Furious FB response as Hammers nosedive

Screenshot 2015-03-15 11.10.28Hammers fans have reacted furiously to the Premier League’s recent form table showing the club has sunk to 18th place on recent form.
It shows that we are just above QPR and Leicester City despite being fourth placeon Christmas day last year.
Many have seen as it the ‘official last straw’ for Sam Allardyce as they mounted an onslaught against the situation on the ClaretandHugh Facebook forum.
Here are a selection of the comments.
Stephen Snell Can’t blame injuries SAM picks the team and tactics unfortunately I think we had some lucky results before Christmas and now our true quality is not showing and be have been found out, only a convincing win on Saturday is required, we are simply not good enough at the moment, nowhere near, need to spend to build a squad, and that we will not do.
 Graham Hatt We have the ideal Manager in place should we get relegated.
Stephen Snell Unless things change we will be relegated next season just in time to move into the OS, so the David’s know what they have to do but do they have the balls to do anything about it, I think not, once they get the money from the Boleyn they will be off leaving us with nothing and a championship side
Martin Stacey Despite my positive attitude normally, I’ve got a nagging sense of foreboding…..
Makes good reading though
Martin O’neill and to think people on here want him to stay on as manager UNBELIEVABLE
William Field So obviously time for change! Injuries yes! But Jarvis cost £10m so hardly a cheap reserve! A new manager is needed to inject some new ideas and skill to the team. Some serious financial backing will be required whoever the manager is going to be.
David Bray The big worry about getting rid of Sam is who will replace him ? Gold and Sully have appointed some awful managers while in charge of Birmingham and west ham. We will NOT be attracting one of the top draw names I sometimes see mentioned in forums !!
Stephen Smith We don’t really need a diagram to demonstrate our form. The wheels have been coming off since Xmas. Nobody saying “don’t panic” or accusing people of being ‘negative’ now! I didn’t expect us to beat Arsenal tbh. We need two more wins to stay up IMO.
Ian Salisbury OK, here we are at another Monday morning, why is that man still at our club?
Stephen Snell 0% win rate in last 10 games, the whole team should look at that and say ‘what the hell’ any other club would have admitted their mistake and made changes.
Sean Gibson At the start of the season if you said we would be on 39 points by mid March most people would have taken that. But offer the same at Christmas and you would have been laughed at and this is why he can’t stay next season.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • TysonM says:

    Facts dont lie,but still you will have lunatics saying we must keep him for stability & its better the devil you know.Those numbers are diminishing though.It is only the hardcore Sam Lovers who see no problems with his mediocre management skills.But there the ones who dont fly either in case a ufo shoots them out of the sky 😀

  • wjo1974 says:

    We need a change but not sure now will do the club any favours as no one will release their manager now without a huge payout. We are where we will finish, I cant see us dropping more and I cant see us get more than one place up so it’s bye Sam thanks for the memories and take your negative tactics with you. Hello Billic lets use our players to the best of their ability and actually kill teams off. (West Brom, Sunderland, AV, Swansea etc). He did a job of getting us up, (barely and with arguably the best side the championship has ever seen) and we are now comfortable mid table which is all he will ever deliver, he could have the Barcelona squad and would still tell Messi, Suarez and Neymar to defend a 1 – 0 lead. We were playing well and scoring for fun up until Christmas which also coincides with when he started changing the formation, funny that but he is too pig headed to change it back. Write off the rest of the season, say being up there was fun while it lasted and move on to pastures new next season. Who knows a Fair play place in the Europa and Billic leading us might be a money spinner and great way to leave the Bolyen. COYI

  • CanberraHammer says:

    Hugh, I’ve been reading most of this season and wanted to join to voice some sense on here. I’m not particularly for Sam, nor am I anti-Sam. I’m pro WHUFC and whoever can get us the best results. That being said I can see the reason for the anti-Sam tirade with our wave of poor results recently.
    One thing that a lot of fans are missing is that with the squad we had on Saturday few managers would have been able to compete at the Emirates. Arsenal are currently the second best best team in the league on form and we are third worst. On top of that we were missing two starting strikers and three starting defenders. Sam did a great job to fire the Irons up to compete for as long as they did, but they were simply outclassed. This isn’t Sam’s fault, he had some materials to work with and had a half competitive The fact is that Jarvis and Downing as wingers with Sahko alone up front would struggle to compete with most teams in the League.
    Fans have every right to whinge until the cow’s come home, and we have every right to tell them they are hallucinating thinking we could beat them with our squad on Saturday.

    • sleepswithdafishes says:

      yes canberra the strength of our squad and our team is the most important point. The value of our team including subs on Saturday was around 40 mil. Sanches for Arsenal cost about 35 mil alone. Of course we don’t have the resourses yet to stay at the top, but we are inproving.
      One look at the prem table shows that all 6 of the teams that have floated to the top during the season, are the ones owned by billionaires, which is why they can all afford to spend 5 or 6 times more than us on players every year.
      The only other team owned by billionaires is Aston Villa who don’t happen to spend much at all.
      Of course some people on here will pretend that AV are lower down because thay have an English manager, but it is of course not the reason.
      It will take another year or two for us to build a squad good enough to compete with the top 6. Adecent second team will mean that our first team will be under pressure to perform, and will be replaced by good players when injured or lose form.

