Half-Time Live


Join myself and Geo as soon when the referee blows the whistle for half-time for some Hammers based analysis of the Swansea V West Ham.

We’ll talk you through all the first half incidents as well as looking at what manager David Moyes will look to do in the second half.

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  • Hammerkip says:

    2_0 down in the first 20 min thanks ..we are so **** its laughable.. Pathetic

  • Hammer64 says:

    Now can we end all the stuff on here about the players we are being linked with for next season. Unless they are Championship players of course..

  • Stow-hammer says:

    That was a must not lose game. We lost.
    Well a combination of additional chances, other teams being even worse and our own ability to surprise in the other direction might save us.

  • sleepswithdafishes says:

    I still think we will stay up. It seems to me that Antonio must be carrying and injury. In the last 3 games he has 1 assist and 2 goals. What must he do to start a game.
    I’m not a great Hernandes fan. He doesn’t do enough in a game except wait for chances to be made for him. I would much rather see Arnie supported by Antonio and Lanzini. We would win games.

  • Lazurus. rises like a salmon says:

    Well if that’s not a que to march against the lying tight bastuards then I don’t know what is ?
    4-1 ? To Swansea ? 8 goals conceded in 2 games ? I mean liverpool are class arent they??the swans are as well ?? Cheers sully ! Mark my words the boardettes will be out in force defending the saviours lofl! It ain’t over till its over they say so let’s hope our home games can get us out of this shyte !! Moyes can do nothing with this squad until the summer ? Arry arter ain’t the cure albeit streets ahead of noble and kouyate !and he can’t get in Bournemouth’s side ?As for cresswell zabba byrum Reid Collins ? Well that’s obvious ! Sullivan has left us in a near impossible position for not bringing in quality in Jan and the summer because of the lack of vision and commitment with investment in the team that the true identity of our plight is plain to see isn’t it !! 6-7 players need to come in but it just isn’t going to happen ! We may be marching in vain ! But the need to do so is even more apparent after today ! If we go down
    Do band 5 still have to pay 2 seasons up front ? At a discount maybe lol ! 😎

  • Stratford E20 says:

    What is the problem with West Ham teams present and past? Why don’t West Ham teams put in the required effort? They have all strolled around. I was all for Fat Sam when he was appointed as I thought his team would be fighters like Bolton were. This is a trait of West Ham teams that the marchettes should have highlighted during meetings rather than demand big flags and fanzones.

  • Hammer64 says:

    Yeah know what you mean Stratford. I have seen everal of the drop zone teams recently & they don’t seem as quick to throw in the towel. We have gone back to the pre December shambles. 11 goals in last three away games. Disgrace. OK the injury to Reid is part of the story. But the damage to the fragile morale of this team could well send us down. Could easily get nothing from next four & I can’t see this side then digging in & fighting in the last 5 games.

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