Hammers ‘bad boy’ set for Championship football


West Ham ‘bad boy’ right back Jeremy Ngakia has left the club and is understood to be ready set to join Watford.

By one of those bizarre football ironies,  the 20 year old – having refused to help the Hammers in their relegation battle – looks likely to be playing his football in the Championship next season.

The Hammers will pick up only a small fee at a tribunal but thankfully – as a scholar – are not duty bound to play his wages as is the case with those who choose to leave on a a professional contract.

ClaretandHugh have learned that the relegated Hornets are the club he is looking likely to join which, given we relegated them with a 3-1 win at the London Stadium, would be a just outcome for the Hammers.

After refusing to sign a new deal at the club or see out the final games of the season he was seen by many – along with his representatives – of showing grave disloyalty to the club that weaned him.

Other clubs may appear but as we understand it Watford are big favourites.

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  • Al says:

    Following in dominos quinas footsteps? Idiot. Funny I just had to google watfords squads to even recall his name.

  • master says:

    Silly boy.

    But making mistakes in life and then learning lessons and becoming a better person is never a bad thing.

  • Ivanka Spelchek says:

    Bad boy…? Weird way to report this

    • Were you to read the story you would undertand and you may not have noticed the single inverted commas so an equally weird reaction

      • John Harrison says:

        Pretty clear what was meant 😉 We all make mistakes at 19, but this was a staggeringly bad move, and showed a lack of loyalty. Let’s just wish him well in the lower leagues…and a change of agent.

        • Not sure even a 19 year old would make one like that with Watford as likely to go down as us John and remembering the fate of Quina. There you go opinions opinions. I just see it as disloyalty when not ready to even see out the season, regardless of age.

          • John Harrison says:

            The Guardian makes it sound like he hasn’t signed for them yet. But his reluctance to help us out suggests something was in place…Disloyal is the word.

  • Maziron says:

    How can anybody blame the lad? Johnson is clearly a much better player. He would therefore be playing second fiddle to Johnson. He left to get a game. Good luck to him.

  • mojen says:

    That was a step up then. Didnt he do well.

  • hammers64 says:

    The footballing Gods have a wicked sense of humour.You would think with Quinas demise into the abyss someone would have tipped Ngakia the wink.Oh well they do say youth is wasted on the young.

  • Hammerkip says:

    🤣🤣🤣what an absolute tool ..

  • Hammerpete says:

    Whatever his reasons it just disappoints that his lack of loyalty or consideration for the club shows a lack of character. We only need players who want to play for us = no loss.

  • The Cat says:

    In all my years supporting West Ham and watching football in general, I have never seen such Outrageous Self-Sabotaging Stupidity from a footballer. Footballers are often talked about as not being gifted in the brainpower department, but young Jeremy takes the whole packet of biscuits.
    Ill-advised or not it didn’t take a genius to figure out where his interests were best served. Of all clubs to choose from, he chose Watford. Maybe his mate Quina told him brilliant stories about Watford and how they have enhanced his career tenfold.
    I always knew of Ben Johnson’s reputation and how he was known to be the real deal, a Hammer and a nailed-on first-team player. But this speaks volumes for Ngakia’s personality and I’m glad he has been sussed out before we came to rely on him in any way, shape or form. Ngakia has made himself a known quantity and will not be looked at in a trustworthy way again for the way he treated the club that game him his opportunity. Football commentators within the game will also be chuckling at his idiot move. We won’t be seeing him for some time now I guess, as I can’t see Watford bouncing back.

  • Chris says:

    They might have offered him £20,000 a week and a five year contract. Maybe he was able to secure his and his families future. Plus it’s cheaper to live in Watford. Good luck to him. If he’s good enough he will get another move.

  • Dave says:

    Loyalty in football? Where did that come from?
    Maybe 30 years ago…
    If he’s that good, cream will rise.
    Watford might sell him next year for 5-10m, don’t see any downside from their point of view.
    West Ham should be asking themselves why would he want to leave, that’s another academy prospect walking
    Time will tell…

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