      • TysonM says:

        Yep lets keep Sam your god for another 10yrs dafishes,he is our saviour,worth every penny of his 3.5m,lol,seems southampton have managed to stay up there with a team of little expenditure & youth.Guess they dont count though do they coz they prove a team with less investment can be up there with the right manager.One that goes to chelsea & gives it a right good go,not picks a team to not get humped.

        • sleepswithdafishes says:

          I don’t agree with your idea of keeping Sam for 10 years. 2 will be enough.
          But Yes Southampton have done well reaching the heights as we have, but they are at the moment sliding like us. It will be interesting to see how low they land. I hope they stay above spurs though.

          • CanberraHammer says:

            I agree, 2 years is a good amount of time for Sam to stay. This way he gets an opportunity to grow the squad and show us what he can do with better players, and we would still be in the League for our first year at OS (which should be our first priority right now).
            Whether Sam is the right fit for WHUFC I am not so sure, but considering what he did with our lot up until Christmas, he could be a great manager with the right squad and financial backing from our owners. As SleepsWithDaFishes said above our team are worth a fraction of any top 6 club and yet have competed with the best teams in the League (Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal @ Upton Park, Man U).
            Of course this all goes out the window if our terrible form continues. I post the above expecting Sam to win at least 4 of our remaining 9 games while picking up some results in the other games. Apart from Man City at the Emptihad, they are all very winnable fixtures. COYI

  • TysonM says:

    Its nothing to do with just saturday is it,it is a sustained period of bad form.No one expected us to beat arsenal saturday,so hallucinating about saturday really isnt the issue.In the last two seasons he has given us about 4 months of decent football.One month last season,3 this season.The guys paid 3•5m a year,for what? To take us from top four to midtable.Yeah thats money well spent.If we wanted that we could call Avram Grant back.

    • S D I A says:

      Yeah apart from abeam grant got us relegated and allerdyce has only ever taken is up? I’m not anti Sam not am I a massive Sam lover but give the man his due when it’s needed we are sitting 10th in the premier league at the start of the season every West Ham fan would’ve taken your hand off for that. We are getting a better and we have a good squad a couple more players come in next year and we will have a better squad to work with like j said I’m not a massive allardyce lover but give him credit were its due. C O Y I

  • mattefumi69 says:

    That’s incredible, I still read comments in favor of Mr Stability / Sophisticated One / Samuel Potter / BFS. It seems without him West Ham has no future… at the beginning of the season victories were random, I’m sure about that… Mr Stability was very lucky, he was forced to use Sakho and Valencia together just because his lovers Carroll and Nolan were out, and then, when both healed, BFS immediately restored his old style and even today he uses Sakho like Carroll.
    We need a leader, someone who knows how to change west ham mindset, we need a winning and modern manager instead of an arrogant old and fat dinosaur.

  • rads the modern man says:

    I really cannot handle another year or two of Samasaurus if he stays.I will end up a crying mess in the corner of a room somewhere 😀

  • hammerdale22 says:

    Well Well Well,I said b4 he even joined us, that he would be hated by 70% of Fans, Not a day has passed that i have ever strayed from my 1st thoughts,
    I have never respected or liked Big Fat Sam, and some of the rants he has made in the West Ham Fans direction are shocking, are we really deluded Fans wanting the best atmosphere possible, and are we really asking to much to want to see the ball played on the floor, the West Ham Way,
    Do you really think i can afford to pay £600 pound a Season to watch a punted ball from James Collins up over the Midfield, passing the Non Existent Kevin Nolan Dropping onto the Head of Andy Carroll for him to try and score and you expect me to get all excited by it,
    Well that’s what was happening until David Sullivan intervened and explained to Fat Sam that his style of Long Ball was not acceptable, and rightly so. and why is it David Sullivan had to advise Big Fat Sam that we needed a striker Coach,
    Did Bfs not realize we were not scoring enough goals last season, it’s his job to go to the Chairman and ask for additional coaches…. and lets be honest Bfs did not like being told how he his style of football should be played.
    Every Club has it’s own Football Style,, WBA, will accept long or Direct , as would Crystal Palace and Burnley, so long as they stay in the Premier League,,
    Chelsea can win by 1 goal and the Fans will go home happy,
    Arsenal play the Beautiful game and expect to be up in the top 4 season after season, As a Working class West Ham United Fan, all i want is to see my West Ham give 100% and play with a bit of Flair and to be Entertained.and i will go home happy.
    I remember last season My club,advertising at Upton Park, weeks b4 we played them, come see Man City at Upton Park, tickets available, Gold and Sully think about the money aspect, but as a Fan that really hurt my feeling as we should have advertised come watch West Ham smash the Champions…. Coy!
    Some good news Gus Poyet has been sacked today by Sunderland, it might be a way out for the Dudley Dinosaur, knowing we the Whu fans don’t respect him,.
    I have a a personal thought about Family Life,
    Would you have your mothering – Law move in with you if she never really liked you, Naaaah it puts a strain on your relationship, causing arguments and bad feeling leading to a break down in the Marriage, well that’s whats life feels like at Upton Park at present, and i for one want a divorce…. Yeah i like to ramble on, but i think you get my point, Big Fat Sam – Jog on

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