Hammers Gallagher frustration


Frustration over Gallagher

Not content with the Declan Rice drawn out transfer saga here we are at it again!

This time the  “will he” or “won’t he”, claim and counter claim is over the Chelsea mid-fielder Conor Gallagher.

We showed interest in him way back last summer and yesterday it has been confirmed we made £40m bid for him.

But what I find confusing is that one source will say that he is a key player for Mauricio Pochettino. Then another source will say that he is on the transfer list.

Make your mind up Chelsea !

He is either wanted at Chelsea or he isn’t. West Ham should just walk away if the Blues are just wasting our time by not selling and are looking for a ridiculous fee.

The fact that it  has got this far tells us that once again that we have not being doing our due diligence on players.

Remind me again, what does the Director of Football do?

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  • Buster says:

    I have a feeling we’ll get Gallagher in the end. Que sera sera

  • PhilA says:

    What’s he allowed to do and whts the point when it appears that whoever he suggests gets declined …

  • johnham1 says:

    I just hope these enquires for Gallagher, Ward Pruwse and McTominnay are just smoke screens for the real signings. I truly hope the board realise befure it’s too late that they are flushing the Rice money down the drain. We should not be frustrated we should be delighted if we do not sign these over priced players. If we do end up signing anyone of these 3 WP, Tom, Gall, i will retire from caring and posting again on this forum until the day Moyes is sacked or leaves. I truly hope we are looking at players like Alvarez and Fofana.

  • Bella100 says:

    Walk away now he is not worth £40 mil ……
    £25 – £30 mil max

  • Clive says:

    Great young player but he’s a boyhood chelsea fan from a chelsea family. I think Pochetino might want to keep him especially as he’s scoring goals for them preseason and has impressed Poch so the choice to stay or leave Chelsea will be given to Gallagher. I’ve a feeling he’ll decide to stay and fight for his place in the Chelsea team.

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