Gold: Irons Euro deadline close


DG_Image_Library_232-1_Crop_400x400West Ham will discover next week whether they will be involved in a European campaign next season.

We currently sit at the top of the Fair Play  league with Burnley and Liverpool in second and third places.

However it’s a tight race with the Irons on 249.8 points and a an average of 8.3, the Clarets on 247.8 and the Reds on 247.5.

David Gold has revealed to ClaretandHugh that the club will almost definitely take up the European option should they finally get the opportunity.

He said: “I think the fans would want that in our last Boleyn season. I thnk it’s the way we would go.”

added: “The end of next week.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • mattefumi el loco says:

    Well said DG and we consequently need a manager with European experience: Benitez or Bielsa would be perfect. Thanks.

  • essexclarets says:

    Just think, if you move to a ****e hole town in the middle of nowhere in the arse end of Bosnia, join the local pub team & you too can play against The Hammers nxt season….. now, where’s my passport?

  • Tiddy says:

    Maybe I’m being too negative, yes last year at boleyn European football great but I fear we Do not have the squad for it. It could be a disaster

  • bubs says:

    It would be great if DG dogs deep to provide us with a squad good enough,
    Let’s not enter just to play one or two games and bring in that Manager we need to advance in the competition,
    Up to you Board back the team with money and Manager and you get my backing and I will travel Europe and support the team,
    Bosnia or Bust
    Might be lucky Matte and Hamburg could draw Italian,German or Spanish Team or if we go on a run might cover the lot

  • WhuG says:

    The thought of David Gold dogging made me bring up a little bit of sick Bubs.

    Of course we should enter the uafa cup, complete no brainer for me no matter what manager we have in charge. The squad would be strengthened and we would blood the youngsters. Can’t wait!

  • mattefumi el loco says:

    ahah.. yes Bubs, I’d like West Ham to come in Milan, but unfortunately AC Milan will not be part of Europa League next year… what a great team… lol
    Anyway, if necessary, I’m ready to go abroad.


  • bubs says:

    WhuG that’s morning sickness he is only watching just put some card up in your windows,
    Any where in Italy will do Matte,
    Another Italian Job,
    Conkerpot could sanction it,

  • mattefumi el loco says:

    ahaha… Without Sam, Conker will not sanction it… lol

  • Dainon17 says:

    I worry that our league form will suffer — unless we have a great summer transfer window

  • bubs says:

    Dainon we have won 3 in 13 how will our form suffer ?
    If we go into Europe we have a better chance of attracting better players,
    Our squad is full of under 25 year olds and we need to give others a chance if you buy that bull shxt about fatigue that BFS keeps coming out with we might as well enter the local 7 aside league,
    If we playing Europe then you treat the league cup as a place to play your youth and squad
    Players the same as other top 6 teams do,

  • Dainon17 says:

    Most teams who play in the europa cup suffer poor league form, just look at everton this year and how they have improved after going out of the competition

    Any how was just saying im a bit worried about it, it might not happen 🙂

  • bubs says:

    Not having a pop at you mate
    We could use the Euro route instead of the league cup and if we had a good run it would be more profitable for the club plus the fans deserve to watch a better class of football,
    Midweek game playing Crawley away ( not having a pop at Crawley just a example)
    Or a midweek game away to Roma or Valencia ( just examples )
    No brainer,
    Last year at Old ground deserves something special

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