Bowen Throws Hat in the Ring 

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West Ham United could have a new captain next season, with star winger Jarrod Bowen expressing his desire to lead the team.

The armband became vacant after Declan Rice’s departure a year ago, leaving manager David Moyes with a tough choice. Kurt Zouma was ultimately selected, but his on-field leadership has been questioned by fans.

Bowen, a popular figure both on and off the pitch, believes he has the qualities to take on the captaincy. “I would like to captain West Ham,” he declared. “Maybe it comes in time.”

Despite his quiet demeanour, Bowen emphasises his understanding of the club’s values and his vocal presence on the field. He aligns with many fans’ wishes to see a more inspiring leader.

Whether Bowen gets his wish remains to be seen, but his ambition to lead the Hammers is a clear sign of his commitment and dedication to the club.

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  • Hammeroo says:

    It’s a definite YES from me! Jarrod works his a*se off for the team. He’s dependable, he loves the club and signed a long term contract. He is very dedicated. Give him the armband!

    • Colin seeley says:

      I could think of no one better to captain our club than jarrod bowen. Great player and a great leader.

      • Ian says:

        Bowen for captain pure class yes yes yes from me

      • J R Hartley says:

        Selling Danny Rice to the Reds was tough..Dick Moyes is a good manufacturer for us The flowing football is very good. . We have the best players

      • Trevor Austin says:

        Best choice his work rate for the team is second to none he will inspire and motivate others

    • Jimmy Thompson says:

      Jarrod Bowen he sets a very good example on and off the pitch Jarrod gets my vote he will be Mark Noble mark 2 he will be a great leader COYI

  • Robyn GoodBan says:

    Jarrod is what we need a player how will give his body to the HAMMERS

    • Tony quayle says:

      Obvious choice,bleeds clarer and blue. Ideal to lead the up and coming youngsters to greatness and rid of the pensioners and money grabbers not interested in the club but only the money

  • Colin walker. says:

    Please give [ OUR] JARROD BOWEN,the armband it’s very easy to see why. Love my HAMMERS.

  • Michael Hilton says:

    Top man for the job! COYI

  • Michael Hilton says:

    Danny Dyer would agree

  • Bazz says:

    Big yes he’s a claret and blue 100 percent hammer coyi

  • Anthony Taylor says:

    Big yes for Gsrrod Bowen to be the captain he deserves the armband

  • Allan Ball says:

    Yep give captain job to Jarrod best man for the job

  • Alan drumm says:

    You couldn’t give it to better player West hams best player gives all

  • Andy H says:

    Best man for the job..get it done

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