German press warn West Ham of unstoppable threat


The German press, growing in confidence, reiterated warnings for West Ham today, with the Bundesliga website indicating that Alex Grimaldo might pose a significant challenge for us on Thursday night at the Bay Arena.

I have noticed a growing confidence in the German media over the past few days which is understandable. Bayer Leverkusen stand on the brink of winning the league title and Grimaldo is one of their many outstanding players. 

As the Hammers head to face Leverkusen in the Europa League quarter-finals, the warnings from German are ringing in our ears.   

Grimaldo, hailed as the most productive defender in Europe’s major leagues with nine goals and 11 assists, has been a standout player this season since joining from Benfica on a free transfer.


Leverkusen’s unstoppable Grimaldo (seen here pointing at himself)

At 28, he’s become one of football’s most valuable fullbacks, and facing a West Ham side that has conceded more goals than all but four of the Premier League teams, he’s primed to exploit our defensive vulnerabilities . . . or so the Germans say. 

Known for his lethal counterattacks and finishing prowess, Grimaldo also poses a threat with his deadly free kicks, putting pressure on West Ham’s goalkeeper, whoever that may be. 

Don’t say we haven’t been warned. 

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  • Anonymous says:

    Jesus some of the posts the last few dsys is like we have lost tie already…..

    • Gonzo says:

      You understand the post is quoting the German press right?

      Feel free to write something yourself and we’ll publish it.

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