Gold “injuries” Twitter row rumbles on

Gold2David Gold is continuing to insist that injury problems were the reason for a lack-lustre performance against Queens Park Rangers.

DG had played the ‘injury card’ on Twitter following the dismal weekend shwoing at Loftus Road and immediately ran into a storm of abuse from followers.

And four days on the row continued today to rule with a follower tweeting: Who agrees that bfs still will not play either nene or amalfitano on saturday? Then will insult us again with his injury excuses

The co chairman responded: “Steve it wasn’t an excuse it was a fact. Five of our best players were out injured for the QPR game. dg

Missing from the game were Winston Reid, Diafra Sakho, Andy Carroll, James Tomkins and Alex Song.
However, in a separate tween Gold confirmed that Carroll would be avaialable from Day One next season declaring: “I am hopeful that Andy Carroll will make a meaningful contribution to next seasons campaign. He is working hard. He will be available for the first game of the season.”

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18 comments on “Gold “injuries” Twitter row rumbles on

  1. DG would make a good in Politics not answering the question again,yes we had players missing but Nene and Alfitano are not just squad players,
    If Song was fit he would not have dropped Nolan,
    Reid was covered very well by Burke,
    Only one of Carroll or Sakho would have played unless he was dropping Valencia,
    Injuries are not the problem and he knows it he is avoiding the subject that needs addressing and we all know it
    DG when are you going to sack BFS that’s the only question we all want answering?

  2. Ok, I’ve perfectly understood, Allardyce will sign a new contract.
    Congratulations Davids, you love your fans.

    Thanks a lot, Allardyce is more important than us and of what the great majority thinks about our manager; there is no more to say, this situation really sucks.

  3. The issue the fan is raising is that by Allardyce no bringing on either Nene or Amalfitano, he was saying that despite the players on the pitch playing appallingly, and him having the option to replace any one of them with the bench players, he had no belief that the players on the bench could do any better than the players on the field.

    That is a terrible indictment in the disconnect between the board (who have signed Nene for him, and given Amalfitano a new contract) and the manager who despite having these recently acquired resources chooses to watch us play appallingly without taking advantage of other options for change at his disposal.

  4. 100% right stubborn but it’s all a waste of time it falls on death ears,
    The 2 Daves are telling us it’s there club and we don’t matter,
    He would be better saying nothing but then maybe it’s catching BFS puts his foot in his mouth every time he opens it
    Just DS and Mrs Brady to go this week and we will all feel down trodden again.

  5. Ffs,now DG has caught the excuse bug.Sam must have sneezed on him Saturday.Yes we did have players out is true.But why the hell in that case not use all options available,which includes substitutions.We use 1 of 3 at Loftus Road & thats bloody Cole for Jarvis.I give up,its just a joke.If i didnt have the passion for The Irons i have i would tell them to stick my season ticket up their a*se.They are making a mockery of this club with their pathetic media outings,im sick of it.Thinking we fans are fool enough to fall for their rubbish.Just hold your hands up,admit things are far from ideal & things are not acceptable.Dont try & fob us off with lame excuses about injuries.We all know it is Sams favouritism for certain players,stubborness to not pick others & a total lack of anything other than his Plan A clueless set ups & tactics that are the issue.He is a dinosaur in the modern world of football.His tactics are dated & not good enough for todays Premier League.Why wont any of them just f*cking admit it!!!

  6. The fact there is even talk of new contract is a joke.The stubborn,egotistical genius should be out on his ass when his contract runs down.How the hell is this man worth 3 million a year.For doing what?,its pathetic,completely pathetic that talk of a new contract even comes into the equation.

  7. Lets be honest here, DG will not go on twitter & say “it was sam’s fault, can’t wait until his contract runs out & we can bin him off”. He like every other chairman has to back the manager to a certain extent. Prob small print in contract.
    He isn’t stupid, he must get pi##ed off with sam coming up with his excuses 2 days before the game each week.

  8. I would be willing to bet that Allardyce signs a new contract: 2 years.

    This situation is a farce, now I hope Sam Lovers are happy so the will have the stability they have always wished.

    End of football.

  9. As the owner of the club im pretty sure he can say whatever he feels like.Banging on about injuries is just mugging people off.It was Allardyce said we cant blame injuries after Saturdays game,but there again he did then blame them on monday.They all come out with the same sh*t,aint going to fix the problem though is it.Only one thing happening can cure this problem 😉

  10. Yep,48hrs to go until its Sams excuses friday,the highlight of the week,lol,he will tell us all how Burnley are fighting for their lives,they are excellant in attack,superb defensively.They will be a wounded animal after losing to Leicester.We will have to be patient in trying to break them down,we will maybe have to surrender posession to allow them to push onto us so we can catch them on the break.Our injury list is horrendous so we will be happy to respect the point,blah,blah.Same sh*t,different day 😉

  11. As before I would be very surprised if BFS isnt here next year as he is percieved as the Manager who wont get relegated. All these candidates being banded about are to sell season tickets though the Boards reaction may be linked to feedback from candidates being sounded out such as Klopp, Benitez and Moyes who have all probably said ‘not interested’.

  12. The are getting the excuses in early and trying to let us all know in not such a subtle way that the fat one is staying. All so very predictable. “Fans matter”. Yeah whatever.

  13. yeah spot on Boleyn forever let them buy seasom tkts lower the prices at OS then G & S will say BFS heres your 2yr contract as for the fans the 2 fingers will be aimed at us again.I will mot go to any games while he is manager simple as much as it hurts im just as happy seeing the results from afar & hes gutless excuses blah blah the other managers in the frame probably hot air & paper talk so until it happens that hes gone il believe it until then I wont hold my breath BFS OUT YOU HAVE RUINED OUR CLUB & THE LOVE OF FOOTBALL I HAD

  14. I have had several text from fellow ST holders who sit around me saying they are not going to the Burnley game because of Sam, even worse they said they have not had any offers from other fans to take their tickets off their hands.

    I shall still be going, just like I will next season to every game. No way can I not be there for the last season at the Boleyn. But as far as the last few games of this season go. I just don’t care. Thanks for that Sam, You have actually achieved what I thought was impossible, you have managed to suck every bit of pleasure I get from supporting West Ham out of me. You have managed to make no longer care.

    Worse thing of all about that, is I am far far from alone, so many others now feel the same. I have actually heard and read fans saying they would take a few more losses or no wins from these last 4 games if it means the end of Sam.

    Gold and Sullivan really need to wake up and do the right thing for the fans.

    Football clubs are the fans and without the fans there is no point to football.

  15. I totally agree with you Boleyn, people have the power, not the owners.

  16. Agree totally with Boleyn, same feelings shared by my son and bruv. We are all Season Ticket holders and now don’t even want to think about going again until Fat Sam is gone!
    A feeling about the club that I put down to Allardyce…….living on the coast makes The Cherries a fun option!! Burnley tickets sold on and can’t decide yet on Everton, living in hope of some good news from the Dave’s.

  17. Soon our ground will be full of people who don’t even support our club and I don’t blame anyone for selling their tickets I would do the same,
    This whole situation stinks they are the owners all they have to say is BFS is staying some idiot will buy there tickets,
    Or BFS is not staying and sell out of tickets in days,
    But we have long memories and will not forget what is happening,

  18. Reading all the comments, and indeed making some myself ,I can’t quite understand why Sam ,with his experience,keeps making cockups,BIG ONES, is he really a Pratt.as I don’t, go up there anymore,I can only judge from comments and write-ups???.

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