Gale rips into the Irons board

tgaleFormer Hammer Tony Gale has ripped into the West Ham board telling them to “keep quiet” and “get behind “manager Slaven Bilic

The former central defender has already declared  the club’s summer signings were “useless” but believes that supporters and ex-players are behind Bilic.

However, he ripped into the board claiming they were happy to “take the plaudits” for the signings from the previous season but the “bad” signings this term are now seemingly Bilic’s fault.

He said: “The signings have been useless this season.

“They were all willing to take the plaudits of all the signings, all the people on the outside, other than Slaven, now all of a sudden, all of the bad signings ‘Oh, it’s down to Slaven’.

“I don’t think that the board help by saying that they apologise for results. I mean Slaven’s trying his hardest. Everyone is behind him.

“They [the board] need to get behind and please keep quiet. If you are going to do something invest in the club.”


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22 comments on “Gale rips into the Irons board

  1. Seconded Mr.Gale, you hit the nail on the head there. Rather than shifting the blame, the board should do their job and allow their manager to do his.
    They need to properly back their manager, both in terms of finances and vocal support and trust.
    Their tendency to undermine manager when it suits may come back and haunt them one day when it actually comes to finding a new one.

  2. Hmmm…so the suggestion is that the board decide on the players. I thought there was an article earlier in the week that went against that. It all seems a bit of a mystery but I thought that nailed down most of the disappointing signings as the ones Slaven was responsible for? Has the board actually said ‘it’s all down to Slaven’? I am still not sure what is going on.

  3. One thing im interested in when i read all this stuff about undermining managers.
    Well i honestly dont know the answer because im not a stats king or history man it bores me but how many managers under them have walked because they couldnt hack working under them?
    I mean i read about some notorious owners who make managing under them near impossible but i cant remember this lot having those issues with managers.I maybe wrong but i dont seem to recall it often.

    Personally i have my views on them but no one wants to listen to me rattling on about it everyday😂😂

  4. God forbid a manager that is paid £3.5M pa should be set a target by the owners.

  5. Im not sure about that Rad but they have had a couple of managers who are certainly not shrinking violets in Alex McCleish and Allardyce and they seemed to both be capable of working with them for four or five seasons.
    We fans think we know what goes on but lets face it we know diddly squat,even Hamburg Hammer lol

    • 🙂
      Well, if people only posted certainties these blogs would be very deserted places.
      But I can look at decisions and statements from the board and form an opinion based on those.

      People of course have all kinds of opinions on a variety of West Ham related issues.
      I happen to share the views of Gale and Gabbidon. Others can of course applaud the owners for their way of handling this.

      • No prob young Hamburg.I was just pulling your leg.
        If you were here now the first beer would be on me as you seem a good type.
        Thankfully you are not so i can keep my battered old wallet in my strides lol

        • Well, I shall be over for the Spurs game…;-))

          • Well you never know Hamburg maybe one day we will bump in to each other and not a problem i would buy you a beer without hesitation fella.

          • Dont let H fool you Stanley, just​ because he has gone all Captain Sensible the author.He still has a bit of rabid dog in him.He was one of the worst over here when Hippohead was in charge.
            We all know the truth 😂😂

          • Well Stan, you can come to one of the WHTID meetups and share a drink, considering our two sites have kissed and made up, this could be a nice thing actually…I wouldn’t hesitate to have a pint and a chat with you either…

          • Well never say never Hamburg but i go with my son and grandson these days so rarely do the pub stuff unfortunately.
            Im not sure about kiss and made up fella,its is just a stand off i think lol
            There has been too much damage done by some on both sides which doesnt get forgotten.
            The fellas on here have been nothing but friendly towards me since i joined so i suppose that makes me a rabid dog to the core lol

          • Well i hope you are all a damn sight more cheerful at a drinks event than you are on your blog.You would have most fans slittling their wrists within five minutes if you are anything like you are on there in reality.

  6. The owners never fell out HH

    • Sorry Hugh, I worded that badly, but then again I’m a foreigner…;-))
      Some users on both sites fell foul of sniping and name calling, leading to the publicised truce and threat of bans.
      As for me, I have always held the view that I can in principle chat and drink with any fellow Hammer, regardless of where he or she prefers to post.

  7. Maybe it’s just me but I think in recent seasons DS has been a lot better, he still has the odd statement you wish he didn’t but his actions have been to support his manager through a tough spell, the team were not producing on the pitch and needed a good kick up the backside, hopefully they will use it to drive them forward.

    • He has H32 but the dye is cast now and you won’t stop the haters claiming otherwise. Young Jack is virtually silent now too. I’m looking forward to the summer window because I predict the board will conduct their business in silence and that will do some people’s nuts in lmao. It would be funny if the first we discovered they had bought like Bacca was when he lined up in the first fixture and they said “oh sorry didn’t we tell you?” 😂😂

      • It was a bit like that with Phil Parkes you know. I first read about it in the late edition of the Evening Standard on Friday and he played Saturday at 3pm lol

        • Some supporters dont have a life they have to take everything Sullvan says and pick through it with a fine tooth comb if need be to find that small trace of something to turn it against him.
          Like an old school Chelsea mate said to me recently…you lot used to be a proper tasty mob,now you sound like a bunch of moaning pansies.

  8. It ain’t about hating, far from it. If our transfer business got done like at most other club, in the background, no bids leaked until the moment the deal has been completed, then I for one would certainly acknowledge that and deservedly praise the board for it.
    When I criticise or moan I do it for a reason, not for the sake of it.
    And as for WHTID meetups, believe me, it’s not gloomy like our writing, there usually is lots of laughter, banter and taking the mickey…

    • Ok Hamburg,good lad,keep on posting my friend.
      Im glad you all have a good laugh at your meets,good on you.
      Lets face it though you have plenty of laughter left in reserve,you use little on your blog you miserable sods lol

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