Hammers name their Inheacho buy back terms!


Manchester City are willing to listen to offers for young striker Kelechi Iheanacho this summer

West Ham will insist on a 50 per cent buy back clause should they be successful in winning the race for Manchester City starlet Kelechi Inheacho.

But they are seriously unhappy at closing a deal which could see City decide to insist on his return next summer or any window after it should the striker prove a success.

The Hammers are continuing to pursue the 21 year old but have admitted for the first time that City are currently insisting on the buyback which could make the deal “a glorified loan.”

It’s hard to argue with the Hammers view that City want to “have their cake and eat it” and are unhappy  that they are expected to take a risk of an unproven player and lose out after a season should he prove a great goalscorer for the Irons.

The club is continuing striker talks on several fronts but as has always been the case have the City forward and Michy Batshuyai at the top of their list.

A source told ClaretandHugh: We have decent relationships with both clubs but we know what’s required in the Inheacho scenario.

“We could  do the deal on buyback terms and although no price has been mentioned at this stage we would set any buyback clause at 50 per cent above what we paid them.

“However, we have other options we are pursuing  on the striker fronts. Our eggs are certainly not all in one basket. ”

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  • bubbles says:

    I am sick and tired of reading about the silly games our beloved owners play . If we buy him and he does well we would be in a position to tempt a better quality of player to replace him and put a nice profit in the coffers . Basic business dealing . Shame is the owners still behave like they are selling porn mags …..

    • That is utter rubbish. That’s the deal. Do stop Bubs. I know you like to draw attention but that is unadulterated garbage. Can u not see it’s City that are playing the games. For God’s sake man

  • clubmatty says:

    Simple solution…..Buy him for £20m. Buy Back Clause of £30m and an extra £1m per goal he scores. If he comes to us scores zero goals they can have him back for £30m. If he scores 20 goals it will cost them £50. That way we get a fair price depending on success!

  • clubmatty says:

    £50m obviously, not £50! Although nothing the board does would surprise me!

  • Radai Lama says:

    I dont know but i just dont see Citeh ever wanting him back.With the money they have they can afford almost anyone.Come next summer or the summer after if they need another forward they will just shell out what ever it takes to get the best or close to the best.
    They wont want him back imho.
    Its fine moaning about us not signing him yet but if he is so readily available then why has no one else signed him in the last 6 weeks.Maybe because none of us has a scooby about Iheanacho and his situation,availabilty or whats going on.All the moaning is based on newspaper stories and Sky Sports,nothing solid.

  • johnham1 says:

    Don’t see what we would be looking to buy him in the first place, another reject from a club – totally unjustified reputation. A simple decision move on quickly.

  • Travis says:

    If he is a reject why do they want a buy back clause imposed johnham you plank.I see you still talk a load of ****.

  • Neil Down Under says:

    I really wish FIFA would step in and put a stop to all this silliness. Standardise the transfer process and do away with “loan to buy”, “buy out clauses” and “buy back clauses”. So much power lies in the hands of players, agents and stupidly wealthy clubs that has seen the competition, in the UK and other leagues, skewed towards those that can afford the best players. Even situations where some clubs seemingly buy player to warm the bench (I hate to think this is the case but doing so only so the player might not be snapped up by a rival club).
    Anyhow, just like my dreams…

  • mooro66uk says:

    Johnham under your logic we would never buy another player.Everybody is some other clubs reject or they would still be there. It ain’t rocket science mate.

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