinand had said:  “I can’t see anything else, I’m telling you. I’ve never been this confident about a game in a major championship.”

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England then mustered just one shot on target all game with the nation’s expectations crashing back down to earth.

And Crichton laid into Ferdinand, saying on  BBC Scotland :saying “Some of the things that Rio Ferdinand has said are genuinely embarrassing. It’s so disrespectful.

“Scott McTominay plays for Manchester United. Billy Gilmour could probably walk into any other team bar Chelsea.

Leanne Crichton was heavily critical of Rio Ferdinand

“They need to have a bit of realism about where their money and resources actually takes them.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

9 comments on “Ferdy comments dubbed ’embarrassing and disrespectful’

  1. It seems all other nations are allowed to be confident except England, then its arrogance .

  2. Who’s the “they” she’s talking about? FAerdinand doesn’t speak for me or anyone else. It’s his opinion. Don’t brand the whole of England because of his comments.

  3. Think it’s fair enough if the they she’s referring to are the media, I haven’t any faith that we are slightly better than average, our creativity seems to be pretty much down to Foden as he (and maybe Kane) is the only player that can see a pass, unfortunately he is playing in a team that don’t understand how to move into spaces that his vision could capitalise on. We just try and play at a high intensity and hope that all the huffing and puffing or a set play creates an opportunity, whereas the sides that win competitions have some strategy to use the ball and movement of the players to create high quality chances. We may have invented the game but we lack invention on the field which is why players like Gascoigne, Scholes and Foden usually end up as bit parts in the failing system.

  4. Shock Horror… Needs to grow a pair!
    Isn’t he allowed an opinion? When exactly did this country turn into this mess?

  5. There was an ‘entitlement and expectation’ that thousands of Scots would not descend on London without tickets…strictly against Scotland’s Covid regulations, or to sing foul and abusive anti-English songs on the way. Being called names by the Scots is like water off a duck’s back to me, but why are Scots always so precious about themselves.
    As for Rio Ferdinand, he needs to think before opening his trap. It was obvious that Scotland would be fired up and the game reminded me of those awkward 3rd Round Cup games against the likes of Wrexham, where the better players struggle to show their quality against a more physical and determined side.
    It is a shame that Rice has become the universal scape-goat for the performance when there was not a single England player that played well. He is clearly playing to Southgate’s instructions as he is never that negative in a Hammers shirt.

  6. Rio as a pundit is a bit of a laugh,i remember him bigging up Brazil before Germany humiliated them in 2014 WC.Scotland only ever put in a tidy performance against us so hes right about his opinion regarding them. Dont expect much from England,we have the right ingrediants but the wrong chef.I never rated Southgate as a coach/manager/player,hes just the type that ticks boxes for the FA.I feel TT of Chelsea would get the performance we desire from our youngsters.

  7. Never heard of her. Also, didn’t know that Scotland had their own BBC (pity them).
    England under performed in a game they didn’t need to win and will be worse against the Czechs, particularly if the winner’s next round is a game against France. Expect a few own goals…

  8. Tierney is Arsenals best player? Gilmore would walk into Man City’s team? aren’t these hypocritical statements that show disrespect to the players she’d say they are better than.
    For me that’s fine though, it’s an opinion it would be pretty boring if we we all have to sit on the fence.
    Ferdinand thought England would win, I don’t think we are a very good team but on paper I think we are better than Scotland, the bookies think the same so I’m not sure what Ferdinand did wrong, apart from looking a slight plonker for calling it wrong
    Getting all irate about it, looks a bit sad and desperate. This world is so touchy, these days

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